Red Cosmic Moon year in Dreamspell / Lunar Eclipse 27th July 2018

The year of the Red Cosmic Moon has begun, and in sync with the beginning of the year a lunar eclipse occurs that turns the moon red – the year of the Red Cosmic Moon is thus accompanied by a „blood moon“ that is also the longest lunar eclipse of this century. Cosmic clocks are definitely attuned to the earthly clock, however ready humanity may be, the earth says in its cycle in the solar system that it is  „in tune“

Similar to former articles, I write about the larger context, the identification of larger cycles and requirements, which sooner or later your own, individual topics are either part of or forced into,  depending on contribution or awareness.

In this article, I therefore explain the energy of the two cycles (13-tone Red Moon and Saros Lunar 129) and the meaning of this cosmic constellation. Weiterlesen

Day out of time – Celebrating the day of forgiveness

Welcome to the day out of time, the day of planetary forgiveness and peace,  today, in the energy of the  star, the cooperation in harmony and beauty and the energy of Sirius and Venus.

All over the world, festivities take place, the rainbow bridge meditation is shared, and it is also a good time to remember the man, that reminded us on timelessness: José Argüelles / Valum Votan.

Prayer to the 7 galactic directions:


Glauberg, Sonnenaufgang 25.07.2018 / crystal star day out of time.

From the East, House of Light,
May wisdom dawn in us
So we may see all things in clarity.


From the North, House of Night,
May wisdom ripen in us
So we may know all from within.


From the West, House of Transformation,
May wisdom be transformed into right action
So we may do what must be done.


From the South, House of the Eternal Sun,
May right action reap the harvest
So we may enjoy the fruits of planetary being.


From Above, House of Heaven,
Where Star People and ancestors gather,
May their blessings come to us now.


From Below, House of Earth,
May the heartbeat of her crystal core
Bless us with harmonies to end all war.


From the Center, Galactic Source,
Which is everywhere at once,
May everything be known
As the light of mutual love.


Ah Yum Hunab K’u Evam Maya E Ma Ho!
Ah Yum Hunab K’u Evam Maya E Ma Ho!
Ah Yum Hunab K’u! Evam Maya E Ma Ho!

Blessings from the Karmic Angels, and from me, Daughter of the Sun.



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Solar Eclipse / New Moon energy 12/13th July 2018

On 12/13 July (depending on the time zone), a partial solar eclipse occurs (Saros cycle solar 117). As in previous articles, I tke a look at this eclipse in the overall context of the Saros cycle, and its underlying meaning and energy to adapt to.

But first the high-energy moments that accompany this new moon / solar eclipse:
July 12 in the Dreamspell is the crystal eagle, the cooperation (12th crystal tone) in the vision, the expanding perception like an eagle in flight. It is the last of the 10 consecutive portaldays of the second half of the Tzolkin, therefore it is also about the vision of what tasks and energies humanity and the Earth have requested for their unfolding, consciousness or unconsciousness, the clear perception of what is ahead of us while the personal themes of one’s own nest are losing importance in the great overall view. But the eagle is in flight so high to feed itself, so to a future in the context of the present – what nourishes the present, the current state, to prepare for is coming.
So it’s already a very energetic day due to the placement in Dreamspell.
Now there is also a solar eclipse on the same day, visible in Australia as a partial solar eclipse, meaning that this Saros cycle, which started in 792, is soon about to come to an end. There will be only 2 more eclipses of this cycle, all of them visible near the South Pole (in 2036 + 2054).

Astrologically, the already existing transformation energy that underlies every eclipse is increased as the new moon / solar eclipse will be in exact opposition to Pluto in Capricorn.
Mercury is at its furthest point from the sun, which means already a slowing down in motion, stationary position, and turning retrograde from our perspective in the next few days.
Mars is still retrograde, indicating that energy which is normally taken outward into action is now shifted inwards, showing implosions of actions or projects, outbursts of anger, frustrations or depressions on the emotional  (click to continue read)

Kin 144 – the seeds we planted / the seeds we are

July 1st 2018, is kin 144 magnetic seed, the start of the seed wavespell.
As you may remember, this year we are in a Seed Year, kin 64 – crystal seed, the cooperation energy in the seeds that are planted or that we plant (together). sometimes it is also the cooperation of the seeds we water or nourish in thoughts, prayers or emotions. Yet in Aura-Soma, B64 is a bottle named Djwal Khul, the Tibeter, that through telepathy, inspired Alice Baily on her books, written therefore in mental/telepathic cooperation with him. I therefore from that perspective also like to see this year as the cooperation in the esoteric wisdom, the esoteric teaching, and on the roads and paths our lives take in spiritual unfoldment.
Looking therefore from that perspective, each “seed” day reflects a part of the story of the whole year, and a story of its own, just as each human, as a seed, is an entity or a plant of its own, but then also part of a species, of a surrounding, of life itself, depending on how far able one is to see the interconnectedness of life.
144 now turns out to be “THE” magic number in esoteric or occult teachings, partly referring to it in a end-time mood as in the revelation of John this number is referred to, just as in other occult teachings as well. ( to read more-click) Weiterlesen

Full Moon stellium with Jupiter / Saturn / Mars brightest stars in the sky

Tonight 28th June at 4h52 Universal Time (6h52 European summer time) is a very special full moon – and I don’t refer to the name strawberry but to the celestial events accompanying it.
Moon aligns with Saturn in Capricorn, so in Saturns sign of rulership. Saturn happens to be at its brightest phase, which makes the stellium there a rather eyecatching.
Yet Mars, just having turned retrograde, is in the brightest phase since years also, as he is closer to Earth than in the past years, therefore shining brighter in the sky. As Jupiter is also visible, it will be a nice triangular view in the sky of three of the brightest shining planets of our solar system accompanied by the moon. Space weather refers to this night as one of the best to watch Saturns rings – so whoever has a telescope, it may be a very good night to get out with it and watch the sky. I include the star map, speace weather provided for this event. Weiterlesen

27th June 2018 starts 13th month / turtle moon of Dreamspell year

today, 27th of June, is the start of the 13th moon in the haab, the yearly round in Dreamspell.
the Dreamspell as Argüelles adapted it, has 13 months called moons, each 28 days length, and then the day out of time. Each moon starts at the same date (Gregorian time) so – each year on 27th june the last month of the year in Dreamspell starts, ending with the day out of time, then the new start on July 26thth.
Today is kin 140. Planetary sun. The manifestation of the Sun on Earth.
If you look to the glyph of the Tzolkin, where the dot of the current day is seen, you can see that it refers to the lower point of the middle column, which may refer to the base of the spine (if seen from Earth).
Each Sun day is a special day, as we realign our energies with the source of light in our solar system, a second ray love/wisdom energy in this solar system, so the sun on energy level pours love and consciousness to us. the sun may also refer to other suns, other stars in the sky, referring to a sky map creating a celestial being, yet for the human consciousness, the sun is the trafo station for this solar system. Each communication runs along or through the sun, each energy is vibrating through the sun, so whatever energetically happens, the sun is the “google translator” for this energy.
the planetary tone means, we reached a point of manifestation. This is the manifesting energy of the sun on earth. a clear energy channel (as seen in the image as clear channel with no portal days) – so an open energy tube where the energy can easily run from cosmos to earth, from earth to cosmos, via the sun.
the 13th moon is called “cosmic” – as we enter, through the cooperation of the 12th tone, a phase where we can step beyond the currend physicality also energetically into a new realm. In the cosmic energy of the 13th tone it is about to be aware of the celestial

As we reached the base of the spine, so to speak, from tomorrow on we approach the next 10 portal days in a row, On june 30, we reach the cosmic night, the ability to dream cosmic dreams and to weave the dreamtime in the cosmic vision of earth (remember, in love and wisdom throught the sun, not in the energy the cosmic energies may like it, but in the way this solar system is vibrating).
from3rd of July we enter the 10th portal days, ending at july 12th, and from then on the new year is already approaching.
May love, wisdom, consciousness be the vibratory floor of understanding.

strongly suggested read – political

One of the most important – if not the most important – book on the Obama era was written and released by Ben Rhodes: The world as it is.
if you want to know, what was it about, why came it into being, what for did they act like this… what is it, to work in the White House – here you find it, honest, deep, with wit and deep insight.
Strongly recommended

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Quality of time – high energetic – May-June-July 2018

image: own creation, the Dreamspell seals were provided through the purchase of the CD Rom edition of

let’s get started for a round of portal days, so one of the high energetic times of the year.

May 23rd a new wavespell starts with the red serpent, Kin 105, transferring the energy of Maldek to the sun. So the serpent power, the Kundalini, may be one of the opening doors to the cosmic awareness,

This wavespell brings the 10 opening portals, that lead to the middle column, the secret channel to cosmic alignment within the 260 day period. Weiterlesen

Earthquakes / African magnetic anomaly / magnetic pole flip

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In und um Afrika entdeckten Wissenschaftler starke Abweichungen im Magnetfeld (siehe link Daily Mail Artikel).
Sie schlußfolgern, dass diese oder ähnliche Abweichungen in Zusammenhang mit einer möglichen Polumkehr der Erde zu tun haben könnten. Die Erde verändert ihre magnetische Ausrichtung in Zyklen, der letzte Polsprung liegt schon länger als erwartet und berechnet zurück.
Nun traten in den letzten Tagen Erdbeben an der Afrikanischen Küste auf. Wie man aus den EMSC Seiten ersehen kann, wenn man auf die Liste an Erdbeben auf Einzelbebenlinks klickt, finden die meisten Erdbeben an den farblich gekennzeichneten Erdplattenlinien oder Verwerfungen auf. jedoch nicht die Beben der letzten Tage nahe Afrika.
Ich frage mich also: Wenn man die beiden Informationen in Betracht zieht, könnte das unter anderem bedeuten, dass der Polsrpung schon begonnen hat – und dass auch Regionen, die bisher Erdbebenfrei waren, nun von Erdbeben betroffen sein könnten, je nach Schwäche oder Stärke des augenblicklichen Magnetfeldes der Erde.
– Erdbebengrafik: Screenshot von EMSC website und deren Statistikfunktion, Statistikzeitraum, der von mir gewählt wurde, war vom 1.1.2018 – 15.06.2018
– Artikel über magnetische Anomalie: neben wissenschaftlichen Artikeln war eine der Veröffentlichungen in:     abgerufen 15.05.2018


In Africa scientists found strong magnetic anomalies, which they refer to possible indication for a pole flip of earth,

With that in mind, I got aware of certain earthquakes that started in Africa a few days ago. I checked the statistics of emsc for 2018, and found, that really these quakes were only in the past weeks.
If you look at individual earthquakes by clicking on one of the listings of recent earthquakes ( – ) you can see, that most of the earthquakes happen on the fault lines, that are seen in any of the maps.
Yet not the African ones.
They appear outside faultline markers.
Just something I noticed, and I wonder whether these are earthquakes happen due to the magnetic anomaly.
If this may be one or the main causes, then the flipping of the poles could mean a tremendous increase on earthquakes in regions that didn’t have problems like this before…
with a process of the flip probably already started.

Image: Screenshot of emsc web page and their statistic search site
Link to an article on the african magnetic anomaly:


Neumond / New Moon 15.05.2018

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Gestern war Neumond auf 24,36 Stier ( = 25 Grad Stier als Sabisches Symbol)
Ich spazierte nach meiner Univorlesung in Politikwissenschaft durch den Herrngarten in Darmstadt, einen öffentlichen Park, den das Herrschaftshaus Hessen-Darmstadt in den 1500’er errichtet und der Öffentlichkeit zugänglich machte. Wie so oft, wenn ich in diesem Park bin, zeige ich den Wesen dort meine Dankbarkeit, ich genieße bewusst die Weite des Parks, den Rasen, den Teich, wenn mir Müll auffällt, bringe ich ihn zum Papierkorb, doch ich danke auch im inneren bewusst denjenigen, die ihn errichteten und öffentlich zugänglich machten. Ich tat dies gestern wie so oft, ohne zu wissen, dass „öffentliche Parks und Gärten“ das Symbol für den Neumond war, denn ich begann erst abends mich den astrologischen Ebenen zu widmen.

Die Energie des Neumondes, Sabisches Symbol nach Interpretation von Dane Rudhyar:

Phase 55 (25° Stier): Ein riesiger öffentlicher Park.

Schlüssel: Die Kultivierung natürlicher Energien zu Nutzen und Belebung der Gemeinschaft.

In diesem Schlußstadium der Symbolfolge, die sich mit emotional-kulturgebundenen Wertmaßstäben beschäftigt, werden wir Zeuge der positiven und eindrucksvollen Resultate der gemeinschaftlichen Bemühung der Menschen, in Frieden zu leben und Augenblicke der Entspannung zu genießen. Der öffentliche Park ist bestimmt und wird erhalten zur Freude aller Menschen in der Stadt.

Dies ist ein Symbol für GEMEINSCHAFTLICHES VERGNÜGEN UND FREUDE. Das Individuum findet sich durch die Produkte seiner Zivilisation emotional erhoben, aus dem Empfinden heraus, zu einem großen, organisierten, friedlichen Ganzen zu »gehören«.


Happy Beltane, meine Wünsche für eine wunderschöne Mainacht

ganz berührt bin ich vom Lesen der Mary Magdalenen Trilogie von Kathleen McGowan, und ich mag die Worte, die mich so berührten, als Gruß in den Mai in die Welt geben:

Es gibt drei Versprechen, die in der Morgenröte der Zeit gegeben worden sind, und jede ist heilig.
Das Erste Versprechen hast du Gott gegeben, deiner Mutter und deinem Vater im Himmel. Es steht für die Göttliche Sendung, die du als Abbild deiner Schöpfer erfüllen sollst. Sie ist der Grund für die Fleischwerdung, das reinste Ziel deiner Seele.
Das zweite Versprechen hast du der Familie des Geistes gegeben, in der du geschaffenwurdest und der du bis in alle Ewigkeit angehören wirst. Es steht für deine Verbindung mit jeder einzelnen Seele deiner Familie und dafür, dass du ihnen bei der Erfüllung ihrer Sendung helfen wirst, so wie sie dir helfen werden.
Das Dritte Versprechen hast du dir selbst gegeben. Es steht für deine Sehnsucht zu lernen, zu wachsen und zu lieben.
Erfülle diese Versprechen, denn sie sind heilig vor allen anderen. Gedenke ihrer stets und huldige ihnen, und du wirst die größte Freude erfahren, die der Menschheit zuteil werden kann. Handle nicht wider deine heiligen Versprechen, denn dies ist das Zeichen der Sünde.
Wer Ohren hat zu hören, der höre
Aus dem Buch der Liebe, wie es im Libro Rosso bewahrt worden ist.

Eine wundervolle Nacht in den Mai,
Happy Beltane, mit einem Gruß der 6 blättrige Rose, (die Formen, die die Liebe annehmen kann)

Quellenangabe: Zitat aus dem Buch:
Testament Jesu von Kathleen McGowan
Originaltitel in Englisch: the Book of Love)

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Bild: Wikipedia, Labyrinth von Chartres,

Risse in Magnetosphäre / Cracks in Earth’s magnetosphere

(for English version, please scroll down)

Falls Ihr Euch müde oder eher angestrengt fühlt zur Zeit: wir haben keine Sonneneruptionen, sondern Risse im Erdmagnetfeld. Spaceweather beschreibt diese Risse als „normal“ und saisonal, doch ich bin mir da nicht so sicher. Meine Beobachtungen der letzten Jahre zeigen eher „hausgemachten“ Einfluss durch u.a. technische Geräte.
So wie der Mensch eine Aura hat, hat die Erde eine Aura. Ihre heisst „Magnetosphäre“ und wird durch u.a. durch die NASA gemessen und überwacht. Wir leben in ihrer Aura – atmen in ihr – unser Herz hat eine ähnliche Frequenz wie die Erde (Schumanfrequenz) – und Risse in ihrer Aura finden sich dann auch in unserer Aura.

Daher ist dies eine gute Zeit, um auf die eigene Aura achtzugeben und sich um sie zu kümmern. Dies kann man auf verschiedene Weise tun, durch Anwendung energetischer Produkte oder Atemübungen:


Sofern Ihr mit Aura-Soma vertraut seid, wäre die Verwendung aller drei Ebenen von Pomander, Quintessenzen und Archangeloi anzuraten. Wenn ihr andere energetische Produkte verwendet oder mit Kristallen zusammenarbeitet, können auch diese Euch unterstützten.
Darüber hinaus gibt es eine wundervolle Atemübung der Hathoren, die das Energiefeld stärkt.
So wie die Erde eine Erdachse / Rotationsaches hat, so hat unser Energiefeld ebenfalls eine. Sie wird Pranaröhre genannt.

Atemübung zur Stärkung des Energiefeldes:

Einatmen durch das Herz / die Herzgegend. Beim Ausatmen den Atem durch den Gesamten Körper strömen lassen.
Variation1: Einatmen durch das Herz / die Herzgegend: Ausatmen in das gesamte Energiefeld
Variation 2: Einatmen durch das Herz – Ausatmen in die Pranaröhre (Achse) und von dort aus die Energie in die Aura einfließen lassen.
Der Originalartikel von ist vom 19. März – wie folgt.
SURPRISE GEOMAGNETIC STORM: On March 18th, an unexpected crack opened in Earth’s magnetic field, sparking a brief but potent G2-class geomagnetic storm. Bright auroras ringed the Arctic Circle while, in Europe, the light show descended as far south as Germany. With the northern vernal equinox less than a day away, this is the time of year when such cracks tend to form. Today’s edition of explains the phenomenon of springtime magnetic cracks and how you can monitor them online.
Photocredit Energiefeld: wikipedia commons

English Version:


If you feel drained and think it may come from the sun: we do not have solar flares, but cracks in our magnetosphere and a sun that emitts a constant stream of energy through a „coronal hole“ so a magnetic .change in its energy field
Spaceweather article states this is rather normal, yet due to various observations on the impact of technical devices i think some expansion of the cracks or their opening may be manmade in the past decades.
Just as our body has an Aura – Earth has. Earth’s unseen Aura is called magnetosphere. So if cracks appear in the Earth’s magnetosphere, so may be cracks appear in the own Aura.

For whatever reason you may feel tired or drained… energize your Aura or do excercises for your Aura –

This can be a Pomander, Quintessence and Archangeloi meditation – so a meditation on all levels –

Or a beautiful breathing excercise given by the Hathors.

just as earth has an axis, we all have. Our inner magnetic field axis is called pranic tube. One way to energize the own field is to breathe consciously (better in nature – or with a window open).



consciously breath into your heart area – then with the outbreath let the breath flow into your whole aura.

Inbreath – heart center – outbreath to the whole Aura/energy field.

Variation: inbreath heart center – outbreath on the pranic tube – letting the energy then flow into your Aura.


Here the article on the cracks on (from 19th March):

SURPRISE GEOMAGNETIC STORM: On March 18th, an unexpected crack opened in Earth’s magnetic field, sparking a brief but potent G2-class geomagnetic storm. Bright auroras ringed the Arctic Circle while, in Europe, the light show descended as far south as Germany. With the northern vernal equinox less than a day away, this is the time of year when such cracks tend to form. Today’s edition of explains the phenomenon of springtime magnetic cracks and how you can monitor them online


Equinox 20 March 2018

Today is Equinox, 20th March 2018 at 16.15 Universal time – 17:15 Central European time.
The time of the balance of Earth – twice a year all over the planet it is the same lenght of day and night.
We enter Equinox with a stationary Mercury (conjoining Venus) that starts to get retrograde in Aries, which turns the thoughts more inwards to inner imagery and dreams and visions. Additionally to this, Mercury is the esoteric ruler of Aries on the esoteric level, which may represent symbolically that the emotional quality of Mars can and shall be replaced by the thoughts and reflections, Mercury can do.
It also shows a very important energy change – The change in the Astral plane that came to its strenght under the reign of the 6th ray, but this ray is no longer in action since a few hundred years. The 6th ray of devotion was an influence, where under ideals the religious fights were done. Devotion in that sense was rather a following an order without questioning it, a true soldier under an outer command. A diciple of a guru with not questioning anything.
Mercury as planet of the 4th ray brings along 4th ray influence of harmony through conflict, the ray of artistic expression, which is one of the new influences to start and take over the 6th ray astral plane (along with the 2nd ray of Love Wisdom).
The forth ray starts to be activated on Earth around 2025, so we ARE ALREADY in the time frame when the 4th ray is starting to emerge on Earth. Mercury as the estoeric ruler on the soul plane of Aries therefore may bring new insights, emerging aspects of the incoming new energy, so an other way of thinking or processing e.g. by artistic expression or expression that is able to show all sides of a story, creating a rather holografic image than a one-sided-story. Being aware of these new forms may also have a freeing aspect on the own mental plane.
Personally, i find stationary and retrograde mercury a good time to deal with frozen thought forms on the astral plane or mental plane that I am attached to or fixated at. Mercury (stationary / retrograde) gives insight – also on habits and on thought forms, so my inner quest is to dissolve my attachment and heal my emotional impact on the thought forms during my night sleep – which activated other parts of my dreaming.
If you are also interested in this work, i would suggest you to ask your inner higher aspects before going to sleep that you would like to work on detaching from thought forms you stick to as pattern or behavior. To do so, create on your inner a space of training and no manifestation, that you enter in dreamtime, so you can look at the patterns and train to solving or de-stress them until you reach the goal of detachement / being freed of them.
Under this suggestion the dreams you experience may alter – so e.g. showing you a similar situation again and again with other people, but same content with the possibility to changing habits in the dream already.So when you wake up, your inner has already found a way to deal with them and all it needs is the active agreeing that you want to be free of these attachments and habits – so it will find a path to manifest this then in the everyday life.
In whatever way, enjoy the instream of new ways of thouhgt forms on the incoming 4th ray on a solar esoteric quality of the soul through your own inner reflective work.
Photo credit: NASA
Mercury from the wikipedia common licence site.

Lunar eclipse 31.January 2018 / historical, social, economic view on the eclipse Series

Visibility of the lunar eclipse 31st January 2018 photo credit: creative common licence:

In this article, I refer to the Lunar Eclipse of 31st January, – and in broader – to all eclipses during this year 2018 yet with less emphasis to the actual horoscope but to historically interpreting the events in a time line of consciousness and interaction in connection to the Sabian Symbols.
The first section is an introduction into the Saros Series of the eclipse from 31st January, followed by a list of historical events in these years.
Applying the Sabian Symbols for the first event – and then for the current event 31st January, leads then to conclusions in the last section. Sources of the research are also included at the end of the article. Weiterlesen

List of Historic events of Saros Cycles active in 2018

In this article I list the historic events 1891 – 2000 of the Saros Cycles from 2018. the interpretation of these events in relation relate to the current events is in the other article (see listed above). It is my intention, to look at them as a kind of cyclic unfolding line of events and consciousness, therefore i suggest you also read this listed events.

A Saros serie is a connection of eclipses, that occur each 18 years 11 days. They have different starting points in time, yet in each year 2 different lunar cycles and 2 different solar cycles meet, giving way and energy to 4 eclipses each year.
All Series of eclipses of the year 2018, namely: Lunar 124, lunar 129, Solar150 and Solar 155 will therefore show the same years historically to be related with (in this 18 year cycle), yet as each one of them started in a different year, and of course have different horoscopes when they occur, they have each a focus, and therefore interpretation , of their own.

I will refer to this list in later articles, linking to it. Weiterlesen

Astrological Glimpse 26th Jan – 15 Feb / English Version

 Today, 26th January 2018 in dreamspell is the beginning of the Star Wavespell, which is the last wavespell of each round of the Tzolkin. This means, we have 13 days to complete the current spin of the 260-day cycle of becoming the next better version of the best version one can be. The current spin ends on 7th February, beginning a new one on February 8th

The star is the energy, that communicates between Venus and the Sun. Star is the first kin on the first tone, Sun the last kin on the 13th tone of this wavespell.  It is aligned with the energy of (the struggle for) beauty and harmony. Venus as a star and as a little sister of Sirius was so important that in past times it was placed on the tarot cards, that were meant to pass on knowledge and wisdom of the male initiatory path even during the times of persecution.

Energetically for Earth the coming 13 days may mean something different than in the years before.


Israel, Palestine and the peace process in Geomantics

As Isreal, Palestine and the peace process is again at stake, maybe you would like to know a bit more on what this region means to Earth, on Earth.

My recommendation:

Marko PogacniK: How Wide The Heart

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6th December 2017 / Kin 197 Portal day Lunar Earth / Jerusalem recognition

December 6th, St. Claus day, and in Dreamspell Kin 197, lunar earth, a portal day. Lunar means a polarisation towards life, from magnetic to lunar to electric are the first three tones. So life starts in dreamspell with the magnetic energy, a lunar reflection adds to it, and then a kind of electricity is charged, things start to get an own dynamic.
In the western culture it is St. Claus day. Santa is coming to town to bring gifts and blessings to those in need.
in later times the punishment of the „naughty“ was then added – leading also to a kind of build up polarisation.
On this cultural loaded day, Donald Trump is about to announce Jerusalem as Capital of israel, and the American embassy moving to Jerusalem.
on a radio interview here in Germany with a hebrew political science expert, besides him warning that this may have a kind of bullying impact to the palestine and may be seen as an insult there was also mentioned that since the annexation of Jerusalem each 6 months an American President had to sign an order, that the embassy should not move to Jerusalem.
This may be due to the „Jerusalem Embassy Act“ (see footnote), that congress passed on 23rd october 1995 (a magnetic night day, Kin 183) in order to move the Embassy to Jerusalem.
The Act should be implemented and the embassy moved to jerusalem by 31st may 1999. (Kin 198, electric Mirror):
As you may see we came out of the night wavespell and started yesterday the warrior wavespell.
The action of Donald Trump today, no matter what will be, are therefore in the same energetic frame of reference, even though a few years are in between.

So tomorrow, after the announcement, the same energy window than given in the act but that seemed to pass in 1999 is opening tomorrow.
It is a very close and tight energetic day reference that is going on here in a gap of time and fractal time / portal days.

Besides the 3 wrathful days that Palestines already announced, this action on this day will have a great impact just due to the energetic nature of the day and the time frames and time windows in between.

with some of the references mentioned, probable impulses set in time and space, it may be a good day to energetically observe effect, cause, and interweavings in time and space.

there are energetic consequences –
sometimes they do not come in sequence,
sometimes they jump through time and space,
sometimes they are triggered occasionaly accidentially
or on purpose.

so let’s see.

footnote: ref Jerusalem Embassy Act
1) wikipedia link: retrieved 06th december 2017.
2) Congress link: retrieved 06th deember 2017.

Kin 196 – December 5th 2017

Today in Dreamspell is Kin 196 – the start of the warrior wavespell.One of the mysteries of the Dreamspell / Tzolkin are the wavespell of 13 days, as they show certain energetic connections.
For whatever reason …. the warrior leads to the Star kin, the cosmic star is the end of the wavespell of the warrior.
this may give a certain hint on what the warriordom is about on earth when aligned with cosmci energy … our goal is the stars… and the braveness and courage of a warrior may be aligned to harmony in creation.
This interconnection may show that to live in accordance with harmonic patterns may not be an easy task at this point in time – taking courage. And that it may not be a war that the warrior seeks, but the development of strenght and fearlessness in awareness of the cosmic energies.
time is art…

mehr Probleme? additional layer of Problems?


wenn man das Kartenspiel Spider / Solitär spielt, kann man zur Erkenntnis kommen, dass eine zusätzliche Lage hilft, das vorherige Problem zu lösen.

random insight

If you are playing spider / solitaire you may get aware that s.t an additional layer can help you to solve the current problem