6th December 2017 / Kin 197 Portal day Lunar Earth / Jerusalem recognition

December 6th, St. Claus day, and in Dreamspell Kin 197, lunar earth, a portal day. Lunar means a polarisation towards life, from magnetic to lunar to electric are the first three tones. So life starts in dreamspell with the magnetic energy, a lunar reflection adds to it, and then a kind of electricity is charged, things start to get an own dynamic.
In the western culture it is St. Claus day. Santa is coming to town to bring gifts and blessings to those in need.
in later times the punishment of the „naughty“ was then added – leading also to a kind of build up polarisation.
On this cultural loaded day, Donald Trump is about to announce Jerusalem as Capital of israel, and the American embassy moving to Jerusalem.
on a radio interview here in Germany with a hebrew political science expert, besides him warning that this may have a kind of bullying impact to the palestine and may be seen as an insult there was also mentioned that since the annexation of Jerusalem each 6 months an American President had to sign an order, that the embassy should not move to Jerusalem.
This may be due to the „Jerusalem Embassy Act“ (see footnote), that congress passed on 23rd october 1995 (a magnetic night day, Kin 183) in order to move the Embassy to Jerusalem.
The Act should be implemented and the embassy moved to jerusalem by 31st may 1999. (Kin 198, electric Mirror):
As you may see we came out of the night wavespell and started yesterday the warrior wavespell.
The action of Donald Trump today, no matter what will be, are therefore in the same energetic frame of reference, even though a few years are in between.

So tomorrow, after the announcement, the same energy window than given in the act but that seemed to pass in 1999 is opening tomorrow.
It is a very close and tight energetic day reference that is going on here in a gap of time and fractal time / portal days.

Besides the 3 wrathful days that Palestines already announced, this action on this day will have a great impact just due to the energetic nature of the day and the time frames and time windows in between.

with some of the references mentioned, probable impulses set in time and space, it may be a good day to energetically observe effect, cause, and interweavings in time and space.

there are energetic consequences –
sometimes they do not come in sequence,
sometimes they jump through time and space,
sometimes they are triggered occasionaly accidentially
or on purpose.

so let’s see.

footnote: ref Jerusalem Embassy Act
1) wikipedia link: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jerusalem_Embassy_Act retrieved 06th december 2017.
2) Congress link: https://www.congress.gov/bill/115th-congress/house-bill/265/text?format=txt retrieved 06th deember 2017.

The birth of the political entity Donald Trump

27. September 2016
And yesterday was the first presidential debate in America. During the debate, in the middle of the night, a marshmellow like entity formed on the astral of the mass collective, and I watched how this marshmellow mass had already the attributes of Donald Trump, so it was visible, that this mass related to him.
When the debate was over, a John Wayne like figure stood in its place. Donald Trump had given birth to his political presence. In my understanding, this may mean, that he may relate to former GOP Republican politicians like Arnold Schwarzenegger and of course Ronald Reagan, that first had a movie presence in the mass collective. But I did not see the show business Donald Trump before on this Level. So here something different happened.
The debate took place on the honorable Hofstra University. It is my understanding, that the debate itself done in this ceremonial order and in a very reliable way is a gate to the political arena. It may be seen as a baptism of seriousness. In whatever way one may see it, to me it seems, that Donald Trump, that was loud on the political stage, now has an access to the real political arena, a layer only opening at a certain power level through a kind “passing a test”.
At 6 am European Summer time, the TV showed a multihead panel debating at CNN, who won. Yet to me this does not matter, as the real news to me is the birth of the entity that now can act on the political stage.
With the forming of this astral influential political presence, Donald Trump now has impact on layers that had been closed to him before. He is born as politician, no matter the outcome of the election.

Initiations are never easy.

The Gathering of Nations – UN General Assembly

each voice may sound.. from each nation.

as usual, each autumn equinox, the General Assembly of the United Nations meets. (https://gadebate.un.org/en
And even though most of the people will sit there on the first day to hear America speak (i guess they do, am not sure as the schedule is not out) – it is a place where EACH nation has a voice. where one nation yells at the other, telling what hurts them, what bothers them, and what and how they adress the community of the world.

The GA debate starts tomorrow, aprox. 9 – 10 am New York time – which means, around 15 / 16:00 European time.

May each nation have a voice, may their voice and concerns be heard and understood, may the meeting contribute to an understanding amongst people and nations

and as it is –

I call in White Buffallo Calf Woman and i call in St.Germain – i also call in all higher Selves and Group souls of the nations, all guardian and guiding spirits each nation or tribe is having, and all landscape angels of the continents, to gather and help humanity in understanding each other, to gather and help humanity solving the Problems.


September 05 – Kin 260 – Preview to the next 260 days

A bit of a short preview of what may come – today is a portal day, so political issues have also an impact in space and time…
North Korea fired missiles towards China, while they do the G20 meeting… while at the G20, which is an economy meeting of world leaders, a lot of other background issues are given space and may be or may be not discussed. China is in its subtle way demanding an expansion of their own mindset and energy… and here my view and this short article sets in

Due to the solar eclipse, a solar ring of time from the African continent containig access to the wisdom libraries was released. This will lead to an increase of wisdom people on earth hardly had access to and this will continue for decades and centuries to come.
As today the world leaders are in China, and tomorrow the ASEAN meetings will start, two focus points of cosmic portals (kin 260 and Kin1) are taken with these economic Asian events.
As the Dreamspell also contains I-Ching-hexagrams (see the Star Traveller almanac by Stephanie South/José Argüelles), all that are interested in energetic flow and harmonizing may deepen their understanding of – – and — , of existence and non existence, of light and dark, of 0 and 1 … the flower of life in circle turning to the chinese luck knot that is square in nature and therefore the cube of Metatron harmonizes also with the chinese Tao. The i-Ching and the 5 Element harmony as a wisdom will be one of the issues of the coming 260 days.
Due to the meeting of the ASEAN countries i would also suggest, that the vison of the ASEAN countries will spread more. The ASEAN countries formed in emphasis for the European thought. With that respect, i again call St. Germain in, ruler of the 7th ray of the new time to come, the Aquarian age. He was one of the founder of the economic wealth of Europe, and as the ASEAN countries have Europe as a vision, he may support this.
the 7th ray politically seen may be attributed with communism and socialism, as These experiments took place under the guidance of the 7th ray, but both of these political ideas and theories are just a rough first sketch and were in that matter of sense not able to expand into the world realm. Yet with St. Germain as the one that contributed to the economy building of Europe, we see that the 7th ray can also have more liberal and idealistic expressions also. So under this guidance, we may find broader visions of ways to live together, like Europe is trying to built its vision according to it, more Liberalism wise than socialism/communism wise, yet with a strong tendency to brotherhood and equality – while the African countries, the African Union, will rise to a worldwide equality too, maybe in the same time frame than China and the ASEAN countries will do.

So may St. Germain also contribute to the ASEAN awakening and therefore to harmonize the western – European – Idea with the Asian countries. May the chinese wisdom of Tao, i-Ching and Yin-Yang be understood deeper and may this build a bridge where the cultures can meet in a better way and a better understanding of interconnectedness of the world as a whole, and humanity as caretaker of Earth.


Update on background info / article below

I forgot to mention s.th on the article below, and add it here as i like to leave the article below untouched.
On the day of the Crash, at 9.33 CET, i wrote a Friend of mine in FB in a private message, that Germany got haarped again.
A few moments later, triggered through an article, i started to search for 6,8 longitude below the alps, and came across Digne-les-Bains and Barcelonette… At this time, i did not know what it means, and the airplane was still on the ground, as it started 10.01.

There are many more stories to tell on that, how interwoven Haltern, Dusseldorf and Digne-les-Bains are, yet … for now i leave it just with the Facts of that morning.

At 9.33 i noticed another „haarp-like-impact“ on Germany, a bit later the coordinates of 6 longitude below the alpes came up – i have proof on that through the Messages with timestamp to my friend
so i regard them as another „fact“ of that morning.

Note: a lot of Reporters made remarks on the weather. note also the weather changing Information in the below mentioned Patent.

/ Octavia

Background Infos / an other view on Germanwings / 4U9525


This may be a bit of an unusual story, yet i would like to give a bit of a different timeline and information that might be BEHIND the (reaction on) the Crash of 4U9525
As the blog is not able to give details on Footnotes, I marked remarks or sources with a *F+number.

On March 16th 2015 in the morning hours, i percieved a „haarping“. For people not knowing, Haarp is a technology, developed and implemented by America in Alaska, according to, as far as I know, patent nr. US 4686605 *F1
So I perceived a „haarping“ on Germany and probably on America, I was not sure, as I started to see that People from America were impacted.
I started to write down on my PC what impact I perceived, when I decided to write it also in Facebook.
Something interesting had happened around the same time, China had publicly told the world, that they are the ones “forcing the Dalai Lama to incarnate or not”.
With the percieved impact of this morning came an interesting imagery, as I perceived, that some life-sustaining inner systems, that I connected with the Dalai Lama, were harmed and disrupted. Then imagery started:  I saw people being shot in the neck, and marching armies. I added a second post, that I perceive that they used the brain frequency of the Dalai Lama, or to be more precise, the brain frequency of compassion, as the Dalai Lama is said to be the incarnation of the Buddha of Compassion. In their public announcements one could read that they thought to have found the key, and science might have seemingly provided it in terms of brainwave activity during meditation.
So i wrote the post accordingly to it: 16March in the morning / around 11:30

Dear all, i am sorry for more Details, yet sometimes i think, to know what is going on helps to be clear on the surrounding, and therefore to clearly set intention and perception. i am quite sure, that China is experimenting with a brain frequency haarping similar to one that has to do with meditative states where compassion is reached. (they want to Show that they can manage the Buddha of compassion / Dalai Lama – with Technology). So as a side effect, while they haarp on that layer, I get additonally Infos on the Tibeteans, as they live on that Level of compassion.
I get a lot of Infos on how Tibeteans feel. See them being shot in the neck, executed (which is what happenes to them when Chinese try to sell their organs). So a lot of execution Images come along, which might mean, that People might suffer from nightmares of unknown Kind.
that People get impatient and aggressive, not knowing why, or feel helpless when being open and Kind.
be Patient with you… yet… the screams of help and the Images that flow are of that Kind, that i think it is time to act differntly against China.
Maybe it is wise to think on a boycott of China Trademarks, even if this empties Ikea.


I then decided to make that post publicly, and changed status from Friends to “public” – therefore my first public post on this issue. *F2 – yet as far as I am able to see it, this post was deleted by FB.

Later that day, Telekom, the national telecommunication provider, had a broad failure of communication nationwide, in almost any larger city.
Putin came back, from absence. Grinning. Satisfied. And seemingly no “explanation” on why he was gone. Yet rumors came up he might have been in the Arctic region. *F3
Then articles showed up, where even Scientists were amazed, what an impact the solar flare of march 17th had…
Why am I posting this? because I think, that this has a connection with the Airplane crash of Germanwings.
I think, France and Germany were “haarped” due to the Ukraine-talks.
If you check my remarks I refer that people might get impacts on deep states of consciousness that usually are reached in meditation, probably triggering people into nightmares or depression, also probably randomly to disrupt technology systems. So it could worsen depression or other issues.
Amazingly, after the crash, Putin gave a press conference where he stated, he would continue to stand against the West:
Then…today, 27.March, there was a complete Voltage failure on Amsterdam Shiphol, that lead to cancellation of all flights to Amsterdam.
There could be more to say on remote steering due to “Anti-Terror-Cockpit technology” that locks e.g. a cockpit completely off so no one can enter even with emergency codes. *F4 – connections of this can be done to MH370 – see F4

Also I find it amazing, that the MH17 started from Amsterdam – and this technology leads to “missile and airplane failures” . Yet, I do not want to go into the land of “conspiracy Theories” – I rather stay to the facts.
I do not have the technology to measure earth’s atmosphere I order to measure changes, so I write this that maybe someone can proof what I wrote with scientific research:
So – a few remarks or resumées
1. ) There was a Germany-nation-wide telecommunication fallout on 16th of March – after I “recognized” the “harp” (solar flare was on 17th ) *F5
2. solar flare had a stronger impact on atmosphere might be connected with a manipulation with magnetosphere impact through harping technology in the arctic region – leading northern lights to light up Europe.
I would appreciate if people could do research on these issues, also whether this technology has to do with the changing North pole and heating atmosphere /melting of the ice on the poles.

F1 (http://www.google.com/patents/US4686605), yet, more nations or groups than America have developed such an “apparatus” and if you read the description, why it was developed, you will find “to disrupt communication systems in air/land/sea and no sophisticated airplane or missile can stand that (see description)
F2 (note: on July 4th 2012 I perceived a haarping on America that I wrote in the time line of Barack Obama / White House in order to give a note on this – yet this harping was on an other frequency range, heating people up and having impacts on liver and other parts of circulation systems).
F3: If you check the us patent, you will find, that the best place for this disruptive technology is the pre-arctic region, like Alaska. China has access to such northern region, Russia does. Yet it might also be, that other other nations have similar technology or at least operate with sound- and frequency systems.(->I would refer yóu to the book “Sonic Wars”)
F4: http://www.4-traders.com/THE-BOEING-COMPANY-4816/news/Boeing–must-explain-anti-terror-system-Dr-M-18459992/
F5: go to http://www.spaceweather.com/archive.php?view=1&day=18&month=03&year=2015
in case this link does not work: go to www.spaceweather.com and select under “archives” the date 18th March.
You want a bit more proof on my ability? Check my facebook “Octavia Gentemann” page https://www.facebook.com/octavia.gentemannschmidt?fref=nf for the note on the “explosion” on the sun – I wrote about an explosion as it happened– at the time it happened before any news was written down. 27 March 2015.

Assassination of Boris Jefimowitsch Nemzow (Nemtsov)

AssassinationThis is the horoscope of the assassined Boris Nemzow.
When looking at the horoscopes, i was completely amazed.

The Problems in Ukraine started during the Olympics in Sotchi. Boris Nemzow was born in Sotchi.

He died, when the Ascendent was EXACTLY on his birth-horoscope-Mars (weapons, war), When the current Neptun (Martyrdom) was in Opposition to his Birth-Venus-Pluto conjunction, while Lilith was conjoing it, when the current nodes touched his BirthSun, when the running Mars was exactly on the southern node (past) of his birthchart,
This is so deeply fate and shows, that his death will cause more disturbance than anyone could ever think of.

Liberalism & Republicanism / Mahayana & Hinayana

What in Buddhism is hinayana, in politics is called Liberalism.
What in Buddhism is called Mahayana, in politics might be called republicanism.

It is a rough comparison, arising in me while pondering on symbolism, acts, rituals, and politics. During a lecture on the founding fathers of American Revolution, we discussed also Liberalism and Republicanism.

Inspired by John Adams, Thoughts on Governemnt:

We ought to consider what is the end of government, before we determine which is the best form. Upon this point all speculative politicians will agree, that the happiness of society is the end of government, as all divines and moral philosophers will agree that the happiness of the individual is the end of man. From this principle it will follow, that the form of government which communicates ease, comfort, security, or, in one word, happiness, to the greatest number of persons, and in the greatest degree, is the best

Liberalism reffering roughly as the form of “me first” and if I am happy, all are happy.“ This means, transferred to buddhsim, the own enlightenment (first).

Mahayana in Buddhism is the Boddhisatva vow: to wait with the own enlightenment until all are enlightened. To come back into life (work) until the work is done, and all sentient beings are freed.
This might refer to Republicanism in the way, that community is first, and if the community reaches abundance, wellbeing, then all are rich, well, happy, freed. Until that, work is not finished.

It is said in the Heart Sutra / the Diamond Sutra, that if you reach enlightenment, you recognize illusion, being and non-being, existence and non-existence. And stepping out of the illusion, you recognise the illusion and return to help setting all people free.
So transferred from the Heart Sutra, if someone walks on the path of Hinayana and reaches the enlightenment, he turns towards the suffering, and, as a kind of Boddhisatva, returns until all reached enlightenment.
There are various paths to walk. In the end, they all make that turn towards the other.
The hinayana might only be the longer path.

What makes it so funny to watch in America, is the struggle between this liberalism, republicanism, utilarism. There are two parties called Republican (the Grand old Party GOP) and Democrats. Yet the Name might have Little to do with republicanism or Democratic attiudes. And in these parties, you also find liberal, republic or utilaric streams as well as capitalism etc..

So, my short philosophic remark on Buddhism enlightenment compared to politics in theory might not transferrable to America or Politics as named or in manifestation. Or it might, .. again… as a rough comparison with the current situation:

Happiness of People is not necessarily the utmost fulfillment of property. Abundance not necessarily that all have Gold and are millionaires (or all have atomic bombs).

If all people and all Nation are on the path of „me first“, and each only Think in Terms of ressources, property and Military, earth is devastated.
Reaching their Goals, stepping out of that Illusion, all liberal People might then turn around to help the suffering….
in Terms of politics and earth, it then might be too late. It might then be a matter of existence – or non-existence.

Gute Darstellung der aktuellen Probleme

Kurz vor seinem Tod fertiggestellt, seit einigen Tagen erhältlich. Schon die Einleitung zeigt den tiefen Kenner der Orte, Begebenheiten und Kulturen… das ganze Buch ist eine einzige frische Brise für das Denken, und Quelle vieler Einsichten abseits der Mainstreammedia.

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