Kin 144 – the seeds we planted / the seeds we are

July 1st 2018, is kin 144 magnetic seed, the start of the seed wavespell.
As you may remember, this year we are in a Seed Year, kin 64 – crystal seed, the cooperation energy in the seeds that are planted or that we plant (together). sometimes it is also the cooperation of the seeds we water or nourish in thoughts, prayers or emotions. Yet in Aura-Soma, B64 is a bottle named Djwal Khul, the Tibeter, that through telepathy, inspired Alice Baily on her books, written therefore in mental/telepathic cooperation with him. I therefore from that perspective also like to see this year as the cooperation in the esoteric wisdom, the esoteric teaching, and on the roads and paths our lives take in spiritual unfoldment.
Looking therefore from that perspective, each “seed” day reflects a part of the story of the whole year, and a story of its own, just as each human, as a seed, is an entity or a plant of its own, but then also part of a species, of a surrounding, of life itself, depending on how far able one is to see the interconnectedness of life.
144 now turns out to be “THE” magic number in esoteric or occult teachings, partly referring to it in a end-time mood as in the revelation of John this number is referred to, just as in other occult teachings as well. ( to read more-click)
Therefore I like to turn the observation and reflection to what the Dreamspell may have to say on it, through the ancient eyes of the mayan tradition, that shaped the Tzolkin and preserved it for our remembering.

If you look through the eyes of the Dreamspell, it is the beginning of the first wavespell after we ran through the middle column. so after the inner pathways are cleared, after we aligned with the cosmos, after the energy flipped from inbreath to outbreath / outbreath to inbreath, we reach the seed wavespell. in it, we now find 10 portal days. the other part of the 10 emissiaris, which I call the closing” portal days, as -.. in the opening gates we opened ourselves up to the contact with the cosmos, crossing through the middle of the galaxy, to then – after the 10 closing portal days, turning back to life on earth again. We crossed the zero-point zone, but after that life did not end, no one saved us, we just reached an other understanding, vibrated with all that is, and, in coming back from this zone of floating in the cosmic “everything” now turn back to the focusing on how to express what we gained in consciousness, energy, and the answers that come from the cosmic side to our questions, or quests, our asking, prayer, and the state, life on earth is in.
12 times 12 equals 144, and amazingly enough, it is the 12th wavespell in Dreamspell, that starts with kin 144. it starts with the seed, and the final tone is the yellow cosmic warrior, fearlessness and power is the final point of this wavespell.
The 10 portal days in a row start again – just as a few weeks ago – with the white worldbridger, a symbol of letting go and death in itself, as usually we bridge the worlds – if unconscious – through dying and taking an other form, an other body. Guru Rinpoche, Padmasambhava, was the first to describe the Bardos, in the Tibetean book of the death, and he shows, that the first stages of energy movement, the moment we reach a certain consciousness, we also pass the stages of the realms of death, so one can get conscious on “the other side of the veil”, contacting the ancestors, contacting the generations before the own birth, but also gaining consciousness on the own cycle of life and death in the wheel of life. He showed a path to move through the bardos, but it takes something: the circuit of wisdom has to be activated, the mudras and mantras refer to collecting the energy in the heart area, opening the love and wisdom energies that are stored in it, so we can prepare for that ride.

The solar tone, vibrating on our solar system, is in alignment with the yellow human. At least the consciousness on the solar logos, the solar logos pouring into the conscious human being is shown here. The yellow human, that has at least awakened to the realm of the earth within the solar system, the 2nd ray solar system of love wisdom all is vibrating as grounding frequency.
The 10th tone, showing the manifestation, vibrates in the planetary skywalker, it is the planet as a being in the sky, dancing to the cosmic rhythm and cycles on the path through the cosmos, but also the seed, turning into a cosmic skywalker, bridging heaven and earth with it. the 11th tone of adjustment is done in the white magician seal, so the white magician may have to let go of things or wishes or intentions in order to vibrate correctly in the planetary unfoldment of the skywalker, not any movement is in the right phase, sometimes, too soon, too late, or just adjustments to the current here and now in all the differences of consciousnesses have to be made.
The twelth tone of cooperation shows the eagle- and with this sign, the 10 portal days end. So we cooperate in spirite, the spirit from heaven in the view of the vison, the vision of the clear eyed in the fly over of life, seen from other perspectives. It is this vision, this cear sightedness, maybe the flight alone in the view but knowing, that many are there also in the sky, looking with a similar clarity to life in unfoldment.
with that vision, with that cooperation on the last portal day of the 10 in a row the warrior is reached, the cosmic warrior energy.

The amazing thing happens then… the Earth wavespell starts. When the seeds unfold, Earth gets ready for her path in the cosmic notes.

Dates: The 10 portal days in a row refer to the time in the Gregorian calendar of:
03.07.2018 – 12.07.2018.
on July 13th, the wavespell ends with the cosmic warrior,

on July 14th, the Earth wavespell starts, leading us into the alignment with Sirius, the day out of time and the beginning of the new Year on July 26th. So we will enter a year, where the focus will be – hidden or open- on Earth and her wellbeing.


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