List of Historic events of Saros Cycles active in 2018

In this article I list the historic events 1891 – 2000 of the Saros Cycles from 2018. the interpretation of these events in relation relate to the current events is in the other article (see listed above). It is my intention, to look at them as a kind of cyclic unfolding line of events and consciousness, therefore i suggest you also read this listed events.

A Saros serie is a connection of eclipses, that occur each 18 years 11 days. They have different starting points in time, yet in each year 2 different lunar cycles and 2 different solar cycles meet, giving way and energy to 4 eclipses each year.
All Series of eclipses of the year 2018, namely: Lunar 124, lunar 129, Solar150 and Solar 155 will therefore show the same years historically to be related with (in this 18 year cycle), yet as each one of them started in a different year, and of course have different horoscopes when they occur, they have each a focus, and therefore interpretation , of their own.

I will refer to this list in later articles, linking to it.

So, for the list of the events:
Generally: Germany and Russia are Monarchies, it is the time of colonialism, Africa is colonized, England is also ruling India, Germany is adapting “German-Africa” the later Rwanda, Burundi and Tansania as Colonies,
Germany starts to pay old age pensions,
· Chilean civil war, and Portuguese revolution breaks out,
· London-Paris telephone line is established,
· Wrigley Company (chewing gum) is founded as soap company,
· Carnegie Hall opens,
· the future Czar Nicholaus II survives as assassination attempt, Sherlock Holmes is born by being published the first time, The first Asteroid is fotographed, a variety of Universities are founded in America, (Seattle, Drexel, Stanford,), Tesla invents the tesla coil,
· Edison invents the 35mm film, Kodak invents development liquids,
· Germany installs “swimming postal offices” on ships,”
· Russia starts to build the transsibirian railway, Railway companies are founded,
· American Express Traveller cheques are accepted as a way to pay.
International registration and protection of trade marks are negotiated and regulated in the “Madrid Treaty for international trade marks

Europe was still in colonialism and monarchy, with most of Europe either being part of the Austrian Habsburg monarchy, the German Reich as monarchy, or other monarchies involved in colonialism. France as democracy or republic in challenge was also engaged in colonialism, therefore part of the European emphasis is still India, Africa and South America focused. France in 1909 started to engage more and more in Africa, founding their reings in Morocco and Wadai.
· Tel Aviv was founded
· The Shah of Persia flees Persia and seeks asylum in Russia,
· Taft becomes 27th President of the US, while Theodore Roosevelt started his hunting and Safari time in Africa.
· Trade and merchandizing: Caoutshuk (natural rubber) Kautschuk was invented,
· amphibia vehicles were invented,
· the first Oil company, “Anglo-Persian oil company” was founded, laying the foundation for a later OPEC, also putting an emphasis on some themes why a reign change in Persia was essential on oil exploitation,
· L’oreal was founded, also the first airline that then distributed Zeppelins, Cheques were invented/accepted by postal offices in germany, which put cashless money transfer in place.
· First youth hostel was opened.
· Massive Earthquake in Iran
first flight in an airplane across the channel between England and Europe.

· 1927:
Russia was Sovjet Republic, Europe was de-monarchized with small exceptions (Netherlands, Belgium and UK)
The Weimar Republic was in Place in Germany , it was the time of the German exchange market crash, a start of a derpression in Germany and Europe, that was smaller version of the later larger exchange market crash of 1929.
· Japan was hit by a banking crisis, various major floods in USA and Europe,

· Huge trade companies were founded: Quelle and REWE in Germany,

· Heisenberg published his “uncertainty theory”;
· Japan and China suffered a major earthquakes with tenthousands of losses,

· Metropolis, the movie, was released,
· Ireland is no longer part of the united Kingdom, renaming the UK into the “United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland”

· Lindberg did his legendary flight over the Atlantic, (Note, that the first flight in a plane over the channel was also during this Saros lunar series in 1909 !)

· the Academy of Motion, Pictures and Art (the Academy as in Academy Awards 7 Oscars) was founded in America,
· BBC is founded in UK,
the league of Nations sign a treaty, abolishing all forms of Slavery,
the most violent school attack happened with “Bath massacre”
· Iraq gains independence from the UK;
UK recognizes a new reign in a region that later became Saudi-Arabia,
· Pitch drop experiment started. (how long does it take for a drop of pitch to fall down)

· 1945:
End of WWII – in May for Europe, in August for America / Japan, in September for Russia and Asia. Concentration camps are freed, the Shoah gets visible for the world.
· End of WWII leads to a complete new order in Europe and Asia, forming / establishing a lot of countries . In Europe, Democracies are installed, West Germany is ruled by 3 allies (France, UK, USA) while the East Part of Germany is ruled by USSR. Berlin is split in two sectors similar to that.
one of the new countries that are formed: Yugoslavia (later collapsing during the 1990’s in the Balkan wars)
a lot of countries newly formed belong either to the western part in later cold war, or are closer to the USSR.
· penicillin as antibiotic can be given orally
· Egypt Prime Minister is assassinated in Parliament
· Arab league is formed
· Winston Churchill resigns, after his party suprisingly lost election. due to that, all the negotiations in the After War period are “interrupted” and Attlee took his place in the post-war negotiations and treaties.
· Attlee laying foundation for UK as welfare state
· Voting rights for Women in France
· various new plane types are invented, have 1st flight. among them e.g.: Cessna 120
· first start of a V2
· a B25 bomber hits Empire State building
· first atomic explosion
· new currency in Austria
· large earthquakes in Japan and Iran, Earthquake and Tsunami in Balochistan, with thousands of fatalities
· United Nations are formed. Charta of the United Nations is drafted. Various nations become members in the first weeks. League of nation yet still exists (until 1946)
· international Court of justice is formed / founded
· Agreement / Founding of UNESCO
· the first part of the World Bank Group, the international Bank for Reconstruction and Development, was founded.
· IMF International monetary fond is founded (Internationaler Währungsfond)
· invention of ballpoint pens
· flight 19, a group of airplanes with 14 people from the US Navy, disappear in the Bermuda Triangle.
· chemical element 61 is found, it was the only missing between 1-96.

· 1963
assassination of the President of Togo (French Kolony until 1960) & of the president of vietnam
· Assassination of JFK, assassination of Lee Harvey Oswald,
· Charles de Gaulle (for France) vetoes the UK entering the European Common market
· Beatles record & release their first and later the year 2nd album
· JFK forbids travel, financial exchanges and trade with cuba, “ich bin ein Berliner” speech,
· An attempted assassinator to Charles de gaulle is executed
· Alcatraz (the islands Jail, one of the hardest prisons in US) closes
· Supreme Court rules, that state courts are required to provide counsel in criminal cases for defendants who cannot afford to pay their own attorney
· New York newspaper strike for almost
· “The birds’”, “Lawrence of ‘Arabia”, the first & second “James Bond Movie: Dr No” & “from Russia with love”, “Cleopatra”, have movie premiere
· Various accidents with nuclear submarines US as well as Russia, US later signs “nuclear test ban” with USSR
· First “diet coke” is released
Miracle of Lengede, coal miner accident with miraculous rescue of survivers, severe coal miner accident in Russia, Mitsui Miiki, with hundreds of fatalities, First large coal mines close in Germany
Space: Gordon cooper for a night in space, a Russian Kosmonaut is 4 days in space, first woman in space (Russian)
Dam breach in Italy erases a whole town with all people in it killed.
· First heart surgery / Implant.
· Pope John 23 (XXIII) dies – succeeded by Pople Paul VI
· African Union is founded
· The great train robbery in England takes place
· Various severe plane crashes in US and Canada, also in Turkey,
· A lot of civil right movement assassinations. M. Luther King ; I have a dream” speech,,
· Severe earthquakes in Yugoslavia
· Cruise ship burns on sea with all passengers and crew on board as fatalities
· Transatlantic telecommunication cable is activated (note: the first telephone cable between England and Europe was also done in this Lunar Cycle, 1891 ! )

· 1982
· Falkland war
· First test-tube baby is born in Germany
· Ronald Reagan in Berlin (note: jFK visited Berlin in the same Saros Cycle 1963)
king Khalid died in Saudi Arabia – new King inaugurated (note, the first King was accepted by UK under this Saros Cycle in 1891
· Sun Microsystems and Adobe is founded
· Vatican bankier found murdered / hanged in London
· Commodore computer is released
· E.T., Polstergeist are having movie premiere
· Assassination attempt on Pope John Paul II
· Lebanon war, between Lebanon and Israel
· Abba split up
· Various large accidents by plane crash (china, America) and truck crash (fully loaded gas truck crashes in a town in Germany), Washington suffers on the same day a plane crash into Potomac and a train derailment, (January 13, 1982)
· Conch republic founded after splitting from key West – reintegrated into America.
· First computer virus is programmed and found on Apple computers
· Jupiter effect – where scientists did not know what would happen, as All 8 planets align on the same side of the Sun (see also The Jupiter Effect).
· Full Independence of Canada from UK by proclamation
· Mexico announces being insolvent, leading to a financial crisis in Latin America
· First CD’s are produced

· 2000:
· Y2k happens with no catastrophe on 31.12.1999 (no computer crash, no failure of electricity supply.
· Floods in Africa
Plane crashes of Kenya Airways and Alaska airways, both down in oceans.
· Tokyo Train disaster, train crash in tokyo’s subway system
Putin is inaugurated as president of Russia
· “I love you” computer virus spreads worldwide within a few days
A rare conjunction of 7 celestial bodies (Sun, Moon, planets Mercury–Saturn) occurs during the new moon.[9]
Firework factory disaster in Enschede
Large earthquakes in Sumatra and Iceland,
Crash of the concorde in Paris
Russian Submarine accident
Ferry near Greece sinks
Third prophecy of Fatima is released by Cardinal Ratzinger (1927 the children started to talk on the Fatima prophecy, as it was allowed by the appearance of Mary in Fatima. The appearances started 19179
Nicholaus II, last Emperor of Russia, is sainted (note, that assassination attempt on him was done 1891, in the lunar eclipse cycle)
Mini Rover production closes
Start of the first city in space, since 2000 every day humans have been in space. Space station is starting its operation.
No assassination or assassination attempt towards a politician or head of state. All changes in head of state are done by resignation or election (as far as I was able to do a quick research).
8th drop in the pitch drop experiments is observed. (it was started in 1927 – same lunar cycle)

31st January 2018:
lunar eclipse on 31st January, during this event:
train crash near Charlottesville, Va. A chartered train with members of the Congress hit a lorry truck while being on their way to a retreat session in Virginia
mining: south Africa, due to loss of electricity, thousands of gold miners are trapped in a mine.
ebay separates from paypal

in January: large earthquake in the gulf of Alaska (8.2), no fatalities, Tsunami warning lifted.

added after publishing the article

– train derailment New York Miami amtrack crash
Ancient tomb found near Pyramids (connection to saros series september 2017 „the pyramid and the Sphix, as excavation began October 2017)
Pieces of her tomb were found 1909 – under this saros series (active in 1909).
“Fragments of artifacts belonging to Hetpet were found in the same area in 1909 and were moved to a museum in Berlin at the time” retrieved 4.2.2018,

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