12.April 2016 1 day = 1 year in Dreamspell

English Version
Today, 12th April,  is a day in the energy of the current year in Dreamspell. July 26th 2015 started as Ki 114 white planetary Magician, one of the 10 Portal days that open the communication flow to cosmos, which is today also. So we succeeded in the 260 day round of the tzolkin to now be able to reflect and manifest our white planetary magician-dom.
If you would like to celebrate this special energy, i would suggest the following excercise:

  • Center your awareness in the heart. Breath joy into nature and earth, breath gratitude into your body.
  • Then focus on the way the planet itself wishes to be. try to find out how earth would like to look like, how humanity and life could be if earth has a say.
  • If it is your true wish, ask earth, what you can do for her and her connection to cosmos.
  • Wait for imuplses, intuition, or maybe later in the next weeks dreams to come in order to show you a glimpse of what the planetary logos wishes to become manifest.

Thank you !