B112 – Neugeburt Erzengel Israfel

Herzlich Willkommen – Erzengel Israfel.
Aura-Soma hat wieder Nachwuchs bekommen.

Erste Infos: http://www.asiact.org/downloads/b112/b112.html

Ich werde in den nächsten Tagen meine Gedanken dazu hier veröffentlichen, jeweils mit einer Datumsmarkierung:
In the days to follow i will add my remarks, thoughts and observations marked with a timestamp:

14.12.2014: / 22:17 Uhr

to the astrological Connection: B112 was Born with the midheaven in alignment with the centre of the galaxy. Each bottles has gifts and talents, and .. challenges. As MIkes first thoughts referred to the starting of the Uranus / Pluto Squares on Johanni in 2012:

Uranus is in the first house in Aries in Connection with the southern node.. so the past. Uranus in Aries in itself might speak of the Chance of an awakening of the head centres through the ureaus, or the Kundalini. Yet on the southern node in Connection / square to Pluto it speaks of the challenges of the past, when this force was misused. So the misuse of the clearvoyance and telepathy.
The Beauty this bottle is, it refers astrologically to a time of !Aries! where this power was misused.

Yet… we have the moon on the DC – to really have compassion and Feelings for ohers, … and we have the galactic Center at midheaven.
It might not easy to look at… but worth it, to not repeat the mistakes of the past.

if you see Israfel as a 7th Angel, and MIke refers to the 7th times a Uranus Pluto square, so each time the Square happened was a wake up call for the issues involved.