Lunar eclipse 31.January 2018 / historical, social, economic view on the eclipse Series

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In this article, I refer to the Lunar Eclipse of 31st January, – and in broader – to all eclipses during this year 2018 yet with less emphasis to the actual horoscope but to historically interpreting the events in a time line of consciousness and interaction in connection to the Sabian Symbols.
The first section is an introduction into the Saros Series of the eclipse from 31st January, followed by a list of historical events in these years.
Applying the Sabian Symbols for the first event – and then for the current event 31st January, leads then to conclusions in the last section. Sources of the research are also included at the end of the article.

The lunar eclipse from 31st January 2018 is not visible in Europe and Africa, yet in America, Russia, Asia, China and the Pacific Region including Australia.

In the following, I would like to explain certain energetics around the eclipse from the astrological view. The place it occurs in the calendar of earthly cycles.
The starting of the Eclipse series 124 lunar was in 1152.
the themes of the eclipse can be seen in applying the Sabian symbols on the first event:

Sun of Lunar 124: PHASE 151 (VIRGO 1°):
KEYNOTE: The capacity to picture to oneself clearly the salient features and the overall meaning of any life situation.

Moon of Lunar Saros 124:
KEYNOTE: The process of commingling and interchange which at all levels demonstrates the health of a community.
Keyword. COMMERCE.

According to the above mentioned Sabian Symbols for the sun and the moon (the full moon lunar eclipse) the Saros series deals with man itself, the figure of a man, the statue of a man, his impact and his beingness in society, so a community, as a large. It is a stage of “as you plant so shall you reap” .. and sometimes there is harvest time.
It is meant to be a personal as well as a community symbol. It is the head of a man, the portrait of a man, and the harvest maybe due to commerce, in the marketplace of life, maybe due interaction in trade in order to bring a community together, to ensure their life. A market could only occur if something was produced, or, in terms of nature, if something was harvested.
while in nature fruits are harvested, in karma and al ife, The reaping can be a rich harvest as well as a bancrupcy, it depends on the cycles of seeding, individually and collectively, as well as the karma of the person that is in portrait. So I would like to reflect on these issues during the times / years of the eclipses in the recent years.

The Saros Series 124 Started in 1152.

It was a time of changes in medieval Europe.
Barbarossa becomes emperor in the holy roman empire of german nations, his name is known all over the world, so one of a huge “portrait of a man”. The assassins murder the first “non muslim” in Tripolis during the crusades / crusade rule of the kingdom of Tripolis, it becomes the starting of the phrase “assassination” for murdering an emperor.
Chinese are building the first firework and rockets. For other parts of the world
written history is not available (e.g. native Americans), as either not discovered by “western civilization” with calendars nor leading calendar style like time counts of events.
From Europe to Middle East the crusades were still going on. The first crusade had installed Tripolis as kingdom, other waves of the crusades were in planning or going on. Due to the crusades, so the fight against the Muslim and Muslim invation of the western countries, the Templars were spreading through large routes across Europe and the far and middle east. One of their aims was to ensure the safety of pilgrims to Jerusalem, the safety of the roads that lead to the near East, safety of travel and of commerce. Also the first larger installed money system were under the security of the Templars, as they were the first to accept transfer money and were the ones to change money into the currency of the countries of visit or merchandise. So they were the first “stock exchanges” in the meeting place of nations with money that was changed with each emperor change. Sometimes the content of the money was also changed with no sign of the content, e.g. a golden talar ( turning later into the word for “dollar”) was not having the same content in gold or silver in one year than in an other year, according to the needs, ressources, or the ruling of the Emperor, which quite often made trade in these times a matter of trust. So it was essential, that there were reliable positions to turn to, positions, persons, institutions that could weight, count, and change currency, testing it on the content and therefore on the “worth” of it compared to goods in exchange. The Templars therefore became the first international institution for money transfer, one foundation for merchandising and trade.
This so far on the overall background on the first eclipse of this series in 1152.

As the eclipse refers to the “shape of a man” and to Markets, social interactions, trade and commerce, therefore development energy and social interactions, usually these enhancements are not that well registered in history except for the birth or deaths of VIP’s.
While checking the years of the past events of the 20th century, starting with 1891 – 2000, the last one occurring, i found some interesting parallels in society or science. a list of events you can find here,, i mention some of these events in the „outcome“ section at the end of the article:

Current Eclipse: 31st January 2018; 

The eclipse is visible on the continent of Northamerica, (USA and Canada), also in Russia and the whole Asia, Eastern / Pacific continents including Australia. For visibility maps please check here:

The energy of the eclipse in Sabian Symbols:


KEYNOTE: The necessity of recognizing differences of types and levels of development wherever human beings live and work together.

KEYNOTE: Group-relaxation in fashionable surroundings as an escape from work routine.
Keyword: SOPHISTICATION and involvement in externals and superficial intellectuality or wit.


When interpreting these symbols, one can see, that a certain level of refinement and Hierarchy is visible. It is about sophistication, of climbing the ladder, ascending, graduating upward – and – in combination with the energy of the first Saros Cycle, this happens in the background of merchandizing, trade, economy and the interconnection of people in exchanging goods, knowledge, wisdom and resources. The lawn party is an escape from work routine, a fading away of meaning can be seen by it, a lot of things are “cultivated”, people need drugs and alcohol in order to be chilled and in good mood and conversation. Routine is left behind, tradition and energy of meaning of content has been replaced by “routine” that needs to be fleed and escaped. Meaning and wisdom is marginalized or has become forgotten and replaced by symbolic actions. The inner involvement into wisdom faded to external involvement, a status due to external actions or behavior, to even actions emptied of inner meaning.

probable meaning of the Eclipse in Russia
under this cycle, the presence of Nicholaus II is to be seen, if one checks the times between 1891 to the current times. There was an assassination attempt on Nicholaus II, and he was sainted in this cycle.
Also in this cylce, Putin was elected and inaugurated for the first time as President in Russia (2000). This year there is another election in Russia, where Putin is again about to be elected. Without looking at the personal horoscopes I may not be able to tell more of personal fate, yet on the nation level we see the First Assassination Attempt of a Czar to be that later got assassinated, but then again later sainted. And the inauguration of a political figure that has a very lasting political position in Russia. As the constitution of Russia just allows two terms of a president, after serving them he switched (per election) into the position of Prime Minister of Russia, in exchange with Dimitry Medvedev becoming President, and was then elected again into the position of President of Russia, with Dimitry Medvedev switching back to his role as Prime Minister.
Whatever is, the moon eclipse is as well visible in Russia as in America, on both sides of the ocean therefore the “Portrait of a man” will be politically visible
– by nature of this Saros cycle as well and as eclipse. Yet this time, the measure will be: what does this mean for the wisdom and the rules, for market and science, is all watered down, or is real wisdom available. Will there be rather parties to talk about, or a social interaction in terms for the greater good, contributing to each person on their individual place in life.

Probable meaning of the Eclipse cycle for America:
America in itself is said to be THE capitalistic country. Economic interactions in terms of free markets can be seen, yet not necessarily “social” interactions and commingling.
The last occurrence of this eclipse was 21st January 2000. January 20 or 21 is the inauguration day of all American Presidents since the beginning of the 20th century, when the date for the inauguration was changed from April to January.
2000 was the year of the candidacy and campaign of George Bush. There was a saying, that all presidents elected in a year ending with “0” are assassinated or die during their presidency, as this was a kind of curse over the US presidency. This rule broke with Ronald Reagan, surviving the 1981 assassination attempt, and with George W. Bush, yet under his presidency 9/11 happened, so America was attacked during peaceful times. (Pearl harbor happened with a world war already taking place).
if you check for the dates, you can see that 1963, the year Kennedy was assassinated, is also mentioned.

This eclipse coincides with the first State of the Union address of Americas current President, Donald Trump. An economic man, a portrait of a man, inherited social status from his immigrant grand fathers success, a real self made American business man, so to say, and one that comes from the economy market. What is really striking here: to each State of the Union address, there is a spontaneous “response address” by the Congress usually done by the other party, in this case the Democrats. The response address was given by “Joe Kennedy III, grandson of Robert Kennedy. This means, through his person, Joe Kennedy III crossed the time and space from 1963 eclipse of this cycleseries to the current one.
In my view, Donald Trump is a reincarnation or energy echo of Henry VIII, with a strange energy weavings of actions back to the time before the bill of rights and the habeas corpus act was installed. So due to his personality, a kind of energetic weaving takes place in a certain fashion, overcrowding the democracy of America into the royalty of England before rights were given to the people. Yet if one reads the communication between the colonies of America with their King in England one can see that they liked to be treated as free men, under the bill of rights, with their representation in Tax issues, yet nevertheless remaining in the glamour of the monarchy. It took them a while to split from England also in thinking, yet still one of their aims was to reproduce a certain way of style. The time of Henry VIII yet had not seen the bill of rights, so there is a certain “troll”ness of a king Trump trying to understand democracy, when all he wants is women, wealth, trade (economy), no taxes on him, and a good life of parties.

An example of this energy may be the on Guantanamo. In the mediaeval time, before the bill of rights or other legislation or contract gave some rights to the people, a person could be held in prison on ruling of the King. A person was owned by the landlord / the king. Then a legislation was done: Habeas corpus act: no man can be accustomed or jailed or imprisoned without taking to a legal court. It was installed in England in the 17th Century, so after henry VIII, and is said to be the first step to the Magna Charta and the Bill of rights.
George W. Bush, Potus 43, after 9/11 installed the Prison on Guantanamo, taking it out of military and public legislative including not having it on American Soil. Prisoners can be brought there and held without charge or jurisdiction, no trial or court done, no hearing them. Just interrogation and torture as method of interrogation. George Bush installed these prisons due to executive actions, bypassing congress through it. One of the legal issues Barack Obama faced, when trying to close the prisons, was, there was no jurisdiction or court in America that could deal with the charges of something that was done out of legislative, injuring the habeas corpus act, that all democracies of the world rely upon: The right of a person on life and body, this includes a fair trial and on a fair court when facing imprisonment (e.g. by breaking rules or the accuse to have broken the rules).
Donald Trump therefore does now combine his reign with the presidency of George W. Bush, not only by reversing President Obamas actions, but by energy and direction and intention of re-implanting actions from president Bush. The coming weeks and months the reaping therefore starts for America also regarding their place in trade, merchandizing, capitalism regarding the times of 2000 and the following years.
Was 9/11 a planting time or a harvesting of the energies – was the capitalism, America planted in the world, a good seed or a bad seed. Are they trustworthy in trade or not. These questions will be asked anew in the coming weeks and months. The lunar cycles show, that now a time of repetition starts, Trump is in the pre-9/11 phase, so some of the energies will show a certain resemblance and will rely on the foundation of the America of 2000.
Due to the eclipses taking place, his reign is now also in person combined with 1963 shortly after Kennedy was assassinated.
So America under Trump shows a certain way to interpret “levels of existing” in terms of citizenship and under the habeas corpus act. The acceptance of certain levels of existing in the current presidency of trump is to sharpen social contrast, to fix people on their status quo and on social level, to fix them on a kind of “cast system” so to speak.
Yet the Sabian Symbol refers to helping humanity, each on their state of existence, being there for their development. It is a stairway, it is therefore happening on a tool to bridge distances, step by step. It is not put in place to put people in place, but to allow the climbing to take place. Steps usually are not put in place to help a downward move, steps and stairways are usually put in place to help with the upward movement.

Meaning of the Eclipse in the near East:
the Saros Series showed an emphasis on events in Saudi-Arabia and Iran/Irak, in oil, and in changes of the leading figures of the nation. Due to the nature of the topic Oil, I would like to refer to it in later issues, as Oil and Gas may be one theme in the Saros Series of the Solar eclipses this year, as the horoscope of these events show Oil and crude oil and water as probable theme. Nevertheless there may be a focus on changes in the Near East too. No matter what it was with the “portrait of a man” and the “market place” that started the lunar cycle, and with the near east being a space on earth where markets are still quite visible in the every day life, the emphasis on the theme of this event is: is it contributing to the wellbeing of life, does it contribute to the wellbeing of each individual on each step along their own way. With this in mind, one my also therefore check the coming weeks in this focus.

Global outlook


As you may see in the eclipse dates, the years in which these Saros cycles occurred, showed various breakthroughs. During these times a lot of companies were founded, that later got very global actors. Wrigley e.g. was founded as Soap company, then went to be one of the global players in bubble gum / chewing gum. Kodak was founded by inventing the liquid to develop photos, which layed the foundation for widespread “fotos”. Yet also Stock exchange crashes in countries, that lead to wide areal recessions and depressions. the happenings in the years of the Saros Cycles (and the ones that follow this year, lunar and solar) show also an emphasis of conquering the world by air and see, with development of amphibian vehicles and break throughs in aviation.

“market places” globally are a theme in this Saros cycle. In combination with this years energy, market, economy, social interaction, science and Technology development ill be measured whether they fulfill the needs of the current energy.
For the global trade community, the Obama negotiated trade agreements were dropped by Trump, yet there had been a worldwide discussion on the legal terms in it, sparkling large protests in various countries in the past years.
Nevertheless, if one looks at the timing, then Obama was almost a visionary of the current energies, as they may have gotten in effect in 2018, forming a different way of interaction in markets and merchandising, beyond the WTO.
His aim for the developing countries was, to give them measure how to produce economically and ecologically ethical, so laying foundation for also an other form to deal with earth and contents that could harm wildlife, nature and humanity. Therefore, besides the unclear legal action and unclear law filing, all states may have been pushed into various forms of commitment on ecological or economical issues.
With Trump – and with Putin – it will be the question, whether the Portrait of a man will become a blockage for the world development or whether they now support the needs of the times on the global community in an other way.

Science and Technology
under this Saros Cycle, communication technology was enhanced. the first Channel phone line was installed, also the trans atlatnic cable.
Coal mine accidents and plane crashes and ship accidents were also happening, which leads to a tendency to only secure technology or change e.g. the way we exploit the resources of earth through mining, when accidents and setbacks occur.
Additional I would refer to air flight and space flight as a main theme under this Saros Cycle – therefore I think some major breakthroughs can be achieved under the current cycle in this year, and from this year on following.
Maybe some things happen right now that in a few decades may be seen as real issues of mankind’s step into the new frontier. Drone flight may be one issue, yet especially in airflight on earth, and space flight, we might see major breakthroughs in achievements and habitat in space.

some stock exchanges crash happened. Mainly Germany and Japan, that were later defined as the enemies that started World War II (as written in the Charta of the UN), also in Latin America.
This may give a short hint that we may be cautious if a country or a region gets in need under this Saros Cycle, that the world community may be there to help, otherwise violence may be the result of unsolved tensions.
Nevertheless, I would rather also pass on the warning for the cashless-stock exchange market. As in times before, bubbles formed at the markets, and in this case, it could be, that Bitcoin or other “replacements” for money could cause a next depression like phase. An other expression of this may be the dropping of paypal by ebay, while it was paypal that helped ebay to recover. As it is a market place, as it is about social interaction, as it is about the hype of “watering down” real essences and real partnerships, it may be also a time of lost values. Where joy needs to be installed by drinking, and relaxation may be available only by stimulation from outside.
During these events, cashless pay got available (American Express Cheques, or Cheques at all were installed and accepted. So an other form of manifestation of the energy would be discussion or developments on cashless pay or inventions to reinstall an other form of payment in a country or worldwide.

1. Sabian Symbols, full text in interpretation of Dane Rudyar
Sabian Symbols for the first event of the Saros Series:

Sun of Lunar 124: PHASE 151 (VIRGO 1°):
KEYNOTE: The capacity to picture to oneself clearly the salient features and the overall meaning of any life situation.
During the two preceding Scenes the „feel“ of energy at work has been the dominant feature of a consciousness still strongly ego-centered yet at times eagerly and devotionally reaching up to a realization of divine or cosmic order. Now we have come in the seasonal cycle of the year to the sign Virgo. It is in a sense the symbol of harvesting, but it is also that of the Path of discipleship, and of all strongly determined processes of training, or retraining. Flooded with and having enjoyed and released energy, the personalized consciousness now has to learn the lesson of significant form. It must be able to see life situations as wholes of experience, and to discover their meaning by distinguishing their most characteristic features.
This is the first stage of the thirty-first five-fold sequence of symbols and its Keyword is DISCRIMINATION. Implied in discrimination is both analysis and intuition. The mind separates and identifies — and unfortunately often exaggerates — what makes a person or a situation different from another; but the intuitive responses of the whole person to what confronts him or her is also essential, for what matters is not only my or your „difference,“ but the place and function this difference occupies in the organic pattern of the evolution of „humanity as a whole,“ i.e. of Man.

KEYNOTE: The process of commingling and interchange which at all levels demonstrates the health of a community.
In any twelve-fold division of a complete cycle (for instance the 12 zodiacal signs and the 12 Houses of a birth chart) the twelfth section often has been given a negative significance. It can refer to oppressive conditions as it represents a „closing of accounts,“ a final evaluation of the harvest of the cycle. A very bad harvest may lead to bankruptcy; a premature revolt may bring the rebel to jail; the dissolute may end in a hospital. In this section of the cycle a man reaps what he has sown. But it may also be honors, social prestige, the interests of well-managed wealth. In this twenty-fourth scene what is stressed is the coming together, in a final experience of community, of all factors previously experienced; this means constructive interaction and an interchange of the products of social activity. In a practical sense, the symbol, whenever it is found, emphasizes that the time has come to take full advantage of the social opportunities to bargain and to trade.
This is the first stage of the process related to the sixty-seventh five-fold sequence of symbols. It refers to all that can be gained from social interplay and especially, in the broadest sense of the word, from COMMERCE.

Sabian symbols for 31st January 2018

KEYNOTE: The necessity of recognizing differences of types and levels of development wherever human beings live and work together.

This symbol obviously refers to the ascending process of evolution of life forms and consciousness. It seems to apply especially to the fact that differences of levels exist among human beings. The ideal of equalitarianism has to be balanced by a realization that hierarchy of levels is a fact of nature. Each person should be aware of the level at which he (or she) stands, even as he strives to move toward a higher one. He should look up for inspiration and examples, while helping the human beings of the next lower level to reach up. This is the great give and take of evolution, and it applies to sociocultural evolution as well as to the progression of biological species.

At this second stage of the sixty third sequence we find a symbol of „ascent,“ contrasting with the preceding one which implied a „descent“ of spiritual forces. It warns us against sentimentally overstressing our Western equalitarianism which essentially applies to, the spiritual core of all individual persons, considered „sons of God“ or spiritual monads. Every human being is potentially divine as an individual person, but THE NATURAL PROGRESSION OF STATES OF CONSCIOUSNESS is an unavoidable reality to accept at the social mental level.

KEYNOTE: Group-relaxation in fashionable surroundings as an escape from work routine.
While the preceding symbol dealt with the simple and spontaneous pleasure of children, this one refers to the more or less standardized and fashion-dictated relaxation of adults who have left behind their day’s work and are exchanging pleasantries and gossip. The „lawn“ and the „lanterns“ are cultivated; the type of mind displayed in the animated conversations, stimulated by liquor, is thoroughly socialized and not always innocent. The great Tradition has become reduced to a mere social fashion.
This second stage symbol contrasts with that of the first phase. We have now reached a stage of SOPHISTICATION and involvement in externals and superficial intellectuality or wit


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