She became the Force – Carrie Fisher

I have to admit, I did not know Carrie Fisher from Star Wars.
I love her role in “When Harry met Sally”, so I have an emotional bond to her work as actress. Yet I did not see Star Wars until recently where I lend a DVD in order to only switch to the scenes where Yoda is, to find out, what he described as “the Force”.
I am a Star Trek fan, to be precise, a “Star Trek – the Next Generation” Fan. My female  image was not formed by a Princess Leia, but  by the collective expression of Deanna Troi, surprised, that there was a beautiful woman in her abilities, wise, empath, and she was not haunted, laughed at or talked about. She was even the counselor of someone so wise and reasonable as Captain Picard already was. The first woman with a relation on board the Enterprise (with Number One). But most important: being able to communicate telepathically (to her mother, with her beloved, and with some species able to do that). Empathic in a high sense, which showed in feeling, sensing, sometimes overwhelmed by whatever information she got so she got numb on her senses.
She was not a witch, but a respected counselor and healer. To me as woman this was a breakthrough, Deanna Troi became a midwife of my intuitive being that was able to unfold and express more and more even in today’s society, in a reasonable surrounding, even in a technical one. No superstition, but an extraordinary talent. Respected even in enabling her to a special career. .

Rauhnächte / sacred nights start

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Die Rauhnächte starten, die heiligen 12 Nächte zwischen Heilig Abend und Hl. 3 Könige, zwischen 24.12 und 6.1.
Es sind Zeiten, in denen die Fenster zum nächsten Jahr offen stehen, eine Zeit der Prophetie und prophetischer Träume.
Wer auch immer sich mit Aura-Soma und / oder dem Dreamspell beschäftigt: nächstes Jahr das „Löwentor“ ist in der Energie von B63 Hilarion und Djwal Khul (Tag ausserhalb der zeit) und B64 Djwal Khul (Beginn des Neuen Jahres im Dreamspell nach Ausrichtung mit Sirius 26. Juli).
Und so mag es zusätzlich zu den für die Rauhnächte üblichen Bräuchen eine schöner Impuls sein, B63 & B64 anzuwenden.

Dear All,
the „Rauhnächte“ start with the 24st December, the time of the sacred 12 nights between 24th December and 6th january, between the birth of the child and the visit of the 3 wise men.
it is a time of prophetic dreams, each night for a year.
For all that are involved with Aura-Soma and/or the dreamspell, i would like to Point out again, that the Lion’s gate in July next year will be in the energy of B63: Hilarion and Djwal Khul (day out of time25th July) and B64 Djwal Khul (alignment with Sirius 26th July) :
So there might be a nice way to prepare „being in Synch“ with applying these bottles as preparation also during the sacred nights