Solar Eclipse / New Moon energy 12/13th July 2018

On 12/13 July (depending on the time zone), a partial solar eclipse occurs (Saros cycle solar 117). As in previous articles, I tke a look at this eclipse in the overall context of the Saros cycle, and its underlying meaning and energy to adapt to.

But first the high-energy moments that accompany this new moon / solar eclipse:
July 12 in the Dreamspell is the crystal eagle, the cooperation (12th crystal tone) in the vision, the expanding perception like an eagle in flight. It is the last of the 10 consecutive portaldays of the second half of the Tzolkin, therefore it is also about the vision of what tasks and energies humanity and the Earth have requested for their unfolding, consciousness or unconsciousness, the clear perception of what is ahead of us while the personal themes of one’s own nest are losing importance in the great overall view. But the eagle is in flight so high to feed itself, so to a future in the context of the present – what nourishes the present, the current state, to prepare for is coming.
So it’s already a very energetic day due to the placement in Dreamspell.
Now there is also a solar eclipse on the same day, visible in Australia as a partial solar eclipse, meaning that this Saros cycle, which started in 792, is soon about to come to an end. There will be only 2 more eclipses of this cycle, all of them visible near the South Pole (in 2036 + 2054).

Astrologically, the already existing transformation energy that underlies every eclipse is increased as the new moon / solar eclipse will be in exact opposition to Pluto in Capricorn.
Mercury is at its furthest point from the sun, which means already a slowing down in motion, stationary position, and turning retrograde from our perspective in the next few days.
Mars is still retrograde, indicating that energy which is normally taken outward into action is now shifted inwards, showing implosions of actions or projects, outbursts of anger, frustrations or depressions on the emotional  (click to continue read)
level, or – more physical – in aggressive body reactions such as: allergic reactions, exacerbation of auto-immune diseases or strong pain attacks such as Migraine.

Thus, a large part of the energies already indicates that many things do not go on as thought, processes turning inwards. The pausing, which is usually associated with eclipses of any kind, is further enhanced by the Pluto opposition: all kinds of issues about power and powerlessness may be felt inside – or showing on the outside.

But what is it, the cycle is about?
What to do if one or more of these symptoms occur, showing the shift of unprocessed energies mounting on the physical body level?

The basic energy of the Saros cycle 117 can be seen by looking at the Sabian symbols of the first eclipse in this series:

KEYNOTE: An instinctual dedication of self to new forms of life.
The original symbol (which was subsequently altered) spoke here of „game birds“; thus we deal with spiritual forces (birds) placed within a social context. We see here the beginning of a process; action is definitely oriented toward the future. A new wave of life is starting and a concrete – and no longer symbolical – preparation is made for it. At a social level – we can speak of the pioneering efforts dedicated to the building of a new culture, new institutions.
This is the first stage of the twentieth five-fold sequence. It reveals a preparation for rebirth, and a significant note is sounded by the mention of game birds. What is being built is instinctively – but not yet consciously – offered to a higher level of consciousness. The young-to-be are potential sacrifices to feed human beings. Just as tribal men sacrificed virgins to satisfy the gods. Already the meaning of the second half of the cycle is implied, just as the entire social process is implied in the formalism of the marriage ceremony. An appropriate key would be SYMBIOSIS, i.e. a deep unconscious cooperation between different levels of existence, the „animal“ level producing lives for the sake of the „human.“

This energy needs to be considered when reflecting upon the energy of the current eclipse:

KEYNOTE: The emotional reward accompanying cultural excellence.

If anything represents the type of response that a well-developed society gives to the individual who successfully pours their energy into the skillful externalization of the great images of its culture, it is the opera. The operatic prima donna is not merely a lonely performer, like the piano virtuoso (symbol of Gemini 13°); he or she is the star in a collective effort. The opera is not only music, but a story, a mythos, which embodies some of the most basic images and emotions characterizing the culture that gave it birth. Euro-American culture is indeed extolled — or condemned — by its operas and their lurid and tragic passions. It is interesting to compare the opera with the equivalent type of social performances and their topics in India, Java or Tibet.
At this first stage of the twenty-third five-fold sequence of cyclic phases we find the drive toward individualization by means of concrete forms of cultural activity glorified in social and financial success. In its deepest sense the symbol refers to THE PRICE OF SUCCESS — for the individual, as well for as the collectivity acclaiming him or her. What is success really worth? A question few people ask.

The Saros cycle thus deals with the preparation for something greater, the unfolding of consciousness, and its expression into the mass consciousness – the population, the culture, the people.
One part of it is the food cycle, but it can also be seen symbolically: There will be a phase where things will be released for shooting, hunting, so they can serve as food. There is a time of expressing collective creative energy in special forms (theatre) to people that like to visit it – and therefore bring success to the play and the actors on the stage.
What “food” means yet can also be seen in a broader view: the symbolic interpretation from Dane Rudhyar already speaks on Institutions or structures that should be built in order to be there for a new society. It speaks of establishing institutions already there (nest) that should be fostered and taken care of (feathered), to be ready for others in times of crisis.
The current symbol speaks of the enthusiasm of a performance, a drama in a certain form with certain sounds that leads to the success of the performers and the play itself. To a good time for all visitors.
Yet it indicates also, that success itself in some phases or in certain forms can be quite empty, celebrity or fame in a form that can be meaningless.

Since the eclipse is so strongly connected to Pluto, in opposition to it in Capricorn, all this may also refers to the level of emotion, the sea of feelings and the family and food intake (cancer ) on one hand, and at the level of crystallized and solid form and structure (Capricorn) on the other hand. With Pluto in Capricorn, the transformation processes are extreme. One could speak about a „shredding“ of the form, concrete that crumbles, through the effort of Pluto structures disintegrates. Where Capricorn is usually accustomed to exert control over matter to the point of utmost self-control in harsh situation and circumstances, even in these fields there is now the potential of losing control.

At the global level we are already seeing these themes underway, with an American President leaving the institutions that gave America and others countries protection. Institutions, organisations and markets, once mandated to build international structures of aid and togetherness, threatened with no outer danger just due to a dramatic soap opera play. The “nourishment” that these institutions regularly gave or should give to others is now partially or completely gone. The sabian symbol speaks of a sort of unconscious animalistic sacrifice, like In former times virgins were once sacrificed to call in the spring (“Le sacre du printemps”) …
This crushing is done with a theatricality of an opera action on the public stage by celebrities whose celebrity is empty of meaning in their current role, whose theatricality is a staging, and thus the reference point is not the individualization, but the mass consciousness and its emotional impact on it. Through the opposition with Pluto, the transformation or death of structures can be seen. The opera is no longer intoxicating, the birds that are hunted may no longer be satiated … the expected spring for which these sacrifices are made may not come. (Pluto as transformation, not as confirmation of the energy).

The eclipse horoscope shows other interesting factors. In previous articles I showed that the Saros cycle of 2018’s January / February eclipses has to do with economic issues, the Sabian symbols showed images of people meeting in the marketplace to trade, pointing to a collapse or problems in Trading situations. The trade war that was stressed and imposed confirms the Energetic interpretations of the saros cycle in the themes of a year. Applied to the current eclipse, the horoscope shows an interesting combination of Venus with Uranus and Saturn in a harmonic earth trine. Venus is positioned in the midsum degree of Uranus and Saturn. The energy of this trine is quite regarding the loud transformation aspect to Pluto, rather in the background, yet Uranus in earth sign may cause surprising movements, in Taurus he emphasizes that „Venus“ or money, food, abundance, wealth, the “own”land is an issue. With Uranus as bringer of “tele” techniques, it could be about new payment systems, new virtual payments, or surprises in the current money market, the current virtual money systems or banking accounts with Saturn in Capricorn, the structure either confirmed and consolidated or surprisingly changed.
Seen on the esoteric level, Saturn is the esoteric ruler of Capricorn (as well as on the personal level), yet Venus is the hierarchical ruler of Capricorn, thus deepens the meaning of the hidden symbolism. the energy that is prepared, is not yet seen, as too high above created, or too way in the background prepared.
Pluto as the first planet’s transformation planet in Capricorn eliminates structures that became too crystallized to be of benefit. Also here, if the structures are too tight, a „shredding“ of forms can take place. However, Saturn in Capricorn as a personal and esoteric ruler asks about the real structures, as a planet of the 3rd ray it asks about the active intelligence, wise action in networks and cooperation on the background of humanity. Actions, energies, plans, structures, that are important to the soul and personality, body, soul and spirit as well. Venus backs this from its position in Virgo, which may be seen has impact of harmony, sound, aesthetic forms, and “right human relation”, so a different way of dealing with things, money, energy. With this, the current energy shows: there is still time to build the right structures.
Uranus as the planet of the seventh ray of the new Aquarian age brings here inspiration, perhaps also on the „tele“ level of new technologies.
I was asked in the last few weeks whether there is the possibility that secret meetings take place concerning money market and money transfer on the international economy, and with this horoscope and the current energy situation I can confirm this. If such meetings take place, they will show highly effective, since it is a powerful day to set an impulse, may it be an end to a situation or a new beginning.
However, these impulses must be in the spirit of the big picture, not just based on a „wealth or victim society“ or victimization. Therefore sacrifices should not be demanded from social parts or countries or fractions, otherwise the structure will be shredded, and each time it will show itself as an ever-increasing mistune, problem and dissonance as soon as Venus runs through Capricorn on its annual path. If the energy is properly handled, it may also show another very physical aspect: birds that usually are classified as gamebirds, men hunt as fun and food, so that are considered as nutrition, could be subjected to the transformation energies. So, if humanity does not properly deal with the energies and the place and space of all existing life-forms, if the energies are not being used appropriately to create correct structures for all, then there could be problems with poultry as food in all sorts of ways, as this species could sacrifice itself to the greater purpose, giving a learning experience to humanity and the symbiosis in which we live.

At the geological level, the energy is a very powerful influx of transforming energies in 1st ray quality into the Earth’s grid structure (Reminder: the 1st Ray in this solar system is always filtered by the second ray: love / wisdom.) The earth grid may move into a more electric orientation, which in the south pole region may show as magnetic anomalies.
Geodesic it may be that sinkholes and fissures occur in a broader way (breaking form / structure of the soil, disappearance of the soil), that abysses open up, places move away from previous GPS locations, there is the possibility of landslides of previously stable matter, or very strong earthquake possibility, especially near water and ocean areas or combined with water .

As we also reach the end/start of the Dreamspell year in July, (alignment with Sirius) we will get additional influx of energy from Sirius to flow into cross the South Pole region. The Sirius is the energy of initiation on Earth, initiation to higher levels of consciousness. So, as the transforming energies are high, and the energies of initiation into higher levels of consciousness are also increasing, the actual task is to focus on one’s soul quality, to focus on attaining a higher level of consciousness, a broader perception of the situation, and, in the case of the global collective energy – the challenge to address the changes in the right way, the right structures e.g. in insitutions or organizations. Replacement or recreation of structures in alignment with the appropriate vision for the times to come. With only 2 more eclipses in this cycle (2036 and 2054), this also means that the underlying theme that unfolded cyclically in this millennium should now come to a conclusion in terms of the initial energy:
the devotion to a new life form , to new forms of living together – through symbiosis,
to feather the nest Earth is,
which allows life of all levels of existence.

May the stars shine on you, and may your inner star light your path.
Octavia / July 12th, 2018

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