Red Cosmic Moon year in Dreamspell / Lunar Eclipse 27th July 2018

The year of the Red Cosmic Moon has begun, and in sync with the beginning of the year a lunar eclipse occurs that turns the moon red – the year of the Red Cosmic Moon is thus accompanied by a „blood moon“ that is also the longest lunar eclipse of this century. Cosmic clocks are definitely attuned to the earthly clock, however ready humanity may be, the earth says in its cycle in the solar system that it is  „in tune“

Similar to former articles, I write about the larger context, the identification of larger cycles and requirements, which sooner or later your own, individual topics are either part of or forced into,  depending on contribution or awareness.

In this article, I therefore explain the energy of the two cycles (13-tone Red Moon and Saros Lunar 129) and the meaning of this cosmic constellation.

The dreamspell year „red cosmic moon“ means moon on the 13th tone, so for a whole year, it’s about completing a 13-year cycle. The tone is always the conclusion of a wave, an energy movement with a certain intention and orientation, and it is therefore the final sound of a process. It is the tone of the cosmic understanding, the step beyond the own spheres or cooperation of spheres.  it is about e.g. to let go of 13 years of chaos or structure, of processes that were painful or not,  it is about recognizing a new base, 13 years of transformation with the jigsaw pieces finally at their place, forming a new insight or image or pattern.  13 years, 13 days, 13 months, the 13 always means  finally  an other level of being, an other way of understanding, an other way to act, to recognize.
In earlier incarnation cycles, when people’s lifespan was shorter and consciousness expansions different, these transitions into other areas of consciousness were associated with either shamanistic initiations or death, changing the level of a being by leaving the physical behind. yet it is about  integrating knowledge, and then bringing it back into incarnation life. In former times this meant reincarnation, in this time, with the current life span, the incredible pace of culture. with the acceleration of TIME and the intensity challenges of our society,  accelerated speed of information and access to information, leaps and expansions in consciousness are possible in a shorter time, so the completion of 13 years is as intense as in other centuries integrating one or two lives / generations or incarnations.

In the Dreamspell, on  one hand, there is the Haab (year), the time it takes Earth to make its orbit around the Sun, the relationship between Earth and Sun,
and one the other hand the  Tzolkin, the 260 days of spin / turn, in which  a Human builds him/her/itself  into a higher being, celestial human, in harmony with the cosmos.


Each of these rounds/cycles has a 52-year cycle  aligned to Sirius, the human being in Tzolkin (after 52 years is the same child as at birth on birth), as well as the Earth in its relationship to the Sun (each 52 years on 26th of July the same Kin/ sign occurs).
Cycles that reconnect, interlock, align, update and reconcile again and again. As the New Year is connected to Sirius (July 26 is in the middle of the „Dog Days“, astronomically, the heliacal rising of Sirius at the Pyramids of Giza around this time.),   by aligning to this astronomical date there is also a reorientation,  based on ancient knowledge and wisdom, which can be connected and used in a new way for the benefit of earth. To be of use for this time in a supportive way, in new interpretations.

In preparation for this article I did an image on the 13-year cycle, showing the glyphs/kins. As this is the beginning of the 13th year, the cycle ends next July,  starting in 2006. You can see on the image,  that 2012 was the exact center of the wave, the 7th tone. The 7th tone is the „heart tone“ of the 13 sequence, just as within the 7 the „4“ is thecenter.
if interpreted etheric-physically this may mean: the heart chakra (4) is the center of all chakras (7) in a human. The seventh note is the conclusion of the chakras of a human. Applied to this in terms of the wave, may mean, that the crown chakra of a human is the „heart chakra“- the center –  to the cosmic pulse.

2012 – the year of the conclusion of a more than 5000yr cycle,  is the middle point of this wavespell of 13 years.
As the crown contains the whole of the being, so does the 13 contain the sum of its parts too. So, figuratively, we have a whole year to grasp the meaning of this cycle, to complete our own story in this,  to let go of the old connections to the old age, to understand, and to take the step into the new the 13 as the end point of a sequence Is the sum of its parts, holographically. Things can be done and completed in a very fast pace. Anyone who still has something to accomplish,this is the time.

Everything can be experienced again, tested, trained, intensified.
After that, the time windows this process of letting go of an entire age narrows down, smaller windows in time may occur, but to move in these ways into these themes again may be compelling, themes become more and more subtle as a strand woven into the actual themes of time. However, loaded with “old” potentials, they may show disruptive pattern,  a greater level of consciousness and concentration or mastery is necessary to cope with them.
In other words, what has not been worked out but needs to be done will show up in the coming year. the more it was suppressed but is urgent to solve, the more it will show itself in sudden disruptive and destructive bubbles, minor to major eruptions or explosions of sudden energy in projects and relationships.

Yet, to successfully mastered the own issues does not mean it is over.
Even those, or especially those who have already successfully completed the processes will be in demand at precisely these moments, for the explosive mixture of unprocessed into the present energy of the Earth requires masterly application to handle them and make them tolerable for the Earth and society.
So for the sake of Earth and evolution, we still need to work on these issues. So even if you’ve cleared the table for yourself, there are still moments when you seem to have to start from scratch – but this is not a personal issue, but a collective necessity, when the collective  unsolved breaks into other levels  and realties in order to be solved, for the wellbeing of Earth and life on it – aligned with the morphing in time and space.


Anyone who remembers the last 13 years may discover that they were years calling for mastery or training for mastery. Regardless of whether one lived up to the task or did not yet bring the inner master fully into the outside world – it was an initiation.
For those who speak in the color language of Aura-Soma, this can be seen as there are many Master and Archangel bottles in this wave. In addition you can also see a solar plexus chakra-rescue bottle (sun bottle), which supports processes of integration of knowledge and wisdom. (I’ll look into this sequence more deeply in another article that deals with understanding the entire 52-year cycle for the collective.)
However, in short, it is visible that both Master and Angel energies were needed, and – more importantly – had to be developed. It was about own mastery, it was about acting in the larger aspects of the own Solar Angel on Earth.

The cosmic moon is the conclusion of the „moon wave“ – in the 52-year cycles the beginning is in the same themes than the conclusion, red moon wave begins and ends with the red moon (this is different from the Tzolkin wavespells, that start and end with the same color, but not the same glyph/kin)
So a 52 year cycle is about the same themes over and over again, in all aspects.  The themes of the „Moon“ include „Water, Blood (Water of Life), Purification, Clarification, Family, Emotions, Clarity, Emotions, Astral Plane, Cosmic Shakti, and Space. This is reflected in the affirmation of the energy of this year:

I endure in order to purify

transcending flow

I seal the process of universal water

with the cosmic tone of presence

I am guided by the power of space.


All this blends beautifully with the Saros cycle 129 Lunar, the cycle in which the lunar eclipse takes place. Therefore, the next section deals with the energies of this full moon / Lunar Eclipse, the cosmic (longest of the century) red moon (Bloodmoon Eclipse).


The Full Moon Eclipse July 27, 2017 – Saros cycle Lunar 129


The Sabian symbols (citation see end of article) of the beginning of this cycle in 1351 eclipse series show:

  1. a woman who moves away from both the forest and her tribal group, a symbol of leaving the collective unconscious (forest) just like the previous group affiliation (tribe / family / village). An emergence from unconscious contexts and subconscious „born into“ groups towards a space more open.
  2. An artist sculpting a sculpture. the archaic power and elements are molded to artistical work, so that they give way to a figure, sculpture, themes, a form. This means, the entire Saros cycle is dedicated to this creative process – the emerging out of forest and tribe,  of collective unconsciousness and of family and national karma – in order to use the power, to design the sculpture of life. The existing forces should be applied to create something artistic, a representation. The symbols speak of „repolarization“ and „self-projection into a work“


Within this cycle of creative applied forces the energy of this full moon now blends in. This moon’s symbols now talk about planetary transformation processes, evolutionary issues, the impersonal and powerful work, and the shaping of new social and political leadership, the implementation of necessary measures, new political and social leaders, young leaders, who create processes within a community yet also for the benefit of this community, and the community adapts to it, implements them.  Where in the previous picture a girl leaves a forest and her village, now  we see that the tribe accepts a young leader and his advice. as for the sake of clarity, I include the full text of the symols here:


KEYNOTE: The Root foundation of past performances which power and sustain whatever decision is made in a crisis by an individual.

The whole past of mankind stands behind any individual effort, especially in times of critical decisions. The endeavor of the priests who built the California missions had behind it the whole past of Catholic proselytizing, i.e. the attempt to bring the „Good News“ to all people of the Earth. Every individual is far more dependent upon the strength of their ancestors‘ achievements — or oppressed by their failures and lack of vision — than they usually believe. This can mean a hidden foundation of individual strength, or the inertia of a tradition unable to transcend its limited origins.

This symbol suggests that in many situations RELIANCE UPON PRECEDENTS will enable the aspirant to greatness to tap the power of their deepest roots.



KEYNOTE: The structuring power of elemental forces during the long cycle of planetary evolution.

Dwarfing the time allowed to individual human beings, the vast periods of geological evolution not only awe our imagination, but allow the slow yet magnificent work of elemental forces as they mold landscapes and canyons, rocks and mountains. This symbol points to our need to acquire a much vaster perspective on what we are able to do – and on our yearning for prolonged youth and our pride in masculine achievements. The works of nature should make us feel humble and help us to ‚planetarize‘ our consciousness.


So in short: whatever mastery has been achieved by leaving the collective environment, individualization, shaping structures, learning the arts of forming must now enter the process of planetary  change, given back to the community, it is now about applying things – not just for oneself but as a gift from the greater, impersonal, to the community.

However, as a danger or shadow issue, there is also the possibility of overestimating or miscalculating the forces in the archaic cycles, and structures could be so crystallized that the forces of change must be strong, cataclytic, to allow adaption.

To stress another issue: It is remarkable for me personally as astrologer to see things so clearly doubled and the same issue taken again in time and space in a cycle that change so many times its place, as the Saros Cycle eclipses move around in the zodiac. So that similar contents of images show up only shows the urgency with which the cosmos speaks:

Stones – rock formations. Girl – Gypsy Tribe – Forest – and tribal elder council – young leader.
It is quite clear that this theme is moving into the spotlight: the place of the individual in the group, the next level of organization beyond family and unconsciousness.
and the powers of form – and the rock solid is shown in „stone “ but also in the “archaic rock formations” versus the shaped individual- the sculpture created from stone.
The Saros cycle itself speaks of applied forces and the much larger content, may it be the organization in a collective or the larger forces creating the material to work with.
As if asking the question: here the real forces are: so,  What you have learned? can you form? can you give back to the community?

The Sabian symbols emphasize that it is not about throwing everything over, but building on the previous knowledge, while the contents and solutions themselves may change, need adaption in time (young leader).
To give an example that fits both extreme, of light and shadow of this:
the biggest contradiction is visible in America.
Trump, refusing to build on the work of the precedents, also an old leader, refusing to speak to the elderly council  on one hand
on the other Auma Obama, the sister of Barack Obama, implementing a school for young people in her area, receiving the blessings of her tribe for this
and Barack Obama, founding an organization to find and train young and new leaders on the African continent in Kenya and South Africa (and all over the world) in order to bring new impulses.


Seen from the view of the horoscope, a similar pattern shows. Aspects and themes that occurred in the very first eclipse of the Saros Cycle in 1351 are repeated in time in the current horoscope.  For researchers, here a  short list:

Both 1351 and 2018 include:

  • Mars conjunction Moon Node
  • Jupiter in exact aspect with Neptune
  • 1351: Uranus Saturn in the same sign with Saturn applying the conjunction –
  • 2018: Saturn and Uranus Square, Saturn retrogrades into the square, applying to it from retrograde., forming it again.


Since these topics occurred both in the beginning of the Saros cycle and now repeat, they may deserve a  broader consideration of the current energy:

To the horoscope energy of this full moon – short interpretation of  27th July 2018 

The image shows the horoscope calculated for Greenwich, and you can see that the moon rises with the beginning of eclipse on the Northern Hemisphere

In general, the actual transformation energy of a lunar eclipse lasts about 1 month, i.e. until the next full moon. I think that this has to do with the fact that people used to be relieved when the moon looked normal again after a month, and people’s consciousness changed simply because of the moon’s appearance, because of the extraordinary event  that urged them  to face the fears of change In my view, therefore the strictly negative transformative energies are no longer that present , but due the extraordinary nature of the cycles, the experience of the miracle of eclipse, even if you can explain it, or due to the fact you can explain it … make changes in consciousness easier.

In addition, however, there are the larger cycles, for the energy of each eclipse works until the next eclipse of the same type, and then again the same cycle. Thereforeit is from lunar eclipse to lunar eclipse, and then the next bigger cycle from lunar eclipse in saros cycle  “111” to the next lunar eclipse in Saros lunar “111”.
The distinction between these windows of impact corresponds to the interpretation on a personal level (about 1 month) – collective level – (until the next eclipse ) and super-collective themes of earth cycle emergence and  the expansion of consciousness dev= Saros and Meton cyclesTherefore, an interpretation can be interpreted accordingly to larger or more subtle impacts and duration of influence.


To the aspects:

Mars retrograde in exact conj. Moon – Node.
Mars will be well visible near the moon during the eclipse. Eclipses are generally transformative, but now the retrograde Mars is added. Regarding the topics, it is important to clarify whether the energy e.g. is used to turn a stone into a sculpture, to fight against the archaic forces, or not to be able to apply the energy, to take no advantage of the energy. In this range, the topics can also show themselves in themes: whether the force is used to form something, or whether something is made  available to the collective in a process of expression, or is it about rebel against forces that are difficult to fight individually. If so, these energies would be overwhelmed by the archaic forces, that normally were here to support. This may show up in bursts of unexpected energy or old themes that   break the process, or it may show, when turned inwardly, that implosions of  energy can occur. On the personal this can show in frustration, depression, short-circuiting or – physical – inflammatory processes up to auto-immune diseases that can take place.
Usually, when a planet turns retrograde the energy turns more inwardly. The retrograde Mars in this case would support  a conscious, flexible expression, whenever the question arises if and how the own energy can be adapted as needed in the processes, so that inner and outer requirements can be achieved




Lilith within 5th degree of eclipse (black moon)


Lilith is the power of emptiness and void, were, hypothetically, a second moon was or was supposed to be. Or, as with Adam, the first woman, the female force, would have shown herself. Lilith is associated with calculating an eclipse, as this place of void is always engaged in eclipses in certain aspects -like the empty spaces in oneself  suddenly can overlayer the existing light or life as a shadow or challenge. Just as Adam suppressed the first woman – then went to  Eve, but sometimes the first woman brings herself to his memory.
Lilith therefore stands for issues that can not simply be denied and swept under the rug. Like the thirteenth uninvited person, she appears anyway, because she belongs to it, if not physically then she is the theme everyone speaks about. So she is in the same space anyway. Lilith near the nodes can mean a total eclipse for the moon, but never to the sun. If Lilith is close to the node in a solar eclipse, the eclipse will be only partial or annular. This recognition makes me discuss and argue a lot whenever I hear that Lilith as the female is a threat to the male consciousness.  darkening of th

Lilith does not shadow a man, on the contrary. A strong women does not cloud the man, she helps him to avoid a blackening, an overshadowing of his light.

Lilith leads to a new femininity of strength, eclipsing the patriarchal view to a woman,  but she helps the man, to overcome the totality of shadow. This topic may perhaps rise to the surface of consciousness again in this energy

…     because….


  • Venus – Pluto exact Trine

Venus and Pluto looking friendly towards each other in a trine. The obsessive power that Pluto can show  in sexual relations are transformed into the possibility of experiencing deep relationships and the power of transformation through deep relations. At a higher level, the 1st ray energy of the „will / power“ theme meets the 5th ray quality of Venus in the New Age: Right Human Relations.
This reveals the theme of the Sabian symbol: what are “ true human relations”  when it comes to will and power, to society and politics in the outer, and to the vastness of the inner soul in relation to one’s own soul-ray? Can right human relations be lived, can the structures be created, can structures be the essence of (Pluto) energy? Or is the destructive force (Pluto on ego level) so strong, the will and power so eager that they destroy right human relations already established? As the aspect is a trine, the hope for  balancing this theme, and to establish and balance the right structures for a common life on earth may emerge.


  • Uranus-Saturn square, Saturn forms the square again, as it moves retrograde:

Matter (Saturn) builds up pressure,  striving for energy release or strong energy inflow (Uranus). Matter itself embarks on the journey to suspense and sudden discharge. It is an explosive mixture, in which I see again the possibility of yielding structure (collapsing buildings or sinkholes, so suddenly occurring holes and cracks in the ground). The new in form of Uranus breaks the structure, and the structure itself likes to (re) engage with it.
At a higher level, this is an relation between the 7th and 3rd ray. The Seventh ray of Ceremonial Magic and Order is one of the main rays of the New Age, the #third ray of Active Intelligence works through Saturn and is a sign that Saturn has higher thinking and reflected action as actual task. The structures – including physical material structures – are tested to see if they are well set and in place.  Be it intuition, wise applied knowledge for the benefit of the earth, humanity and the larger whole, be it wisely erected structures wherever man uses the compass, agriculture, field division, architecture, up to the energy of the New Earth (Uranus – 7th Ray influence as Earth as the exoteric planet of the third ray)
Since there is already an existing connection between the seventh and third ray, and the third ray is mainly present in the field of economics and international trade – international relations, it is likely to express in deep tensions in  trade and in the financial world, and it seems that these areas are self-contained, self-inflicting the cracks and wounds.



  • Neptune in mid-sum  aspect between Jupiter and Venus

Neptune in opposition to Venus is influenced by Trigon Jupiter and vice versa.

Neptune in opposition to Venus may show a tension between desire and reality of relations. Illusions in relations are possible, but this mid-sum position shows the tendency of constant tension due to subject changes. Due to this position, Neptune becomes so flexible in fogging that actual problems or topics are not tangible due to this constant change. It is as if a fluctuation of energy like an irritating pulse repeatedly distracts the energy. Results may not be measurable, fitting,  or they scatter in direction due to the sudden shifts of the „flow“ of the topics and energies. Projects may be set to Neverland.

On a global scale, Neptune shows a tension of resources such as crude oil and natural gas (Neptune) to money (Venus). Illusions and background activities may in the area of money, actions not visible could affect money.

Jupiter could be a balancing force  from Scorpio, yet, in this fuzz there is the danger that Jupiter inflates everything, so he may add to the problems even in good intentions. Wherever Jupiter comes in, there is the possibility of enlarging or  overburdening structures or subjects,  making a gas giant out of hot air.  The energies could also create tides, sudden inflows of  too much of …. like Oil spills, floods, partial sudden flooding of the fincancial market with stocks …e tc.


At higher levels, there is a battle on the astral plane visible, with a strong 6th ray influence. Neptune as planet of the 6th ray in Pisces, the sign of the Pisces Age – amplified by Jupiter in Scorpio (4th ray = fight on the astral plane for consciousness through “harmony through conflict”).
Jupiter can bring in the insight and the mitigation of the second ray, so that the spiraling/vortexing astral plane of the Pisces age is flooded with the second ray, which could mean that the consciousness of love / wisdom brings insights.
In this case, Venus can emphasize the right human relations, so that the collective forms solutions to move from the struggles of the Pisces Age into the life-supporting structures that allow clarification of the astral plane and the transition to the Age of Aquarius.




  • Maya Glyphs: CD-Rom Edition, altered to jpg
  • Aura-Soma bottles: Copyright Aura-Soma Product ltd. This series of fotos was licensed by Camelot, Aura-Soma Germany and permitted to me.
  • Horoscopes: own

Information and links to texts:
Sabian Symbols via Dane Rudhyar Archive project:


KEYNOTE: Reaching out toward participation in a larger whole of mind-structured existence.

The contrast between this and the preceding symbol is significant. The first revealed the periodic opportunity nature offers man to penetrate beyond mere appearances and the glamour of existential abundance (the mass of green leaves); now we see at work another process which depends upon the individual – a conscious attempt to leave behind the tribal-instinctual stage of earthbound existence and to emerge into the realm of mind and complex, tense interpersonal relationships (i.e. the city). The „wild“ drives of nature are reaching toward a situation in which they will be „tamed.

This is the second stage of the five-fold sequence. It reveals a period of transition, a more or less clear yearning for a new state of consciousness, and thus for inner transformation. It is a phase of REPOLARIZATION.



KEYNOTE: The ability to project one’s vision upon and to give form to materials.

At this stage we see the individual creatively expressing his own particular individuality. He takes the materials available in his social-geographical environment and shapes them so they reveal to other people something of his inner life and purpose.

This second phase in the fifty-fourth sequence is, as usual, in contrast to the first. The „flag bearer“ symbolizes the selfless representative of a collective tradition or of national unity; the „sculptor,“ on the contrary, represents man as a creative individual intent on making his mark upon society. This is a symbol of man’s capacity to transform raw materials according to his personal vision — thus a symbol of SELF-PROJECTION INTO A WORK