Full Moon stellium with Jupiter / Saturn / Mars brightest stars in the sky

Tonight 28th June at 4h52 Universal Time (6h52 European summer time) is a very special full moon – and I don’t refer to the name strawberry but to the celestial events accompanying it.
Moon aligns with Saturn in Capricorn, so in Saturns sign of rulership. Saturn happens to be at its brightest phase, which makes the stellium there a rather eyecatching.
Yet Mars, just having turned retrograde, is in the brightest phase since years also, as he is closer to Earth than in the past years, therefore shining brighter in the sky. As Jupiter is also visible, it will be a nice triangular view in the sky of three of the brightest shining planets of our solar system accompanied by the moon. Space weather refers to this night as one of the best to watch Saturns rings – so whoever has a telescope, it may be a very good night to get out with it and watch the sky. I include the star map, speace weather provided for this event.

Energetically, it is also a very interesting time. The moon in Capricorn and the Sun in Cancer refer to the invisible world, pointing to a place in between past and future – and inner and outer world, so the middle of a four-directional cross. The Sabian symbol of the moon is “a veiled prophet speaks, seized by the power of a god” – pointing to the ability to perceive the future overcoming the past by visionary sight and expression. The visionary sight may be enhanced by the symbol of the sun, the perception of nature and its spirits, dancing in the moonlight. A whole new world can open if the view expands to the invisible. The full text of both of the Sabian Symbols are quoted at the end of the article.
Personally, to me this full moon is a challenging one, as this is the Sabian symbol I am struggling with the most. besides being the Sabin Symbol of my own moon, the symbol: “a veiled prophet speaks” is the symbol for the moon of Adolf Hitler, which, since I got aware of it, made me ponder on aspects of the energy and how he may have been perceived at that time, how impacting his speeches may have been, how impacting words and speeches can be in any way.
Therefore my inner caution arises with this full moon, carefully watching and listening who is entering the stage with powerful speeches, which content is mentioned in these speeches, and what visions of a future are to be seen. if the angelic and the devic kingdom is missing in their dance, if the beauty of the unseen world on earth is not reflected in it, it may be vibrating on the wrong energy lines that are written in the fabric of earth due to a violent impact.
The visible triangular stellium, Saturn, Jupiter and Mars, are retrograde. Their energy therefore turning to the inner movements, inner energy impulses for action (mars), inner structures (Saturn), inner senses and what ideals and purpose (Jupiter) we carry in us.
Therefore this full moon is asking the – maybe hard – question, whether the structure we have build in our lives represend the values and purpose of it (juptier) and can therefore unfold in wise actions (Mars) – or whether Action, structure, purpose are struggling with each other and may unfold in chaotic or aggressive circumstances. With mars retrograde, turning processes to the inner, inflammatory illnesses or auto-immune allergies may be on the rise for at least until the next full moon is over (as mars in aquarius will be activated again by the transiting sun in Leo, and the full moon on July 27th in Leo/Aquarius). The moon will then be in conjunction with Mars, and whatever in this phase may arise as problems in structure, may turn to chaotic or dysfunctioning actions on the full moon in July. Whatever may be in the right place in structure and purpose may unfold in wise actions then. Nevetheless, this is the starting point of a very large amount of energy that will be focused in the July time, as Mars and Jupiter are related with each other (Mars in Aquarius, with Jupiter as the ancient ruler of Aquarius, Jupiter in Scorpio, with Mars being the ancient ruler of Scorpio) – Mars and Jupiter are therefore in reciprocate rulership which exponentiates the energies and the ties and double binds it can create
Mars and Jupiter tend to expand any energy they touch, and if they touch each other in one form or another, the expansion, an energy can undergo, is tremendous. Therefore any problem that was somehow hidden may come to the surface in rather large energy frequency rates.
Under this influence, any form of religious or ambitious fight can amplify up to explosive outbursts of aggression or fight.
As the July full moon is a lunar eclipse, therefore vibrating in transformative energies, it will be also leading to the solar eclipse of August 11, this aggressive impulse may mix with all problems that are still unsolved since the total solar eclipse of august 11, 1999, creating initiatory energy wave patterns for the collective.
… to be continued… 😉

Sabian Symbols:
KEYNOTE: The ability to act as a mouthpiece for the revelation of a transcendent will and truth determining future action.
Here we witness the deepest manifestation of that Power which operates within all relatively permanent social units, especially at the level of tribal organization. A tribe is a bio-psychic whole (or organism) integrated by a collective superphysical Power, the god of the tribe. In the Hebrew tradition this god is YHWH (Yahweh-Jehovah); in earlier tribes it may have been a deified more or less mythical „Great Ancestor.“ All these tribal gods are local manifestations of the very power of „Life“ within the earth’s biosphere. It is this deified Power which psychically „seized“ especially sensitive or religiously trained men or women, who became Its mouthpiece — prophets, seers, oracles. That Power operates in our days as well, but in different ways because of the individualization and intellectualization of modern man’s consciousness. It binds together and helps to maintain the integration of organized social collectivities. It guides their development by releasing and focusing through especially open persons the visionary expectation of developments about to occur.
At this stage the future interacts with the present to release it from the inertial power of the past. Thus this symbol stands in contrast to the preceding one. At the threshold of tomorrow man is allowed to have a vision or revelation of the essential elements of the as-yet-unknown next step in evolution. The key word is MEDIATORSHIP.

KEYNOTE: The play of invisible forces in all manifestations of life.
To the clairvoyant who visualized these symbolic scenes, the nature spirits (or fairies) most likely were thought of as more or less imaginary or ideal creations. At least they were linked with hidden and mysterious processes in nature, and the „moonlight“ emphasizes this otherworldly or elusive character. Thus a contrast is implied between this character and the concrete and material process of building a nest for a physical progeny. The basic concept is that behind all vital processes one can perceive occult forces at work. They operate within a realm often called „astral“ or „etheric“; and the moon has a deep influence upon that realm, releasing special solar rays of occult potency.
This stage of the twentieth sequence contrasts the invisible with the visible, the inner with the outer, the dream and the ideal with everyday reality. In a sense this refers to man’s CREATIVE IMAGINATION.

Sabian symbols: http://www.mindfire.ca/An%20Astrological%20Mandala/An%20Astrological%20Mandala%20-%20Contents.htm, retrieved 27th June 2018

Sky map: http://spaceweather.com/images2018/27jun18/skymap2.png?PHPSESSID=nktrumr69slrd748qd36nbsnj1

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