Thoughts on Terror

„Terrorists want to drive us apart, but in fact their actions have had the opposite effect – they’re bringing us together,“ he told reporters before leaving for London.
(BBC – John Kerry in
abgerufen am (read at) 22. Januar 2015 / 09:00 h)

As you may know, i am studying political sience, and one of the courses i took was on Islamism and the so called Arabic Spring, which gave me some small insights into the Arabic world and the challenges of democratisation.

„Divide and rule“, to drive People apart to weaken them, conquer them, is not a terrorist but a political tactic, namely in war or strategy, probably used by people like Machiavelli and in much further times before.

Does ISIL want to divide? Do they want to rule?
If so, what? Or whom? The west? The western civilization?

I do not see that. I do not see the “divide and rule” at work.
They seemingly seek a common ground, so a Group is formed. Yet, what do they do?
In my point of view, they seek outer jihad (the righouts way for a Muslim to live) through Sharia (their own way of judicative). So they are judging others on their way to live that is not according to the way the People of „ISIL“ thinks they should and apply penalties on that misbehaving.

To speak in more western terms: In my understanding, they claim the Muslim last judgment, so they claim to take to selfjustice/court each person seemingly according to the Book of the Prophet.
They act in the rules of the Sharia, where beheading is normal Penalty, as one can see in the Arabic world. They neglect any western law or regulation, yet so do a lot of Islamic states, where sharia is the form of the judicative branch and some Muslim countries have a competitive system between the laws and regulations we know in the west and the sharia, the judgment according to interpretation of the book of the prophet. It is common, that only under certain circumstances the “western way” of law as we know it applied, Sharia is usually the common way to apply a penalty.
They (what we call ISIL) act in Sharia also against Muslims, as they feel they ARE the justice, they ARE the judges, they ARE the court. They ARE the force. And nothing and no one stops the last judgment.
Do they really want an own state? I don’t know. How would they live if there is nothing to judge? If there is no one to speak a rule / verdict on an other?
Would they want an own territory? Of any kind? I don’t know.
What is driving people to go there?
They want to be part of this.
Do they want to be part of that state?
Do they show signs of ruling (the west)? Like… surviving and then taking the lead?
No… they show martyrdom and self-sacrifice.

I don’t see that they want to divide, and to look at them in that way might be too easy
In Paris people united, yes. But… for something or against something?
Was it for free speech? A lot of people are not supporting the comics unconditionally, so the toppic itself has controversy reactions.
Free speech? This is a much bigger task and far off from Muslims, as a lot of censorship is done eg. In Russia, China, etc. (many countries to name, see Freedom House Index).

It might be easy to talk like this, yet it might be also far off from reality (in my understanding) and looking at them in this way might miss the point. Yet missing the point in this might mean, not being able to answer to the needs, not being able to answer to the threat, not being able to answer or react, even to interpret what is really unfolding here.

In my view, Al Quaeda seeked the war with the west.
They ARE terror to what we calle the western world.
Yet the movement we call ISIL is something totally different, and sooner or later,even  AL Qaeda will be threatened by ISIL  in their own way of justice and applying the Sharia and outer Jihad.

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