Securing energy fields from medical data hack / thieves

There was a huge data hack in America where it is unknown, who it was and what they want with that medical data.
As for the energetics – i would suggest that each person that has medical data somewhere considers healing the Connection between the data / laboratory and the direct Impact on the Body.
As you might know in the quant universe, one might feel what other parts of the own body are going through, therefore might one also feel an impact from different kind.
If this is the case, gently ask your blood cells, DNA whatsoever to clearly separate the energy from any virtual or physical storage of any medical issue or tissue.

You can do so by asking the cells / energy bodies / inner to do so,
or by doing a harmonizing wave in Quantum Healing or Matrix healing.
Also you might visualise something: like separating an 8 where in one part of the circle is the body and all the energy bodies – and in the other circle all medical data ever given to doctors or hospitals etc..

This means, moving from an 8 to two circles, ( 8 -> o o or oo -> o o )
whatever suits you best

This exercise is twofold in effect:

Usually we give samples in order to finde a cure – the relation created is therefore one of trust, where the inner is open to the results of the tests and following medical treatment. This connection exists in any case where we accept the doctor’s advice and medicine. To do this excercise therefore enables you:

1):  to give your inner a conscious decision, what to do if it feels a kind of Impact of unknown Kind

2. that anything that leaves the Body e.g. for laboratory tests turns neutral after it served the purpose of giving the Information, what might be wrong and therefore healing for the own Body.


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