On the Mayas. And another view on Immigration reform in the USA

There is an ancient story by the Native Americans. When the old world collapsed, they were shown new land. It was told to the tribes they should inhabit this world, but needed to surround all the landscape in several moves. There is yet the saying, that part of the tribes did not fully complete this walk as promised and settled down in South America, too early, as they needed to walk up to the North at least once more to finally settle there.
The other tribes fulfilled the promis and came to a home in Northern America continent, so the landscape of the today’s nation Canada and USA, yet they remembered the story.
A prophecy was born, when the tribes shall meet again, after hardship due to the broken promise. The time, when the Condor shall meet the Eagle again.

2012 came, the Mayan time. The condor should meet the eagle as prophecies told. The story of this ancient meeting came to me in 2003 along with a movie: the white road. (http://the-white-road.com/) . The white road is a synonym for the path of light, the serpent of light, and the milky way.
The condor should meet the eagle, the eagle referring to a lot of nations here on earth, but also – and mainly – to America.
The movie talks about the Eagle being ready, the transforming of the Eagle in order to meet… Yet it was the Condor, needing to walk up to the North.

In 2012 Mayan priest united with Native American tribes and walked with 13 crystal skulls across the country, blessing sacred sites.

It’s 2014. Immigration reform in America is calling. Mexicans, crossing the border into America. „illegal“.
Yet I have a different view on what is going on. Again and again a voice calls within me, telling me of the promise the south Americas have to keep. They have to fulfill their round. The priests came in 2012. And this is also where the immigration crisis came to a peak.

So what, if… I wonder. What if, the south Americas, starting with the Mexican, get the inner calling now to fulfill the round? By the time, the promise was given, no nation lines were drawn. Now the promise is harder to fulfill. On one hand, no real connection to the nation we call USA or Canada. On the other hand – a lot to do with America. If people change as they have an inner calling, no law can stop them. They get the impulse to move and do the ancient round in exactly the form and shape they were shown in prophecies.
One easy way might be tourism. If the People could come into America more easily, and do their round e.g. by car or train.
Yet this is only one part of the movement, as, when the promise is fulfilled, the Migration will go down South. Not only will the so called Latinos return to their countries, more People will feel the call to move to the south, a land they can live in differently.

So on the outher, there is a crisis in America called Immigration reform.

there is an ancient promise.

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