November – December 2014

In the next 30 days – so approximately until Christmas 2014 – the energetics you might experience can be quite challenging with irrational or quantum jump like character. The spin of the Tzolkin reaches again the middle point, we are in direct communication and inflow of cosmic energies.
The communication with cosmos turns from inbreath to outbreath character while the energies are mounting including the challenges since 2012, which can be difficult depending on where you live, and what groups and landscapes you came in touch with went through.

If you like to be prepared I would suggest to harmonize all energies (mental, spiritual, emotional, physical, quantum, virtual, biometric data etc.) no matter whether send out consciously or unconsciously, through time and space. In case you are quite active in virtual networking, this might include all handles, avatars, or anonymous or personal activities, as all actions leave a pattern in our energyfields.

You can do this harmonizing in various ways e.g. through visualizing how strange node-patterns (like boiling water) slow to harmonizing waves like a drop creates waves in water… Or to visualize how a waving lake turns silent and calm.
You can also do healing methods like h’oponopono, huna, applying Pomander, Quintessences and archangelois with the intention of harmonizing all conscious and unconscious energies for your own good and the best for all.
If you like, you might create a prayer or ask your angel guidance.

If you are familiar with quantum, theta or matrix healing you can do this harmonizing applying these methods additionally to the above mentioned.

Find the rhythm that is best e.g several times a day, or morning and evening, until around Christmas time.
Thank you and
Have a great time !

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