Quality of time New Moon 23rd July 2017

The new moon occurs right before celebrating the day out of time / entering the Lions gate / the new Haab in Dreamspell

On July 23rd at 11:45 European Summer Time the full moon is at Leo 0,44 in conjunction to Mars on 1,36 Leo.
The Sun and Mars will move then with almost same speed to the full moon of 07th August 2017, so they share their walk together in conjunction through a closer or wider relation.
The conjunction between Moon, Sun and Mars therefore is the energizing aspect of this new moon and will last at least until the full moon 07th August 2017, changing then the expression towards the solar eclipse happening in August. Mars gives a fiercely quality of fight into the Leo energy, so on political turns quarrels may turn to more Louis XIV expressions of royalty and fight, therefore starting quarrels or fights or combats may be due to self expression or the feeling of diminished self esteem, the sun wants to shine and it takes the energy of Mars, the sword of Mars, to ensure this.

An other main theme is the Connection from Venus to Saturn/Lilith.
Venus is in Gemini, a sign it rules when the soul is a constant foundation in one’s life. Venus in Gemini on the esoteric plane shows that harmony and esthetics are the foundation of thinking, acting, trading.
Gemini is a sign of expression, of speech, and on esoteric Level gives an insight into the time, when the soul purpose is part of why one speaks and acts, when the soul and wellbeing of Earth, the star sisters and brothers, are part of the consideration of every day reflection. In this horoscope Venus opposes Saturn that is in conjunction to Lilith. Saturn as one of the Lords of time meets Lilith, the first wife of Adam that left him as she felt not well treated. Lilith in a horoscope often stands for the place of void where we tend to abandon us due to mistreating our own inner. Or we tend to speak out unspeakable truths, that change the situation to such a degree, that one rather leaves. With Saturn, time and structure is challenged to this, demanding an other form or an other structure, better suited. A structure, where people, oneself, is better treated, where one is equal in relation to each other. Equality is a main theme of Lilith, and here she meets the structure of Society in the meeting with Saturn.

As Venus in Gemini shows, it may be a time where one expresses opposing forces in order to create the consciousness of needed change. Or structures are created, that will force people to leave or rebel against it. so it can be a crucial time for adapting to better structures that harmonize the soul purpose and the wellbeing of earth, or a time where enough energy is there to fight for the wellbeing of the own inner sun. As usual, Astrology may give a hint on the what, but not necessarily on the how. So the theme may be to crate better suiting structures, but this may also be done for a ’l’etat C’est moi” Louis XIV style emperor like we see in Poland, Turkey or America. Yet it can also take the form of soul changing the structures not suiting for the goals to achieve, People demanding better ways of living, better forms of empowering themselves, empowerment.

The whole theme I described can be additionally seen in the Sabian Symbol of this new moon, 1 Leo:

KEYNOTE: An irruption of bio-psychic energies into the ego-controlled field of consciousness.
The occult tradition speaks of three kinds of “Fire”: Electric fire, Solar Fire and Fire by friction. The three Fire signs of the zodiac correspond to these. Aries refers to the ‘descent’ of the spiritual energy of the Creative Word. In its material aspect we know this energy as electricity, and without electrical energy no life processes could exist. Leo represents Solar Fire, the energy which is released from an integrated person, either through spontaneous radiations of apparently nuclear forms of energy, or, at the truly human and conscious level (and also superhuman in more transcendent realms), through conscious emanations (e-mana-tions, from manas meaning ‘mind’ in Sanskrit. Sagittarius is related to the fire by friction, because all social processes are based on interpersonal relations, which imply polarization and often conflict.
The key symbol for Leo depicts a rising of energy from the heart to the head, a ‘mentalization’ process. However, this process is a potentially dangerous one. Thus the original wording of the symbolic scene seen by the clairvoyant referred to ‘a case of apoplexy’ – just as a person standing with their head uncovered for a long time in tropical regions could get sunstroke. The sun can destroy as well as vivify. Without it’s symbolical mate, water, it produces deserts on earth. The realization of atman, the spiritual self, the existence of a formed and steady ego – provided the ego can become a lens of pure crystal focusing the all-pervasive cosmic light of the Brahman without introducing the shadows of pride possessiveness and showmanship. But this ‘provided’ raises a very large question. The transmutation of ‘life’ into ‘mind’ is a difficult process.
(.)The keynote of ‘Combustion’ for the entire series of fifteen phases hardly needs interpretation. In a general sense the key word for this first degree of the sign Leo could be CONFLAGRATION. The energies of the biological drives as they irrupt, more or less forcefully, into the field of consciousness.
(Link: http://www.mindfire.ca/An%20Astrological%20Mandala/An%20Astrological%20Mandala%20-%20Leo%201-15.htm)

Day out of time 25th July 2017

In the round of the Dreamspell, the Adaption of the mayan Calendary done by José Argüelles, each year the 25th July is celebrated as day of peace, day out of time. The main theme of the adaption of the mayan calendary was to unfold global peace through a similar experience of time and earth.
This year, the energy will be strongly synchronizing each being in time and space to „be in the right Moment at the right place doing the right Thing“ – so cycles and energies that seemed to be out of synch or detached from another may slowly come to a better understanding in the here and now.

The day out of time is a time of Mediation, therefore i enclose the link to the rainbow Meditation as Argüelles showed it:



26th July 2017, New Year/Haab in Dreamspell

This year the Quality of the new year is yellow Crystal seed, the yellow seed on the 12th tone. Kin 64 is also Portal day. the 12th tone, called Crystal, is the tone of cooperation, The seed theme Shows that we have planted seeds, we are about to plant seeds and we are seeds, star seeds. So the coming year will be a year where humanity may face the question of cooperation. May it be to solve Problems, may it be to create authoritan states, may it be to create Democracy, peace… cooperation and the variety of seeds through time and space (Portal day) are the underlying themes.

Magnetic Moon day 1
Year of the Yellow Crystal Seed

kin 64: Yellow Crystal Seed
I Dedicate in order to Target
Universalizing Awareness
I seal the Input of Flowering
With the Crystal tone of Cooperation
I am guided by the power of Intelligence
I am a galactic activation portal    enter me.

(source: https://lawoftime.org/decode/findkin.php )


Greater cycles:

Uranus is at the end of the Sign Aries, in a very slow pace / stationary changing to retrograde on August 3rd. He will dance around the last degrees of Aries for a whileb efore entering Taurus, closing its 7 year cycle in Aries, a sign that is closely related with the head area in the physical body. Uranus itself stands for all themes starting with “tele” and/or having to do with technology, so it also is connected with electricity.

On the physical plane, Uranus in Aries helped with the ascension of the Kundalini energy into the head area and the unfoldment of new insight, inspiration and helped to synchronize the right with the left hemisphere in the brain area through activating the corpus callosum. One may say in a more technical language that the time of Uranus in Aries was a time where we recalibrate the head area to the inflow of cosmic energy and to unfold new neurological expressions.
The time of a “transsaturnian” planet changing signs is quite often related with mass catastrophic events, mostly earthquakes. As Uranus will enter the earth sign Taurus, he may indicate a time of shaken (Uranus) soil (earth) – therefore an indicator of earthquakes – but also, due to its closeness with electricity, he may indicate a lot of matters of over-electrification. Due to the overlectrification of the current life, I also suggest that thunderstorms may show more tornado like structures and extreme lightning or causing more and more damage to electric controlled systems.
The movement of the body in the outer surrounding may be accompanied with broken electrical devices or overreacting electronic systems. Therefore we may also experience through solar flare more and more erratic technical behavior at least for the time autumn 2017 until midst 2019 when the Change into the sign Taurus will be finished.
On the esoteric level however this inflow and change may show the way the body adapts to the recalibration that took place in each body individually different.

The sun changed ist energy which can be seen through having a coronal hole. Earth is changing the energy not only due to climate Change but also in the magnetic System responding to cosmic rays and solar flares. The inflow of These energies alone needed to be adaped in the physical Body.

The Body now needs to align its physical muscular system and the feeling of wellbeing to consolidate to an electrification of the surrounding and the different electricity on the inner. So whatever form the changes took in the thinking, reflecting, the recalibration of the energy system, from spring 2018 on this change will spread into the whole body creating.
The thinking and perception may change into a state of being, a state of body and of a different way of living.



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