Update on background info / article below

I forgot to mention s.th on the article below, and add it here as i like to leave the article below untouched.
On the day of the Crash, at 9.33 CET, i wrote a Friend of mine in FB in a private message, that Germany got haarped again.
A few moments later, triggered through an article, i started to search for 6,8 longitude below the alps, and came across Digne-les-Bains and Barcelonette… At this time, i did not know what it means, and the airplane was still on the ground, as it started 10.01.

There are many more stories to tell on that, how interwoven Haltern, Dusseldorf and Digne-les-Bains are, yet … for now i leave it just with the Facts of that morning.

At 9.33 i noticed another „haarp-like-impact“ on Germany, a bit later the coordinates of 6 longitude below the alpes came up – i have proof on that through the Messages with timestamp to my friend
so i regard them as another „fact“ of that morning.

Note: a lot of Reporters made remarks on the weather. note also the weather changing Information in the below mentioned Patent.

/ Octavia

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