Full Moon 09 March 2020 / USA

The energies of the full moon 09March 2020

This is the second part of the article, referring to the energies for America.

If you look towards the horoscope of the full moon – you see that on the lowest part of the chart is the moon – and all planets are “above the horizon” – with Mars at the Descendant, so setting. One part of the scenery is seemingly completely in the open, while “the people” are the only ones in the dark.

Since Neptun is in Pisces, each pisces full moon is important – so each year shows a highlight in this. Yet only this year it is so close – the next time a full moon is “nearby” is in 2023 with 5 degrees difference. 2025 there will be another special full moon, as Neptune will be at the nodes at that time, and this means that the new moon as well as the full moon may be eclipses and therefore highlight other themes in a broader scope.

Just as I already set while describing the chart for Germany, the full moon is on the axis of overall health and illness, care, institutions, body, daily health care and getting things in order (Pisces / Virgo). Adding to this is the ruler of Pisces, Neptune, in an exact conjunction with the Sun. Neptune on the spiritual plane is the longing for at-one-ment and spirituality, while on the astral plane it can become a sign of fog, veil and illusions, also addictions. On the more physical, mundane plane it rules crude oil and all sorts of liquids, Oceans, seas.   

While I write this, the news already broke with the worst stock exchange fall of crude oil – and the whole up and down may be seen as a symptom of Uranus / Venus in Taurus, so the area of Money(Venus / Taurus)  is in up and down and sudden turns. (Uranus). It is an energy almost like an earthquake, and the distortion in general can last for several days up to 4 weeks, until the next full moon.

Quite a strong reference point for the chart are the nodes. The northern nodes in Cancer are in the 12th house, the southern nodes of the past in the 6th. This horoscope for Washington reveals the fate of the health institutions versus failures of the past (6th house) – and the failures are a bit forced due to Mars at the Decedent. Whatever has been done to the structure of the institutions will show as fate, either for the system or the ones depending on it.  

For USA / Washington, the Sun and Neptun conjun. is in the 9th house – it is all about science and institutions, if not the Leader of the government (sun) would not put so much energy on fog and illusion. The people in the third house almost seem to be left alone in the dark, left in an empty space of communication. So in my view this can be a sign of mass quarantine, as people may need to be in shelter in their own every day life, in the dark. Yet even if not, it may show that the people will start to rethink and re-feel their situation towards the government in this situation and within this communication force.  

Chiron and Lilith conj. Is as close to the MC as the Sun-Neptune conjunction. Chiron is the wounded healer, an immortal that got wounded by a poisoned arrow. In pain, not able to die, he “invented” the healing tradition with finding herbs that could ease his pain to a cure. Lilith is quite an independent force, tired of Adams behavior towards her, she left him by using the god given power and the hidden name of god. That the immortal may be wounded, whatever is going on is not that easy to deal with. Yet both forces combined may show that independent analysis may be the provider of cures, and that herbal medicine may really be of help

Neptune in esoteric astrology is the ruler of Cancer, so I looked for the nation that has cancer rising with this chart and found America. Neptune rules the astral plane through the 6th ray. The 6th ray can be a focus of obsessive emotions that can even lead to crusades, especially when combined with Mars (the other planet on the 6th ray) – yet in its best it is the birth of the Christ consciousness on the higher astral plane.

So in a strange way, America can be the focus of esoteric awakening towards compassion, love, real charity, grace and hope, a real light on the astral plane,  if this situation Is dealt well with spiritually. This is in fact the underlying theme of the eclipse, as the nodes are in cancer, it adds to it a flavor of destiny or fate.  

The Sabian symbol for this full moon are:


KEYNOTE: An indication that in the end and at the appointed time the individual’s needs will be met among those to whom he is linked by a spiritual (or biological) web of energies.

KEYNOTE: The need of cooperative effort in reaching any „New World“ of experience.

credit: http://www.mindfire.ca/An%20Astrological%20Mandala/An%20Astrological%20Mandala%20-%20Contents.htm

As this is not an eclipse, the symbolism usually refers to quite vivid positive energies. Yet when I read this within the current energy, I am reminded on the Panic that e.g. the War of the Worlds by Orson Welles caused, when people left the evening table in order to flee in large caravans the illusionary, virtual threat.

This shows, that it may be essential for America to deal with this in an honest way. No propaganda or staged TV event can deal with the situation. It is essential to really inform and help the people in order to not create a mass energy on the collective, so that the abundance of the evening table can meet the journey towards a better life and energy#

May the stars guide your path and may your own inner star guides your way on .