claiming your life force back

Dear all, 
today is kin 25, the red serpent on the 12th tone. It is a tone of cooperation, regarding life force. It took me a bit of a struggle to decide, whether to share something, but I do now – as it is about your life force, and to claim the right on it back to you.
It is the beginning of a 13 year period, and I think you owe the chance to get your power back. 
Yesterday Trump did a speech on the victims of the mass shootings. He started the speech with the wrong number of victims, and ended it blessing the victims, stating a wrong city. I will not go into detail why this happened, but I like to share, that I experienced, that the number of the victims was a code and while he spoke it, channels opened to listen to him. 
I would like to give you the chance to find out, whether you also have such an automatism going on within you. You may, or you may not. But if you have, it is your time to claim ownership of this channel, giving its guidance back to your soul and your greater self. 
I would ask you to sit down for a meditation. You can do that anytime, not necessarily on kin 25, but on any day of your life that is coming. 
Get your self in a kind of meditative state, you can do that in a medtiation, or you can do that in the “in between state” between sleep and being awake, if you are clear enough to observe what is going on. Guide your space in the way you feel best, so e.g. call an Angel in if you feel you may need protection in order to feel good and safe. 
Then start to count from 10 to 20, pause at each number, and see, whether things move inside of you. If you feel a movement, reflect on what it may mean. If you are sure, it is a channel, you can claim it back in this moment. If not sure, you may just say
„this channel belongs to my greater self, I give it back to the guidance of my soul, 
or this channel is part of my greater self, I am responsible for its opening and closing. „
or something similar, whatever feels just right to you.

So claim ownership of whatever movement is going on. 
If you then have time and space, you may come back to that channel, opening it by counting the number in a meditative state, and then cleanse whatever may have been inside. I would recommend to call in the karmic angels to help you do so. In case that channel opened, and while it is open, it could also be a good exercise to do a peace meditation.
I would recommend to do this in this way – yet if you are brave and courageous, and trained in channel work, you may listen to Trump’s speech from 5th August 2019 and then see what happens, If something moves, claim the ownership of the channel back.

But I rather recommend to do this excercise in a relaxed state with a peace blessing or a calming suggestion into the channel, claiming the ownership back to you and your greater self. 
If you feel the channel open, and you are afraid or overwhelmed, tthen just leave the situation in closing the channel. The channel closes if you count back to the number 1 so the numbers below the opening close the channel, and 1 means the state of normal waking consciosuness.

Blessings through time and space.