Planetary Earth – Melting ice at Poles

Today is planetary Earth, the manifestation of the Earth we are creating. Only three days to go in the current spin of the Tzolkin, and with the news (see the end of this post) a very good day to talk to you and consider something. The article is about the melting of the Arctic /Antarctic ice shield and that scientists warn especially for one glacier. I would like to share some of my insights while researching the Arctic theme…

Regarding the melting of the ice – some scientist (and politicians) still do not consider, that the ice is melting with an accelerating rate. That has to do with some issues – 1st. the old ice is very thick due to the pressure over time it was pressed quite to a thin layer. so it contains on one hand more water than a freshly new level of snow mounted in the same size.  Usually, this thick layer is sweetwater, so drinking quality, not salt in it.
The surrounding is salting water, with a different freezing temperature.

Now the temperature of the arctic was rising quite often and on the surface, due to warmer weather, and on the basement, due to warmer water in Arctic, due to warmer soil in Antarctica, cracks appeared in the ice structure when it melted. So even when to the scientists it looked as if the layer is still thick, there had been cracks in it due to various warming periods.  The cracks then were filled with snow or salt water, that leaked into it. when this froze again, it did not freeze in the same pressure and thickness. So what we consider as a layer of ice, as usual, is no longer.
one of the reasons for the heating of the poles is Haarping. (note, not all haarps come from USA, Norway e.g. has one of the biggest arrays in the world, it is quite common to use it for weather alteration already.) When the pole areas are taken as a mirror in a haarp, they heat up, this is a side effect, so some of the melting of the ice is technology related, and adds to the current climate change issues.

So back to the ice topic: since various years, these cracks melt to an opening, other densitiy e.g. in salt water or snow gets in, they freeze again, but then warm up quicker and open to a larger degree each spring/warming season.
There will be a moment, when this is shifting suddenly, and the ice melting will increase exponentially, so there will be a very sudden vast melting occurring not a slow melt, as scientists predicted.

Be aware, that there will be a political rush towards the Arctic and Antarctic, both regions free of reigns, yet the Arctic is already in cooperation with a group called “Arctic five”  (the nations that have frontiers to the Arctic) and other nations, e.g. India and China, seeking access to this group and region, as they are interested in getting the crude oil, but also, seeking to ship the oceans there, as a melted arctic region would increase the profit in shipping.

I am now addressing within you the Shaman, that is trained – either as you are within the earth cycles already and feel the earth, or as you trained yourself e.g. by applying Aura-Soma – or had a shamanic training.

Most of you, that read this, have shamanic abilities – and in the weather changes to come, the close love bound to earth will be needed. you may have to find within yourself the courage to do something, and whether you are called to it. if you can do it, you feel touched by this article… so .. my suggestion:

If you feel touched by this, I would suggest you start to talk with the elements. find out which element it is that is calling you, whether all, or only some. For a training, please watch the movie  The last Airbender (Die Legende von Aang) from Shyalaman. You do not need to become an avatar, but you may see and feel whether an element is calling you and how it would react or feel if you are already aligned to an element.

My suggestion is, you start to talk with the spirits. I share with you a kind of “prayer” element talk I do:
When a storm is coming, I greet the spirits of the storm, and all landscape angels involved. I tell them my name, who I am in this life, and what my aim Is … I then tell them, that I agree if there is an alert to do, so if people need to be alerted or a calling or cleansing needs to be done, may it be so – yet I ask the spirits involved to be as harmless as possible.

my aim is, that earth is allowed to do what needs to be done, and people have to wake up, so I don’t want to block the awakening. Yet I can also protect, e.g. my own house or the array where I know that is working well …
sometimes things are bigger than the own will – I give room to that.

yet I also appreciate my own abilities …

so. if you feel called, maybe you like to talk with the elements as such. And not only in the moments of need.

I quite often do small things in nature, and talk to the spirits. if they listen, I feel it. either all gets quiet, or a certain sound emerges, the wind gets still, or all of a sudden you feel a breeze touching your skin and the leaves are making a small sound where they had been quiet before. I once did a blessing of the water with a friend, and even though the hole lake was calm, only around us small waves came for a minute and two, and then the water stopped again waving. so nature – and this element – gives an answer to your communication.

if you have questions, feel free to ask me.

blessings from my heart to your shamanic ability, and to your courage in the times to come.