Dreamspell – turn of spin – 33rd Harmonic

Today in Dreamspell is Kin 131, magnetic monkey wavespell.
in Dreamspell we are in the 33rd Harmonic, the place, where the energy turns around, mirroring itself. The 33rd harmonic is the one mirroring itself, while all the other ones have an other harmonic as balance. If you look at the Dreamspell, you see, that we are in the middle of the middle row, the point where we meet the cosmos and the energy flips and turns around – from inhale – stillness – to exhale. So the 4 days of the 33rd harmonic are this stillness, where the outbreath starts. a cosmic outpour of our creativity and communication with life. We are communicating with the cosmos, each person individually, yet earth as a whole also.

This night, as usual, I could see this turning taking place, yet this time, in all the chaos, a lot of negativity came as an answer from the cosmos.

this night, the earth herself received not a transmission of light codes. It received a transmission of very ancient being’s answers of despair, hate, terror and dark energies re-invoked. Symbolically, to me it looked like dark spider webs, where the glue to keep people in are small splinters, itching and scratching. Each person receives a transmission for the own path, yet to make it clear again, this one was the downpour of energy to Earth, humanity and life on it as a whole.

If you feel the inner call to help earth, I would like to suggest the following.

In order to help earth, humanity and society on earth, it may not be enough to have singular events taking place that shift the energy on specifics. It may also not be enough to just meditate on your soul or for a balance in your own life. Therefore I would like to ask you to mediate regularly also on the wellbeing of life on earth as a whole.

This can take form in various manner. For instance, If you are meditating regularly for your own soul-body connection, to balance your life or for other reasons, you may end the meditation with an outpour or outflow of love from your soul or your heart to “all that is”.

If you visualize, imagine that earth is in a flow of your wellbeing outpour, receiving it as an offer for all life.

Just let the blessings emerge and outflow, allowing it to be a gesture of offering, to all nature spirits, to all animals, to all societies – as a balance for human communication with each other, with life on earth and as nations so far.

“All the blessings that I have, I pour out and offer to you”

Thank you !


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