Mary Magdalene and the Christ energy – the veil of the piscean age


Rose garden at the Church of the Immaculate Heart of Mary, Ireland Copyright Octavia Gentemann-Schmidt

A short while ago, the catholic church surprised people with the news, that there will be a feast day for Mary Magdalene, ranking her now equal to the apostles. Pondering on this, some remarks from Alice Bailey came to me, that I would like to express as an energy image of the current energies.* (see footnotes)

We are at the cusp of the so called Aquarian Age. The consciousness of this age is now fully accessible since at least 2012, when the old age ended and we entered the new dimensions in which the emergence into the new consciousness succeeded. Yet the manifestation, to live according to it for earth as a whole, still might take some centuries. The energies of the Piscean Age have finished to enter as an inflow, yet remain active while leaving at least also a few centuries, astronomically at least until the spring equinox point moves to Aquarius ( so the time when earth day and night has the same length (21st March), and this energy point is entering the Aquarius constellation in the sky, which will be around 2700.)
The so called age of Aquarius is in various ways very different from now. On one hand people / humanity might get more androgynous, forming a closer male / female relation in itself. From the Mayan point of view and Patriarchy / matriarchy wise, we reached the age of union. So after we had two rounds of Matriarchy and Patriarchy switch, with changing the forcefield between the sexes. For Millennia, both sexes had been used to be the leading force and then fall into the forgetting and surpression, yet for the first time since millennia there will be no flip in the energy, but a union of both. Both sexes rule, in a new form of cooperation, both sides are not used to.

The age of Aquarius is also an age for Individualism – Group energy. Aquarius is both known for individuality in term of Individuation, yet at the same time of group consciousness, group of spirit-like-minded. Soul family group connections in diversity. This may also be called a unity energy.
With all these changes about to occur in the individual and collective, one of the energies hard to manifest at this point in time is the energy of Mary Magdalene, which the collective field of Aura-Soma tries to manifest since 2005 at least.
Besides the falsely told stories of Bible and catholic church, besides the question of marriage to Joshua / Jesus there are more challenges and difficulties of this energy to be seen.
One of the reasons of the difficulties is cosmic. The Christ ray in itself is the 2nd ray of Love/Wisdom, and our solar system is an expression of this Love/Wisdom quality. Even though the person of Joshua and Mary Magdalene came to root/anchor the 2nd ray of love and wisdom, the incoming energy of the Piscean age expressed itself through the 6th ray of devotion, on which the catholic church was later founded. The rulers of the 6th ray of devotion are Mars and Neptun, Neptun in a self-sacrificial way to give up any boundaries, and Mars to fight for it, which expressed in all kinds of religious wars and crusades amongst the centuries. There are spiritual expressions of any energy, in this case, Neptun is the sacred planet of the sixth ray. Alice Bailey referred to this, that the way, God / 2nd ray expressed was through the 6th ray, which means, that love and wisdom could be reached through the mystic approach and devotion and surrender to a goal, surrendering individuality towards the large mystic boundlessness.
With Mars as the exoteric ruler, this surrendering and devotion was also expressed through pain and passion, passion in which one fights the worldly and ordinary with the physical sword, and therefore often with a wrongfully expression. So spiritually, humanity on earth built a light body with the sixth ray of devotion, that has to do with a kind of devotional service towards the greater, with a pain body relating on aggression and fight, war and crusades, and the tendency to impose energies and religions, the image of god onto others. A fight that still seems to be going on these days in terms of terrorism, yet due to an other reason, the (wrongful) expression of the influx of first ray energy of Willpower that stimulates the feeling to be right, to fulfill the “will of god” in this (old) way. The sixth ray is also called the ray of idealism, so not to question things, but to form “isms”, ideologies, religions, sectism.
Due to this ray influence, the Piscean age, the 6th ray, the message of the life of Jesus / Joshua and Mary from Magdala was tweaked. On one hand it had to happen due to the ray influence, yet for the here and now in order to find the true energy and message that both of them tried to bring into the world one might have to search aside from the sixth ray influence, aside of the church and religion or through healing the pain body that was imposed on their energy through the centuries due to church – or to wait until the 6th ray influence has totally withdrawn in a few centuries
So to repeat it again in a different way: through the centuries, the real message of love and wisdom that is underlying the solar system was deformed. On this ray of love and wisdom, the energy and message of the Christ that Joshua / Jesus tried to anchor was deformed. And therefore also his relation to Mary Magdalene was not transmitted in the right way.


Church of the immaculate heart of Mary, Ireland

The way both of them lived and expressed love with their shared work for the world was tweaked and then diminished into the story where she was the first to see him after cruxification, being with him in his pain and after his death / relief. Called a whore, a prostitute, she somehow had to walk his path of sacrifice with him veiled by misunderstanding in human ways and covered by cosmic energies that would cloak the message for various centuries.
The pain caused and created by the events 2000 years ago is one of the biggest veils to perceive or feel the real energy of Love/ Wisdom. We rather feel the underlying foundation of the Piscean age energy of surrendering, devotion, pain body, martyrdom also in how this story is told – and how her story is told.
One step to restore the energy of Mary from Magdala is in addressing the pain without repeating it, recognizing the difference between the 2nd ray of love and wisdom and the 6th ray. In recognizing, that the message of Jesus / Joshua itself is layered into these cosmic expressions may enable the pain body to also slowly withdraw along with the leaving 6th ray influence.
Another way to recognize the true energy may be in recognizing the energy and events as veil or cloak, as illusion necessary in a time where devotion needed to form, and ideologies needed to influence humanity in order to prepare the mind and reason for the world of ideas yet to be accessed. Ideologies therefore as a lower expression of the higher realms of ideas humanity was not prepared to view at the former energies and tiems.
What is also needed, is a demystification and re-interpretation in terms of their real message, and so has to be done with almost anything that became an ideology or religion.
So it is more than just a female story, and for the catholic church and society it may take a lot more than just to accept her as a disciple of Jesus/Joshua with an own day of service. Hidden behind a tweaked image of Joshua / Jesus anchoring the Christ energy, both of them need to be unveiled – with a female and a relation story beyond the pain of martyrdom.

Footnote: I would like to refer you to the introduction of the book from Alice A. Bailey, Destiny of nations, in order to read more on the incoming and leaving cosmic energy influences
(Bailey, Alice A., Destiny of Nations, (p3-10), accessed 17.august 2016.)
In order to find out more understanding on the energies of Mary Magdalene I would like to refer you to the channeled book of Tom Kenyon and Judy Sion:
Also to the Books from Kathleen McGowan on Mary Magdalene and the books about the Essenes from Daniel Meurois and Anne Givaudan
19 / 20. August 2016 / Octavia Gentemann-Schmidt

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