The quality of time – towards 5th September

Just a short remark on the Quality of time. The current energies might be a bit challenging, as we are in the 10 „closing“ Portal days of the dreamspell.
The challenging energetic might occur, as the „opening“ Portal days this year were in alignment with the heliacal rising of Sirius and the New Year Energy of the Haab and the Lion’s gate, as some call it.
Sirius is quite a fiery Initiation, the energetics can be compared with the mythology of Isis – especially to the Version, where immortality can be reached for her children through the baptism of fire.
Due to this, earth might expierience a hot time, including outer fires or explosions. As Isis is also connected with the „flight“ of Horus, the child of Isis and Osiris, Trouble in flights can also be expierienced.

On September 5th there will be a world Meditation, so i expect the energies to calm down after the closing of the 10th Portal on September 5th.

The Immortal fires by the way can also be called the Kundalini energy rising, or – as the Mayan would describe it, Quetzacoat’ls energy arriving, wheras Quetzacoatl means the energy frequency of earth.
As one might get Information on the changing Schuman frequency of earth, this is a sign of this „Quetzacoat’l“ energy. Throughout the Ages, all nations had their names for occuring weather or planetary or cosmic Patterns, and the changing earth frequency can be compared in this way.

Nevertheless – no matter what Name can be given this energy… in case it is challenging, try to work with the following Affirmation:

My energies are always in a balanced harmony with the energies of the earth, the sun, the cosmic energies, my surrounding / nature and my life’s purpose.

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