Solstice 2013

Happy Solstice. I greet Quetzaquoat’l consciousness back on earth. As the Task is finished, i set free and release all that had been established in order to give way or birth to this consicousness. all seals, channels, implants, programms, routines, elementals, Spirits, illusions, dimensions and dimensional grids, all walls, wires,replacements, all channels, tubes, oathes, pledges, all weddings and divorces and separations, all Relations, Blessings, children or Projects… all that had been created or called in… i recognize the consciousness and therefore adress the task fulfilled ..
may all beings be freed. may all beings, energies, elementals and Spirits come back to their own originated energy of love and grace,
may all that had been cut off or broken be able to realign and heal as each being decides and wishes.
may all of this happen as for the best of each and everyone.

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