New month / time window

Today (30th may) in dreamspell is the start of the new month, in the Energy of Kin 217. It is a very special time and month, as… it is in the Wavespell of the red moon, kin 209. As mentioned in former articles, kin 209 is a very special kin, as it was the start of the 13 year cycle in which we are in, that we are closing in July, and where at the heart of the wave was 2012 as year and galactic inflow. The winter solstice 2012 was guided by the Hathors in a 3 day vortex that opened on kin 207 – crystal hand, and closed on – yes – kin 209 – the new wave in the red moon quality, that was the start of the 13 year cycle. Now we have the start of a new month, and it is the solar earth, in this red moon wave, so we are in a vast time window and time loop to the energies of 2012, the passing 13 years, and all eons that led to 2012 and were included in the time beam of 2012. Solar Earth means, the earth aligns anew to the sun. It does so through one very particular chakra, the heart chakra, and especially the back of the heart chakra at the back of the spine, in the middle of the spine, near the second body location. So in case you feel an irritation, overstimulation, paine or any other stress – or maybe you just like to do some adjustments – i would suggest the following excercise of harmoniszing this solar-heart-chakra, so that the 13 year cycle can pass in grace and the adaption to the incoming communication and energy from and through the sun can adapt to the coming 13 year cycle. you may do this in the way that is best for you – eg. meditation, visualisation, pomander, quintessence, Quantum healing, angelic help, or just by affirmation and progressive relaxation method. in case you may like an affirmation, you may use the following or similar to it: „my heart chakra is harmonizing, my solar heart chakra is balancing and harmonizing the energ flow between sun and earth in the best possible way for my whole being. i am in a balanced alignment with my solar angel and the celestial beings and perfectly harmonized through my solar chakra system in my body on Earth. „;-)

Additionally i would suggest to do the „heart chakra“ sound meditation from Tom Kenyon / the Hathors
you will find it in the „listening“ section on Tom Kenyons Homepage – if you read and agree to his terms of listening and use, you will be guided to a section of free downloads. There you will find the heart attunement meditation.
when listening to it, just focus gently on your heart.