Jupiter Pluto Conj. April – November 2020

This article is set to describe the upcoming Jupiter-Pluto conjunctions that take place this year. It shortly refers to the Saturn-Pluto conjunction of  January and the upcoming Jupiter-Saturn conjunction of  December 2020.

Enclosed you’ll find an image I created with the chart of all three Conjunctions, so one can follow the connections of each chart. In this image, the inner chart contains the horoscope of the first conjunction on April 5, 2020 (AC: European Summer Time), the planetary positions of the second (retrograde) June 30,  are ring-shaped around the first,  the outer area shows the third conjunction of November 12. 2020.

Astrological data of the three conjunctions:

On April 5  and November 12 the conjunction of Jupiter and Pluto will turn exact between 24 – 25 degrees Capricorn. On June 30th will the retrograde conjunction turn exact between  22-23 degrees. Eneergy wise, tetrograde means, it is important to look back (inward) and rethink a position – yet, as this is on an other degree,  from an other point of view, “before” it happened (1  – 2 degrees before the first conjunction), while on  November 12th. the first conjunction energy is reached again.

The energy of the first and third conjunction:

KEYNOTE: The use of cultural and artistic processes as means to enhance personal comfort and appreciation.
Corning after the preceding symbol this one brings us back to the material, yet esthetic, aspect of the benefits a society can bring its members. A „rug“ always implied to some extent something on which a person stands or sits. It is a foundation for cultural „under-standing,“ and as such it can have a magical or sacred meaning, as in the case of prayer rugs. The „woman in a convent“ probably knows only the bare floor, because her goal is one of transcendence, of surrendering comfort as well as cultural patterns. But to the social elite, or even to the oriental devotee praying to his god, society offers the relative comfort of beautiful rugs so he may meet the universe, not merely in terms of the support the natural soil gives, but protected by and securely established on the mental-spiritual as well as manual achievements of those who keep the cultural symbols alive.
This is the last symbol in the fifty-ninth five-fold sequence. It shows the beautiful products of dedicated and inspired group performance at the level of tradition. It emphasizes the value of RELIANCE ON TRADITION.

The energy of the second (retrograde) Conjunction in  June /July:

The reward offered by society for the fulfillment of individual responsibility.
The fact that „two“ awards are emphasized makes us believe that this may refer subtly to the recognition by the community that, whether he succeeded or failed, an individual who discharged his duty nobly under unusual circumstances is entitled to the respect and appreciation of the collectivity he served so well. What is implied here is a constant give-and-take between society and the individual person. Each one should be able to trust the other.
This third symbol of the fifty-ninth five-fold sequence extracts, as it were, a common element from the two preceding scenes. The Keyword here is RECOMPENSE, i.e. a compensation for a well-done performance — a balancing of accounts.

The first image that comes to my mind: In June / July is the necessity of  a phase in which everyone who is fighting on the present “front” has to be recognized! „A compensation for a well-done performance. A balance of accounts “
– you have to balance the scales that have weighted down in the current time. You have to fill up the accounts that have been emptied or are in the red due to this phase.

As the image contains “a carpet store”  this may mean on a very real physical level: a compensation that social welfare in the range and availability of goods is restored yet in a better, rewarded, energetic way. This also includes countries that  have suffered very badly or have been forgotten in the past centuries  of colonialization and international trade.

Jupiter and Pluto are the actors in this conjunction.  Pluto peels everything off until the essence is reached,  Jupiter is the planet of jurisprudence, healing, higher education (studies, wisdom teachings), purpose  and science.
The three conjunctions, which also absorb the energy of the Saturn-Pluto conjunction, now create a shift and clarification of the topics of the January conjunction. The fields that Saturn Pluto activated are now required to be examined more closely through the above mentioned:  in the light of real science and technology, of wisdom, university studies, ancient knowledge teaching and ancient knowledge lineages, healing science and healing facilities, the light of purpose combined with science.

In esoteric astrology, Jupiter transmits the 2nd ray, the principle of love and wisdom at a higher evolutionary level, while Pluto represents the 1st ray of will and power at the average personality level. As a 3rd ray planet (active Intelligence) , Saturn tests the  expression of active intelligence and networking, whether the right structures had been build, and in this sense stands for the higher thinking of humanity, and for the networking of communication and all interactions. The third ray also stands for the right way to deal with each other in economic issues, and therefore economy is tested as a whole since January, especially through the Virus. Economic in this sense also means ecological, in the range of makroeconomics. In macroeconomics, homo economicus acts ecological, knowing, that ecologic loss is to be calculated also, showing the  real trade off and the real price  of something. Pollution is irrational, as the price that humanity and the globe is facing through the wrong use of ressources of commons (fresh water, clean aire etc) is irreplaceable and too high.

The first ray of will and power corresponds on the soul level to the (symbolic/Invisible) planet Vulcan representing  the science of political theory, statecraft and government. In political science this means reflecting on the best way to live together as a group, with Aristotle and Plato as some of the first thinkers into this field.

On a personality level – where Pluto is involved – this ray represents diplomacy and politics. Pluto Saturn conjunction showed a need for action in the science of government – and this showed quite fast through the need of right action towards the population of a state and nation regarding the health care system and availability of certain resources and the crashing of national and international financial markets. The personality ray comes into play showing, that e.g. in the US politicians realizing what was to come did not work for the people,  yet sold and bought on the stock exchange market shares of companies now needed. It was about the structure of available health care, of the health care system, that is – as a structure – a representation of the people of a nation in connection with the economic systems (3rd ray). The misuse of Power and will in politics and diplomacy lead to  direct enrichment through the misery of others, and the attempt to install dictatorships (Hungary).

This breakdown of social structures was balanced  by a wave of solidarity in a wide variety of areas. Active intelligence of people in  a world crisis.

Now the Jupiter / Pluto conjunctions come into play, especially through the focus of purpose, intention, love, wisdom in connection with will and power. It is high time to use will and power towards love and wisdom, with love and wisdom. And humanity as three bells sounding in the coming months.

Looking towards the Sabian Symbol, the trades are interconnected. It is about the rug display in a store, and maybe on an other level symbolically, the remembrance of the flying carpet – why else would an oriental rug be of such valuie if not the reminder of a fairy like ascent and travel?

Using this imager, i like  to dive into the spiritual level of the energies involved. There once was a time of flying carpets – they were woven from the knowledge of a time that knew how to overcome gravity and the natural laws of the earth, but the misuse of this wisdom destroyed the then culture (Atlantis).

Within the halls of wisdom, where each human being can travel to during their sleep, there is a big tapestry of life visible as a carpet on the wall. Every human being has access to these halls of wisdom and can take a look at this carpet, woven from the energy of each life in the universe, giving value to bigger themes, bigger themes becoming time lines, time lines becoming reality, – every being and every life that exists in the cosmos is woven into it.  What weaves this carpet are the timelines of each individual, and for earth  the great timeline of mankind (resulting from the many small decisions of each individual, shaped as a collective, shaped as the great energy of a city / country / continent and the whole earth. Both forms of magic carpets have to be remembered and preserved.

Human beings have used technology to create systems that can destroy the tissues of life. This includes the current use of ELF systems like Haarp, but also other areas, weapon systems, technologies that seem to be based on wisdom in science, yet is a misuse of technology as a weapon instead of a contribution to life.

 Pluto – Jupiter will shine a light on all areas in which humanity is once again on the cliff to destroy life on earth by using technology, similar to that in Atlantis.

Pluto as a misapplied “will and power / will to power” at the personality level, and using science in this sense without considering the overall well, will be the real challenge in the coming months.

The solution to the topic is to recognize the energy in which man is acting and to allow the love and wisdom of the solar system (2nd ray). This wisdom permeates science if we allow it to.

The energy of the second conjunction, which is based on three retrogradess (Jupiter R meets Pluto R while Saturn R is nearby) – shows an immense potential for introspection and correction. The symbol (the soldier that is rewarded) shows,  that soldiers and citizens must trust each other – and – that there must be a well-deserved compensation for outstanding achievements towards  the benefit of the community, an achievement that is tantamount to struggle.

The present energy has already been introduced to Earth, it has been palpable and recognizable since January 2020 – it is the harbinger of the Jupiter / Saturn conjunction on December 21, 2020. There are still a few months to make course corrections.

The position of Chiron and Lilith is particularly remarkable throughout the  dance of Jupiter and Pluto. Chiron is the energy of self-wounding or erroneous injury, which can only be improved or healed with a change in lifestyle, and with another form of medicine and naturopathy, deep knowledge of herbs and plants.  Chiron collects herbs to help himself, so natural medicine or natural wisdom is required at the present time.

Lilith shows where our true sound is, and where we have abandoned this truth in ourselves, leaving a void,  an emptiness that we have created because other things became more important or the energies were no longer right but were accepted for a long time due to convenience.  The point of self-denial is represented by  Lilith as she  leaves the areas that no longer correspond to her truth and the soul energy

Chiron is connected to Lilith in the first conjunction – in the second Jupiter-Pluto conjunction he is slightly outside the  aspects – yet  in the third conjunction he has returned to its original place.

During the  second conjunction of Jupiter and Pluto (the retrograde stellium), Lilith will be at the position of the sun of the first conjunction. In the third conjunction, Mars takes this position.

Applied to energies on earth, this may mean that the healing methods may move on to return to the starting point in the third conjunction. A healing method, already under discussion, may then be available, while in the meantime one may be  opting for another form of healing.

…  while the urge of the female force  leaving all that does not suit her souls purpose and only empties her into a void …  has changed into the male form of fighting (Mars) possibly with weapons and the military. What is now possible as a necessary curtailment of independence (Lilith) at the time the wound is recognized (Chiron) (e.g. quarantine or staying at home) – may no longer be possible in the course of the year – and would have to be implemented with military and barricades/lockdowns.

It is the retrograde-reflection phase in late June / early July that will determine what the third conjunction will look like in November, whether it will still be dominated by the virus – and thus by medical science and healing institutions – or whether the Saturn-Jupiter conjunction can address other issues before Saturn and Jupiter form a “Star of Bethlehem” – the great conjunction of the two on December 21, 2020 – to 0-1 degrees Aquarius.

The range of degrees that Saturn is already „working on“ and which was introduced by a solar eclipse in 2019 (see my articles in English https://blog.sternenfarben.de/2019/01/ and in German https: // blog. sternenfarben.de/2019/01/20/totale-mondfinsternis-21-januar-2019-qualitaet-und-ausblick/) will play a  major role in America.

It can therefore be expected that the Jupiter-Saturn conjunction that follows the Jupiter-Pluto conjunctions will result in changes in the political area in America (changing positions and personnel) yet mor of this in an other article.

sources: Sabian Symbols via Dane Rudhyar Archive, www.mindfire.ca