The most basic question we can ask ourselves is: What am i doing with my time in the space i have been granted?
Look around you, Where do you find yourself? What room are you in? What town are you in? What state or province are you in? What country are you in? What continent are you on? What planet are you on? What galaxy are you in? This is space. Space is an infinitely locatable point.
Look outside. Where is the sun in the sky? What day is it? What year is it? In what time are you living? How do you define it? Are you living in the end time? Are you living in the 21st Century?

How do you expierience the passing of time? What purpose do you have in being in this time? This is time. Time is the universal factor of synchronisation .
A timespace is a template of reality, requiring organisation of, by and for evolving intelligence. [..] Timespace is the context, in which matter and life evolve. How is your time organized? How is your space organized? Does your space synchronize with your time? Does the time you keep synchronize with your space?

A timespace is a context for the evolvement of cosmic life as it comes to be embodied into the human sensorium or form.

José Argüelles
Coscmic HIstory Chronicles V
Book of the timespace, p11-12,

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