The Qualtiy of time and the events in Paris

I felt the attacks comin and warned in the days before it happened n a new 9/11 ((on Facebook) .
When the concerted Actions in Paris happened, to me it felt as if all of a sudden the whole world had spinned out of control – while at the same time all was perfectly ok. I was in a safe surrounding. The images were different than what happened on 9/11 in America – even though repetiton over Repetition of the Paris evetns happened, as the stadion was blessed only few to minor injuries and few fatalies to what was planned.

Then all of a sudden it was claimed as the work of the devil. And here my story starts.

Some esoteric articles are out there claiming that time lines separated since November 13, but this is not the case in my view.
in my view, new timelines added, while people detach in an other dimensionsal view on events. And this is something I would like to explain deeper – as this is one of the main issues of the changes, danger as well as Chance, that humanity and all life is undergoing.

In further times, we developed inner light through enlightening the astral plane. The soul contact brought intuition, the higher mind then could connect with the lower. Spirit infused matter. Communication and Telepathy came through this enlightened emotional body and astral plane.
Due to various issues the emotional body was impacted, sacred weddings attacked. And the development took an other turn, which is a bit fatal for animal life. The animal kingdom was nourishd by our emotional bodies. Yet, the development reached the etheric and is now expanding on the etheric, as the emotional bodies were in a different mood. Or – to say t in other words we jumped out of normal phyiscs into biophotonic and quantum realities. Some people still try to move emotionally – astrally while the way we create reality already completely shifted.
Back to the telepathic and astral communication. We are used to give love and give empathy and compassion through emotional body and channels. Due to various reasons, these layer were affected, humanity as a whole has to reach the heart, yet the attacks on the heart were so huge that the jumping to the etheric took place. The emotional bodies partly are not capable of holding love as the pain is similar intensed.
We all emitt light, the light body is existent in any being. It is no longer only an astral light body, that was only enlightend by a being that has made a deep soul contact or was in a guru-traditional line – it is a biophotoniclight body –and every person has this light, so all are already enlightend. even the ones we formerly called “greys”. That means, you can no longer identify someone on their light as “good” or “evil”. This telepathy was expected to happen for the ones that reached the heart state, Alice Baily wrote a Book n telepathy and ether, yet the way we reached this state is different than expected and adds some issues and raises therefore new questions.
The jumping into etheric communication is less emotional (which is difficult for the animal life, as our heart energy carried the life of plants and animals). But it is good for the current state of mind humanity is in.
The solar eruptions and solar flares affect this form of light body in a way, that whatever is, is turned into plasma.
If there is intensed solar activity, then all of these etheric light bodies transform to plasma fields, and they can have any emotion. One becomes the battery of the emotion one is in. It was said / believed, that on this level we might reach a Christ consciousness, as, when the plasma level is reached, the energy fields tend to be healing as the one Jesus had, if aligned with the soul and the heart. Yet again, we are in a different stage than expected, and the process happening is different, the people tend to be in the plasma energy of their utmost emotions. (how to change that please read Tom Kenyon /Hathors: Solar wind) , as one can change this to become more benevolent battery/energizer).

The Paris attacks lead globally to expression of compassion, and also in a lot of cases to the feeling of terror and threat and danger and control trough e.g. the total shutdown in Belgium. The feeling of threat and danger is a normal emotional reaction, yet through the intensity and additional blaming of evil and devil for doing it, something errational happened – the timeline of 9/11 and Busch-legacy mixed with the events of November 13 –even though the events were different from planning and the people carrying it out.
And due to the mixing of the Bush-legacy into it and into Europe, new timelines were formed.
Up so far, the timelines of the Nostradamus prophecies for earth were one of the darkest earth had, yet now they are no longer the darkest. The force of the emotions added with the Busch legacy, that lead his wars according to the celtic year passage and rites, gave a new momentum to it. One might remember the odd moment, where George Bush flew on May 1st, Beltane, to an Aircarrier and declared himself as victorious (after starting the war on spring equinox). So he declared himself on Samhain a victorious military leader in a war, that in fact lasted up to 2011, when Obama ended it by taking the soldiers out of Irak.
Yet the Friday 13th November events were more than a usual threat, as they carried the energies of the crusads. So they brought up the crusade and the Templer Knights era, that in a concerted action were haunted on one day Friday, 13th October 1307.
So adding the Bush War-king era to the November 13 events of conscious concerted action in a crusade mode, new time lines and dimensions created, after we as humanity finally succeeded to close the threats of that era, no longer fighting against a devil or in the medieval modes.
So we have now the oddity of an event, concerted terrorism mentioned as a crusade, in the town that still is connected with the Templars, where a war is then declared against the devil, while the people that carried out the terror actions were European / French and Belgium / citizens. They were people of the country /lands they attacked, this is one of the main differences to the 9/11 attacks that were lead by people of other countries against an other (single) nation and nationality.
This energy mixture formed by our power – whether known to us or not – new timelines.
On the other hand people stay in their realm of otherworldly – broader – awareness and the more and more detachment of an unfolding etheric telepathy, so an awereness different form the ones we used to be in.
Therefore I need to stress again the fact, that not the time lines separated from each other, but the awareness of people is more and more from the etheric, and therefore less emotional in nature, while at the same time on the astral plane darker beings are created due to the power that our thoughts, emotions, past timelines and events and the solar energy is having.
To the political nature of it: The gaps in between the worlds is no longer realistic, so we all as a humanity need to have a better way of living with each other. It is not realistic, to have walls and fences e.g. in Tunisia to keep people out of a “France/”Europe” that is only a few meters away on the African soil, but stronger fenced than once the berlin wall. To blame the poor and the ones in need as devil is not helping us. Daesh/ ISIL as a group is not the devil, they do not have a mastermind. My perception of them is a wandering sea of hate, they are like a group consciousness of hate. Blaming them as the devil is not helping, as there is no single entitiy leading it. they are rather the negative group consciousness that is wandering in hate and despair as they do not feel a way to change to the better. Also Daesh/ISIL is made mostly out of western raised children, that leave their western homes to fight a crusade in the near east. Calling them the devil is totally missing the point and therefore leading to a failure to raise humanity towards a better world.
I hope that Angela Merkel is not allowing herself to be pulled into the devils fight as this might have a very serious effect on the energy grid. I hope that she – and other political leaders – are able to form a coalition but not against the devil but towards a better living in Europe and a better living in Near East, a better living all over the planet, so a better living on Earth.
It is only that that will lead to a peaceful tomorrow.
May the stars shine brightly, and may your own inner star and your own inner guide lead your way

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