Full moon / 2. Dreamspell and the Mayan Count

.The Dreamspell / the Mayan Connection

(for part 1 on the „9“ please read Part 1 – Ancient Astrology and the blood moon eclipse

An other measurement of 9 comes along with the Mayan tradition: the Spin of the Tzolkin lasts 9 months + a few days. So the sacred calendar of the Mayan refer to that cycle of pregnancy, and to a cosmic pulse usually unseen – eclipses and voids, windows and portals in time. The tzolkin itself has Inbreath and outbreath phases, so in fact it comes along in 18 month cycles of 2 x 9. The astronomic issues are quite complex, so I just leave it with this short passage of explanation. In the true count of the Mayan, these days of the eclipse are marked by Kin 130 (cosmic dog)Kin-130 and Kin 131 – Kin-131(magnetic monkey) which are the middle of the Tzolkin where the energy flow to the galatic center is opened and the Tzolkin flips in turn, which are quite energetic.tzolkin_Kin-130

Regarding the Dreamspell, one can see an other reflection: José Argüelles adapted the Tzolkin and aligned it to the heliacal rising of Sirius (known in Egypt), thus combining both ancient civilizations that built pyramids – the Mayan with their Plejidian Connection and the Egyptian with their Sirius / Orion Connection).  The Kin’s relating to the count of the Dreamspell of Argüelles show the dog wavespell with “red cosmic earth / Kin 177 Kin-177 for the 27th September, and the “ White solar mirror / Kin 178 Kin-178of the 28th September. As one can see in looking closely, the “mirror” seal represents the pyramid of Chitzen Itza, the Pyramid where the serpent of light ascends and decends each spring and autumn equinox. So there is an emphasis on the „cosmic“ „Earth“ – a devellopment earth is undergoing, and the „mirror“ reflection of ancient civilisation and actual sky

So regarding this moon, in Dreamspell and Mayan energy reflect an activation of cosmic energies with an emphasis on the “dog” energy, which is the energy of unconditional love and the pyramids and the serpent of light. The Mayan Count in this case refers quite precisely to the event of the full moon eclipse – marking therefore a portal where a new energetic can enter.

So whatever the alignment is – there is an emphasis on the connection to the center of the galaxy due to the true count of the Mayan and earth – due to the Dreamspell – quite present.

My interpretation of this energy is: there will be huge shifts in the energetic of South America – which will show later in the Dreamspell and on earth – in my suggestion – between 9 – 18 months time, when the Dreamspell has picked up the energies from the cosmic event occurring now.


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