Energy work with Mass Panic

Dear all,
i am astonished on the reportings about reactions all over the world that shows an increasing panic in the collective.
i therefore call out to all grid workers and geomantics, also all that work energetically, to help.
If you are working geomantical, please find out whether the area where you live had been hit in former times by pandemics like the pest, or sudden or tragic impacts e.g. wars or catastrophes. If this is the case, it could be, that the surrounding still stores the emotions, therefore people click in to it due to the changing earth frequencies and the magnetosphere / changing north pole position.
Consider then to help the devic in your surrounding the way you feel best, may it be reiki, essences, crystals, whatever you feel inspired to.
Yet no matter whether your area was once in a mass-panic already, the current collective is quite strange – and fed since a few years with overreactions in mass media and politics – therefore any help you can do can change the situation to the positive

Of help could be any kind of meditation that calms and clears the mind and mental sphere .

If you are into essences, consider e.g. applying the Rescue Remedy of Dr. Bach or the Emergency Essence or Space Clearing spray from Australian Bush Flowers in your space / your home regurlaly,
in Terms of Aura-Soma; Archangeloi Chamael works on the „mob mentality“ of people. so the Archangeloi may help to calm a field of public upheaval.
If you are familiar with the Eriks Essences, my suggestion is to work with „Barrel Sponge“ Sea-Essence 02, as this may help to calm the mind that is fixed on a problem.
Feel free to share this freely, or contact me for e.g. group meditations, group healings etc..
thank you!!!