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Today in Dreamspell is kin 195 – the Cosmic Eagle, the end of the wavespell of the blue night.  In a special way, the night is about the dreams we weave for Earth and our existence as multidimensional beings.
We travel in our other bodies along the dreamtime lines and the timelines that are and that are yet to be. Rock solid reality in 3 D meets probable realities and most likely realities, and parallel timelines and worlds, and in the Cosmic Eagle energy we may get aware of exactly all of this – we may get aware, that time is fluid, as is manifestation and reality.
So we may travel to other people but also to our other selves and to our other realities, to the dreams we weave, or to the parallel worlds that exist. In this understanding and travel, we can shift reality and manifestation easily, switching current timelines with parallel worlds or other probable realities.

I am referring to this, as the dream I had this night showed me an other aspect of it.
I was working in a space, but I also was there before, not working, and I did not know it at all. While I sat on a resting area with tables and chairs, a man asked me whether I like to drink something, I rejected, while the guy next to me ordered something. in his ordering, I realized, that this area seems to be a café, so I turned to the waiter to order a café when he already got his jacket on to leave, as his shift was finished, the café closed. when I stood up to go to my department, the floor and hallway my room was in where I worked, I realized that I knew this place as I worked for it, but I was also new checking everything. 
In other words, wherever I stepped, I created the past according to it. While time and reality around me was shifting, sometimes in such a fast pace, that I needed a moment to realize that this was the reality of the moment,  other people were in and moved already in a pace and certainty that showed me it was their usual reality.
While pondering on it, I got aware more and more that this is an interesting way to describe also the new paradigm. We got out of the old bubble of time that was the past paradigm – we entered an empty space, but we have memories of a past that happened (in the other bubble) and while we walk in the new time bubble, the new paradigm, we create the past that fits to the future we have chosen to manifest, both is altering simultaneously so we can stay in a world of cause and effect if we like… or we may chose to create the present and the present future while the past of it forms according to it, with it. it depends on the question, whether one needs an explanation, a REASON why the situation is like that. so if the mind creates then the reason, the past according to this belief or thought form forms.

Which brings me to the next stage of this article.

As time is fluid, and we get aware of it, this shift creates imbalances in the Earthly realms. People are in it whether they know or not.,so they may re-create strange things with strange effects in this bubble, which may be challenging for the senses.  Also in this new bubble, the way manifestation has worked before isn’t working, as the projections into the future are different than what we were used to do before. Irritation on all senses on the trained people and on the people “not aware of it”.


On Sunday, a very deep (deeper than 500 km) and a very strong (8,2 magnitude) happened in the Fiji Island region – followed by a still ongoing series of very deep but moderate earthquakes in Fiji. So more than 20 moderate EQ’s happened in the depth between 500 – 650 km depth. This depth is below the plates or plate boundaries, getting them into stronger moves.
The earthquake was the start of a probable „bumpy“ time on Earth, with the likelihood of very strong earthquakes across the pacific and larger earthquakes all around the globe in the coming month. The strong earthquake on Sunday in Indonesia was still from the movement of the days before, so the new waves may start to arrive within the coming days for the whole pacific plate and for all plates on Earth, as the depth of the EQ may have caused movement in all plates. 
While the very strong very deep earthquake in the Fiji region happened, that was not covered by the news,  (https://www.emsc-csem.org/Earthquake/earthquake.php?id=707745 ) I got the inner image of a dimensional anomaly that is either caused or accompanied by a magnetic-electric anomaly.
Due to that, time , perception and emotions may come in a chaotic node of “be, not be, be, not be, might, might not) so in a manifestation – black matter – manifestation – black matter/void – manifestation – black matter/void) pattern.
These pattern are creating what the Hathors called “chaotic nodes”. One image to explain chaotic nodes may be a pot with cooking water, when the bubbles start to emerge, and the surface gets uneven and the bubbles shift the water, bubbles interfering with each other, the longer the water cooks. 
If you put that in the reference of the 4D above mentioned “time-manifestation”  dimension, you may get an incredible sea of fast accessable realities and probabilities.
In our body, electric energy is rather causing visions and telepathy, influencing the nervous system that runs on electricity, while the magnetic anomalies are influencing the way we feel and how we store, therefore remember things. Therefore even in our bodies all of this is in a shift simultaneously.
Example. you may have made a decision towards something (A), as you were against something else (B).
In the current chaotic node, you may be aware of all the timelines and realities that were there as you may have followed decision B, while the decision A is also there, present.
You may get the blocked decision B as if you had decided for it, (while aware that you decided against, reliving all the reasons why you said no), while all the other forms of decision A may seem not available or only “probable” …
Small windows of opportunity may emerge, that create pathways to both decisions, while a variety and myriad of the other probable realities are in the room at the same time, loaded with the emotions one usually has in the 3D reality present.
So instead of one reality loaded with emotions and the other ones are probable and therefore you create them by sending energy, projections and emotions into them, all of a sudden ALL possibilities are loaded with emotions, while the windows of opportunity may be only a small choice not loaded with emotions.
In other words, each moment creates the according past loaded with emotions from all the other probable realities already existing, while „in fact“ we create a past in an empty bubble – so  in a space where there is no  past any longer.
We chose, which past we take with us into the new bubble.
While “choosing” … may not be what we are used to do… the choice is done by the curious entity exploring the manifesting spaces.
For all that like to know a bit more on what I am saying I refer you to the “Oversoul Seven” trilogy by Jane Roberts. The spaces we are in are like the testing Situation Oversoul Seven faces, when he e.g. forgets to manifest a waste-paper bin in a schoolclassroom.
If you seek guidance and training in this situation, i may refer you to the music and the excercises of the Hathors, given by Tom Kenyon, on his website (www.tomkenyon.com) – or you may contact me with questions on this.
referring back to the dreamspell: one way to see it:
panoramic awareness of the cosmic eagle  may be the awareess of all possibilities in the  dreamtime in which the blue night is dreaming the dreams.

I wish you a time of curiosity for the bubbles of emotions and  future and past probabilities, that may arise for you.
Earthquake link: website of the EMSC – European seismic Center 
Maya glyphs: Maya.at CD Rom edition