New Earth / Kin 255

Kin 255 – blue galactic eagle,

and it’s a slightly different text from me.
The eagle is the symbol of vision, and I would like to describe a vision that came from changing the point of view about the past few days. The energy of the equinox was very special. My inner vision (which I was reluctant to share) was that the an earth emerged from our earth until two versions stood next to each other. New Earth is definitively here. The old faded.

Some may now say: hurray, I knew it, this situation.. the virus is… (fill in the gaps). Yet Spiritual glamor is inappropriate. Yesterday evening I saw someone throwing old earth grids over people and things. As I checked the news, the UK had just announced the latest quarantine orders.
Well – in the past days I have “seen” many symbolism and vision on various states doing quarantine – and no one in no way ever threw nets of the old earth grid over people. So let me explain a bit on the current energy view that I got through this – and taking this in to dreamtime and sleep to ponder on it.
The virus so far attacks the lungs – and  energetically stored in the  is grief, loss, and amongst others also a lack of communication. Whoever is in spiritual glamour, that the virus can only affect people of old earth is just wrong – as “§spiritual” people can hold grief in these areas too. Therefore, this virus can also affect „spiritual“ people, because they have accumulated grief and  mourning about loss. Also due to rigidity in the images, what spirituality may mean, they may have accumulated unexpressed emotions in their bodies. I am writing this give a wake up call to those who think they can put on spiritual glamor as this may only affect “old earth and unspiritual“ people.

The other glamor is that youth  is spared – since it will wipe out the old and prevent demographic change – which is a blatant neglect of wisdom over generations of incarnations – and in stark contrast to one of the basic issues the „new earth“ stands for  – the cooperation of the generations up to councils of sages and wise elders councils. 

So even though new earths exists, and this no longer can be changed, there are still attempts to alter this awareness and awakening.  This in one way can mean, that the alteration of perception may turn individual.  After I read an article on the crystalline structure of the virus, seeing microsocopic imagery,  I realized it carries the old earth grid.  

Second stellation of Icosidodecahedron The original uploader was Tomruen at English Wikipedia.

The new  earth grid starts in the form of an icosidodecahedron – yet it is already morphing from that point of geometry to even more beautiful complex versions. So the first imagery of the earth as icosidodecahedron was only a „starting point“ for the spiritual awakening. As the old earth grid no longr exists, throwing it over people shows as a strange phenomena to me. Earth herself does no longer support this weblike  network, it is frequency – and in terms of energy it is already  beyond.

For all that work energetically, this now may mean a different approach on the energy healing level. It is now the time where each person has to take individual and full responsibility for the own energy field and aura.  People not familiar with this may need a training for this – so the ones that teach may need to adapt their spiritual practice and their teaching method, to allow this wisdom to spread.

You can take care of your energyfield by various methods – first and above all it is emerging from the inner. So you can help yourself by e.g. changing to a healthier nutrition, walks in the outside of nature. Chanting the mantras, visualizing colors flowing into each part of the body-. These colors an be what the body or the organs need, so they may not be the same ones as chakras for the area would show. My own solution to this is, when I don’t know what color is needed I visualize a rainbow, so all colors are available.

The energy field can be cleansed or stabilizd by crystals, word on the body, or used as a comb, moving through the Energy field.

You may use your own sound, as it feels right for the body. Or you may apply an energetic tool like e.g. Sprays, Pomander, Quintessences like e.g. from Amanda Ellis Metatron Sprays or from Aura-Soma and many others that may help in this energies. Essences I can recommend area also besides Bach flowers and Australian Bush flowers the Eriksessences from Erik Pelham. (please ote, I do not get a fee for advertising or am distributing these products – I recommend the ones I know that work, but there are many others that are available and may be of help to you, too).

Other work can be done by working with the meridians, or applying healing methods like Quantum healing or EmotionalCode work… and the list goes on.

Since energy fields react sensitively to technology, you can also use cell phones, televisions, or other electronic devices, as mobiles can play also play mantras, can have sacred geometry as screensaver, or as youtube can have channels with healing music e.g. solfreggio music or other forms of music that feel individually right.

The waves of people just awakening need flexible ways to be reached … What that may mean I would like to explain by sharing a story that Tom Kenyon told in a workshop:

During a seminar, Tom usually sings chants and asks people to focus on an area in the body – sometimes combined with an image.  He once asked the group, while doing a sound meditation, to meditate on a white lotus at the top of the head.  When the sound meditation ended, he asked the participants how they feeled. A man came forward that tturned out to be an accountant who had never attended a spiritual seminar in his life and certainly hadn’t meditated. He had imagined the sports car Lotus in a white edition on top of his head.  When tow asked him how he was doing, he says :; great, he would never have felt so good.
Tom mostly ended this story with his insight: “it showed me, you can use anything as vehicle for enlightenment.”  

Just because you wouldn’t meditate like that doesn’t mean that other people cannot experience an opening of consciousness and a positive change through creative use of inner imagery.

Sooo – back to the energy of the times – on an energetic level, the spring equinox was a time juncture, an important energy transition we now have left behind.
With this in mind, my view on the quarantines changed.

The quarantine all over the world may be  needed to stabilize the energy of earth as well as the people’s energy fields. As each person carries their energy and rememberance, it makes a difference where they are and when.   Therefore maybe  people are “grounded and held in a certain position as part of this stabilizing process.
Earth recovers a lot due to that which gives an other consciousness and awareness on travel and the vehicles of transportation used. So later, more stabilized, people may travel more ecologically aware in better transportation vehicles developed due to this experience.

Perhaps this energetic view brigs an other understanding about so many other levels that are happeing simultaneously.  

Regardign the Dreamspell, there are still 5 days left until the spin ends – the tension will continue to increase, but the “real thing”, the real important issue,  already happened and can no longer be destroyed. It is up to us now, how positive the changes are. The more mindful and social we treat each other, the nicer and faster the change will come for the community on earth … but nevertheless, it may take decades and centuries for this new way to unfold..