Michaeli / St. Michael’s day 29. Sep 2018

Today, 29th September, is the feast of Archangel Michael, called „Michaeli“. In dreamspell it happens to be the day of the white cosmic magician, the white magician in the energy of the cosmos, initiated into the cosmic forces, providing them, moving and acting in them in white magician manner for the wellbeing of life and all that is.
it is the end of the wind wavespell, wind reflecting the breath of life, the breath of god, may it be the word as in speech, or the breath that human take on earth, so our relation to trees and nature.
It happens to be also the day of emotional angel „Mikael“ in the tradition of the 72 angels of the kabbalah.
If you apply the wisdom of Rudolf Steiner, this day is a special day in the cosmic breathing cycle of Earth. On the feast day of Michaeli, the Mercury energies mix with the sulphuric energies of the dragon power.

As you may notice in the color code of Aura-Soma, it is quite a yellow day there also – as Mikael in Aura-Soma is related to B51 – Kuthumi, and the guardian angel of that day also contains in color yellow (3 x yellow plus 1 x red = gold) as color)
In the German text i included some links to Rudolf Steier words and speeches. Especially in youtube there is a video in german on a speech he gave about the rhythmic breathing cycle of earth during the year. So in case you are interested, i would recommend you to search for the english based articles.
As it is a good day to meditate, i would recommend a meditation with both forces, so the Archangel Michael energy  in the cosmic breathing cycle of earth on one hand,  and the white magician energy within the cosmic forces on the other. 
If you are interested in applying Aura-Soma, i would recommmend a full color circle in order to clear the emotional and mental subtle bodies in order to reach the causal body and its energy flow of divine clarity.
The full color cycle would be
First ray, blue:
Saphire blue Pomander – El Morya Quitessence – Archangeloi Michael
Second ray, yellow-gold (Sulfuric energy)
Yellow Pomander – Kuthumi Quintessence – Archangloi Michael.
May it be a day ´full of cosmic inspiration for you.