stressful energies emerging from Earth’s magnetic field / south pole

Dear all,
my energy and words may not come as easy as a channeling to the „dearest lightworkers“…
i would rather like to point out some of the challenges that may arise in the coming weeks in order to show some bumpy moments on the roads ahead.

In my inner vision, there is something going on with the magnetic field of Earth, especially the polar region of Antarctica. In my (symbolic) view, more and more slicing energies emerge from the south pole and Antarctic region,spreading then over the world and hurt energy fields.
it started during the past portal days with only one longitude or line across Earth that came into a hurting mode, now there are at least 5 of them, the number seems to increase every other day. Various earthquakes have taken place there, also a hole visible via satellites from space appeared on the continent.
To me this means, that from the region of Antarctica something may arise, that may challenge energy fields and/or life on earth for various reasons.
One source could be Antarctica rising. The melting of the ice shelf over antarcita increased, a huge formation of ice broke loose during the year, my inner is, that with the melting of the ice the continent and therefore the plate will start to move as the weight on the continent is experiencing a huge shift through melting ice, so weight no longer there. that could be one source of the earthquakes.

Yet there could be other reasons for the challenging energies, that are more magnetic / electric in nature, shifts in Earth’s magnetic field or in the layers of the atmosphere above Antarctica. While it may take months or years for scientists to find out or to measure, the impact is already showing and incrasing. So if you are of a sensitive nature, just reflect on the inner and take good care of your body and the energy field around you.
Shifts that are stressful may occur and be felt in sudden feelings of drainage, loss of balance, loss of memory or difficulties to move through the space surrounding you. So stay patient with you and be extra careful when meeting others.

The other is more physical in nature – there is added stress on the brain area and on the eyes. The energies that show e.g. in horoscopes show a large energy building up in the head area, too much energy in the head on one hand.
On the other there are shifts in awareness and perception, maybe also due to the shifting magnetic fields and impacts from the sun’s coronal hole that may show in stress with eyes.
If you feel irritaiton on the eyes do not hesitate to get your eyes checked,

if you feel some impact as said above, e.g. sudden draining of energy, exhaustion or irritaation in perception, consider a walk in nature, no matter the weather, and to align with the devic field and your own divine spark. If you are working on the energy level, i would suggest you realign and refocus your energies, the usual way to ground yourself may not work so realigning with the electric / magnetic fields not only on earth but in our sun may be helpful to gain a new balanced energy field.

… to be continued.


Reference: Hole in Antarctica: retrieved 27th oct 2017

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