the only freedom I ever had

— The founder of Aura-Soma, Vicky Wall, was quoted quite often with a remark, yet i know 2 seemingly same quotes

a) the only freedom i ever had was not saying no

b) the only freedom i ever had was not being negative

The first remark I heard in an Aura-Soma Seminar when i started my training. I struggled with this remark a lot. Why had she no choice but to say yes? why could she not say no? what an impact on her life, what a struggle. Especially women in my understanding had a right in certain situation to say no.

then a few years later, i met someone that told me, her words had been: the only choice i  ever had was not being negative.

if you ever consider to enter a training in Aura-Soma, ponder on this,

stressful energies emerging from Earth’s magnetic field / south pole

Dear all,
my energy and words may not come as easy as a channeling to the „dearest lightworkers“…
i would rather like to point out some of the challenges that may arise in the coming weeks in order to show some bumpy moments on the roads ahead.

In my inner vision, there is something going on with the magnetic field of Earth, especially the polar region of Antarctica. In my (symbolic) view, more and more slicing energies emerge from the south pole and Antarctic region,spreading then over the world and hurt energy fields. Weiterlesen

How about „2018 Year Ahead“ as special Christmas present for your loved ones

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– Special times in the year ahead according to the own energy
– At-tune-ment with Cosmos and earth according to the Mayan count / Dreamspell
– The inner soulclock – are there any special issues the soul likes to work out in 2018?

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Dreamspell – turn of spin – 33rd Harmonic

Today in Dreamspell is Kin 131, magnetic monkey wavespell.
in Dreamspell we are in the 33rd Harmonic, the place, where the energy turns around, mirroring itself. The 33rd harmonic is the one mirroring itself, while all the other ones have an other harmonic as balance. If you look at the Dreamspell, you see, that we are in the middle of the middle row, the point where we meet the cosmos and the energy flips and turns around – from inhale – stillness – to exhale. So the 4 days of the 33rd harmonic are this stillness, where the outbreath starts. a cosmic outpour of our creativity and communication with life. We are communicating with the cosmos, each person individually, yet earth as a whole also. Weiterlesen

Quality of time July 2017 – a short vision

Today is the start of the 13th moon in Dreamspell – as each year we are heading towards the Day out of time on July 25th to start a new year on July 26th. This time also is called the starting of the Lion’s gate, as it leads through the time of Leo, which is of greater importance regarding the shift towards the Aquarian age (as opposite in the Zodiak, so when the Sun is in Leo, the moment the sun is setting in the sky and therefore during the night Aquarias can be seen as constellation in the sky). The Lion’s gate therefore is a pathway to the Aquarian age.
As usual, the beginning of a new month as well as each portal day or the day out of time is a day, where visions and dreams can be more vivid. As it is with me. My dream this night showed me some insight in current political issues, and in the times to come this month and to follow.

  • My dream was:
    I was in a room in a castle or building. Journalists got in and out. Discussing I went outside, it was like a church in a castle, a face was chiseled into the wall, as it is usual on medieval churches. It was the face of a guy with beard and horns, yet one horn was missing (as e.g. Indra as Elephant god has one horn/tusk missing) . I remembered, that a guy like this was holding the sacred water in Rennes Les Chateau and thought of Mary Magdalen when I entered through the wall (was there a portal or a door or did I just enter the heavy grey bricks?) so I wondered on the connection between Indra, Ghanesa and so, while I heard whispers from voices, telling that I found that site, when I saw a very old woman with grey shoulderlong hair (Sheila na Gig) on a bed, ill, here empty breasts hanging down her chest, one breast was covered with rubber, as if someone had tried to pump the milk out of it. She needed care, looked at me. I wondered, who tried to milk an old woman, when I was in that space again. Inside that large room was a person of the former Obama administration sat in a seat, and I was glad to see him, and told this. I went out again to find myself on a field of broken glass. A mother stood there with her daughter, the daughter was playing with the sharp glass, when I walked to that girl to tell her that this may be dangerous. When I got closer, I saw, that the cutting edges of the red, orange, coral, yellow glass turned to drops, liquid, spinning, then to polyhedrons, then they formed elestials, like elestial crystals. Whatever the girl had chosen, it was neither sharp nor edgy, it was safe, harmonious and it itself a crystal of beauty.


Dreams are stuff for interpretation, and in this case, it might be a good idea to interpret them with my own storyline. And to this, I have to refer to Atlantis.
My memory of Atlantis is, I stood there, was invited to sing a harmony that would harmonize and balance the dischoard that had built up to a disharmony in all the crystals. While I tried to balance my inner to see both sides, all tones of the story, I realized, that both sides were not so much different, but they had chosen a different approach to it. The misunderstandings had grown too deep. But I tried to concentrate in order to sing that sound, when a flash of light appeared behind me, I turned towards that light when I heard the crystals of the temple break, and the air was filled with the screams and yelling of all beings that went through this experience.
later a friend told me, his memory is, I was in that temple, he and others were outside, trying to hold the space and the frequency, while it cracked and I could not be reached in side. For whatever reason, I was afraid to make sound and noise since I was a child. I loved singing, but withdrew in a closed space.
Later I learned, that a lot of people that went through this Atlantis breaking and the going under of that civilization can not stand noise or strange sounds. Very often, people are afraid to talk. It is their reaction on this moment of cracking, when the yells started to scream and added to the dischoard in the air. A short glimpse of what might have happened is the Movie “2012” from Roland Emmerich, that did not reflect, what we went through in 2012, but it was a close approach to what happened in Atlantis, and how it came, people in the “boats” could reach a new world. It was one of the waves of remembrance that got more vivid the closer we came to 2012.
Whenever people are into the Dreamspell, they may find that gates exist, through which windows emerge. Windows or mirrors, as Aura-Soma would say. Fractals Arguelles would have called them. One is mirrored with the own story and/or can see through time and space into the other dimension that form space and with it in this realm time.
If one uses these windows as gateway, by purpose or by accident, actions have the tendency to be stronger and mirror back to the “actor” – and into realms of dreamtime and manifestation. Something, a large crowd of people know, more than we think.
It so happens, that some of the beings knowing more, are masons. It so happens, that 2012 was a year of election in America. It so happens, that 2016 was also a year of campaigning in America, and the Democratic convention chose to do their “candidate” election on the day out of time / beginning of the new year, so in the beam to the infinite. Whatever I am now saying, may seem as if the democrats did a lot of energy work, but this is not the whole story. Beyond 2012 I saw a lot of Republicans and groups of background stories “seeding” also with technoology , Russia and China added to that, I wrote a lot on it then and there, I can make a long story short, in telling, 5that with the haarp technology (that is spread all over the world, shut down by Obama for military use, but revived by Trump again) and the current Infrared technology used by China and Russia is close to the technology that destroyed Atlantis. Therefore, whenever it is in use, People with Memories of Atlantis tend to have nightmares.

The issue gets a bit more colorful, when we look at it with Aura-Soma eyes.

In this image,

(my former article on this you can find at: )

one can see the Colors of Hilary Clinton, and the colors of Donald Trump according to their Birth Kin in dreamspell. You can see, both are turquoise, yet one with clear in fraction, one with deep magenta. Kin 85 is also in connection with Titania, the queen of the fairies, while 107 is Archangel Jeremiel in Aura-Soma.
It took me to this dream this night to understand the connection. Trump and Clinton was 2016 the reflection of the Atlantean fight of both groups, the dissonance they put out got so strong that it crashed – Then and there Atlantis, now most likely America. The political fight going on is therefore not “political” – it is a remembrance of a special way, a fight, that now is turned to the political stage, but it is the same fight. The crash is deep. The glass breaks.

The sound of Atlantis, the attempts of trying to stop that crash, and all that light workers are trying to do, is in the breaking to create harmonies. The broken glass is not edgy, it starts to spin and will show elestial crystals – in a new time. But in fact right now, we may stand on broken red/coral /yellow glass – so the attempt is to break the issues of survival mode.
Obama tried to break the issues of a survival mode in giving people access to health care, the Republicans do the opposite, they try to increase the survival mode in order to stress it, until the glass breaks.
The attempted glass ceiling to break instead of feminism and a woman ruling America turned out to be the broken glass of the crystal temple of Atlantis. With the ability to form new worlds, but an ability that may be beyond the reach of the current generation. My dream tells me, that maybe the new generation can. To us, it may break.

I refer to it in a deeper way, as some visions have to do with it.
According to the dreamspell, the coming year is in Kin 64 – the cosmic seed. The cooperation in the name of the seeds of a new time, seeds of cosmic impact, of cosmic importance.

Kin 64 is the bottle “Djwal Khul” in Aura-Soma.
Djwal Khul yet is the name of the Tibetean, that gave Alice Bailey the insights for the books, her work in founding the Lucis Trust.
The day out of time will be in the energy of Kin 63 – spectral night. In Aura-Soma this is reflected by the bottle B63 – Hilarion and Djwal Khul. Another setting of the theme, repeating itself.

During the coming 4 weeks we may experience more and more remembrances towards the Atlantean Crash, the shock of that split. We may encounter a lot of inner yells and dischoards, with some trying to build a new society of equality, where others may want to erase one large portion of the people and the rest shall be the ones in the boat of the new time.
These are the emotions behind the current fight in America, that will expand into the world while the world watches in agony and fascination about the game in America. Then and there both sides they are the rescue of Atlantis, just as well as both sides here thought they do the best for America.

Yet all with Atlantean roots and remembrances to Lemuria and Atlantis may feel an increase pain. If this is the case, I would suggest to turn to calming actions, e.g. the right movements, training, or music / harmonies. I can not say, whether harmony may be suiting, as sometimes an energy is balanced not by a harmony but by a dischoard. Therefore it may vary from time to time, and “heavy metal” may be suiting as well as mantras.
Some people may be through these mentioned issues, already in a state of tranquility serenity, yet if you belong to the other “fraction” that may face the memories and shock of that destruction, just find the waay that suits you.
Know, this time things are different, and memory is mixing with an other future.
Yet it may be a bit of a bumpy ride through the Lion’s gate.
May you find the star that guides you, may the star, that guides you, be your own soul, shining the light on you.

The year 2017 in Dreamspell / energetic dates

The new year started in Dreamspell with the beginning of the mirror wavespell. So the start into the new year was also a start into a new wave. Due to the “Rauhnächte” the 12 sacred nights between Christmas and Epiphany, January 1st is connected with the 7th month of the year, which is also the Lion’s Gate Portal, the alignment with Sirius while the sun moves into the sign of Leo.
This indicates, that the themes, the “mirror” wave are bringing along, will also be picked up in the middle of the year, when the new year in Dreamspell occurs. Life as a mirror, on earthly, celestial or cosmic terms, will be one of the main themes in both Calendaries.
One of the main issues of José Argüelles, when finding out about the mayan timecount, was re-aligning it with cosmic events. So the Dreamspell has in itself the gift of connecting the South American ( Plejidiads & Sirius ) with the Sirius-alignment of Egypt. The haab therefore is connected to the heliacal rising of Sirius in Egypt (see )
The Dreamspell Kin “mirror” is – if you look closely – also a sky view down on the pyramid of Chichén Itza in South America – yet also on the pyramid of Saqqara in Egypt. So in this year, one of the main themes, the alignment of earthly life with celestial events and the rhythm of the cosmos will be in the main focus. The sky as a looking glass into eternity.
I would also suggest, that due to the intensity of this theme, both continents, South America and Africa, will work geomantic in a stronger way. The mirror seal itself is in connection with the Indian ocean. There might be an emphasis on the region between Madagascar and Australia, also July 2017 – 2018. in a movement of the plates or earthquakes, that may show up during the next Haab, so from July 26th 2017 – 2018

High energy dates in 2017 according to the Dreamspell

  • Middle column of the Dreamspell. 4.1. – 24.1. with the turning points on 13/14th January
  •  Closing 10 portal days: 29.1 – 8.2.2017
  •  End of the current spin / Kin 260: 23rd May 2017 AND
  •  Beginning of the new spin: 24th May 2017
    These two days mark the energy of the utmost energy shift or downward spiral – depending on where and when a human being is feeling. It marks therefore the increasing gap between the people on a creative path and the people on the destructive path, also the increasing gap between people still living spiritually and mentally in the old paradigm and people who already feel and live spiritually, mentally and sometimes even astral in the new paradigm of the Aquarian Age.
  • Day out of time: 25th July
  • Beginning of the New Year 26th July Kin 64 – cosmic seed year

eptember 2017: Echo of December2016 / January 2017  themes, reminder on all new Year’s resolutions. – if you passed your January energy it will be a time of uplift, in case janury’s themes are
this month may bring a reminder.

  • 6.9.-16.9.: 10 opening portal days.
    Refer to the time before Christmas. I would strongly suggest to mark this time in the calendar, as at this time portal in 2016 a cosmic wave was screened, that then lead to double earthquake movements. It was a cosmic energy wave in high frequency, that was registered by satellites. Here the reminding link (dutchsinse
  • 18th September 2016 – Echo of January 1st on a new level
  • 30.09.-01.10: turning of the spin
  • 10.10.20017 (=10-10-10) Kin 140 – planetary sun. The manifestation of the sun’s energy on a 10-10-10 day ! This is the lowest point of the middle column and will be a very high energetic day. This will be a reflection – or a backdraft – from 10-10-2008 (before Obama was elected) and 10-10- 2010
    10 closing portal days. 16th – 26th. October 2017:
  • Special energies: all born in 1965 will reach their Sirius-Return this year. A Sirius return means, that every 52 years the birthkin and the birthday are combined again. This indicates a kind of cosmic initiation into the own birth energy on higher levels.

Cosmic communication:
The dreamspell is, what I call, a cosmic telephone. One task, in my view, is to “home phone” – which means a free access to it and a spreading all over the world. One other – main – theme is, the connection of human consciousness to earthy life. And the energy earth is getting, as humanity sends out main themes as collective emotional impact of such a vast kind, that the cosmos answers after a while with helping waves.
So if humanity has a problem, e.g. with mourning, with impacts, and sends out the energy of vast destruction r vast emotions, the cosmos turns to it vast energies to help.
Usually, for mass emotions in the collective, it takes 2 – 3 days and you can see the impact in the sun by mirroring. Sometimes an effect yet is so strong, that you can see it in one part of the sun without mirroring the image.
January 1st in the images of SDO Princess Leia was to be seen. The death of Carry Fisher as actress and her mother Debbie Reynolds was one theme surrounding Christmas- new Year’s time during the portaldays . Yet a few days later the world showed what it mourned – it mourned the death and remembrance of Princess Leia, so earth as a collective was sending through the sun the passing of a galactic princess.
So the portal days of this year + September / October + in about 2 – 3 years time mark answers from the cosmos on this galactic feeling, as she impacted the feelings that people have towards the stars, and towards the feminine. Waves that approach earth in 2 – 3 years time will bring answer in empowerments to a new feminine expression and the passing of expression of patriarchic feminine patterns.

She became the Force – Carrie Fisher

I have to admit, I did not know Carrie Fisher from Star Wars.
I love her role in “When Harry met Sally”, so I have an emotional bond to her work as actress. Yet I did not see Star Wars until recently where I lend a DVD in order to only switch to the scenes where Yoda is, to find out, what he described as “the Force”.
I am a Star Trek fan, to be precise, a “Star Trek – the Next Generation” Fan. My female  image was not formed by a Princess Leia, but  by the collective expression of Deanna Troi, surprised, that there was a beautiful woman in her abilities, wise, empath, and she was not haunted, laughed at or talked about. She was even the counselor of someone so wise and reasonable as Captain Picard already was. The first woman with a relation on board the Enterprise (with Number One). But most important: being able to communicate telepathically (to her mother, with her beloved, and with some species able to do that). Empathic in a high sense, which showed in feeling, sensing, sometimes overwhelmed by whatever information she got so she got numb on her senses.
She was not a witch, but a respected counselor and healer. To me as woman this was a breakthrough, Deanna Troi became a midwife of my intuitive being that was able to unfold and express more and more even in today’s society, in a reasonable surrounding, even in a technical one. No superstition, but an extraordinary talent. Respected even in enabling her to a special career. .

Rauhnächte / sacred nights start

(for the english version, please scroll down)

Die Rauhnächte starten, die heiligen 12 Nächte zwischen Heilig Abend und Hl. 3 Könige, zwischen 24.12 und 6.1.
Es sind Zeiten, in denen die Fenster zum nächsten Jahr offen stehen, eine Zeit der Prophetie und prophetischer Träume.
Wer auch immer sich mit Aura-Soma und / oder dem Dreamspell beschäftigt: nächstes Jahr das „Löwentor“ ist in der Energie von B63 Hilarion und Djwal Khul (Tag ausserhalb der zeit) und B64 Djwal Khul (Beginn des Neuen Jahres im Dreamspell nach Ausrichtung mit Sirius 26. Juli).
Und so mag es zusätzlich zu den für die Rauhnächte üblichen Bräuchen eine schöner Impuls sein, B63 & B64 anzuwenden.

Dear All,
the „Rauhnächte“ start with the 24st December, the time of the sacred 12 nights between 24th December and 6th january, between the birth of the child and the visit of the 3 wise men.
it is a time of prophetic dreams, each night for a year.
For all that are involved with Aura-Soma and/or the dreamspell, i would like to Point out again, that the Lion’s gate in July next year will be in the energy of B63: Hilarion and Djwal Khul (day out of time25th July) and B64 Djwal Khul (alignment with Sirius 26th July) :
So there might be a nice way to prepare „being in Synch“ with applying these bottles as preparation also during the sacred nights

Workshop: Vorbereitet sein – Bereit sein.

2017 beginnt, mit vielen absehbaren Veränderungen und Wandlungsprozessen. Doch was hat sich die Seele auf ihrem Lebensweg ausgesucht – was ist der individuelle Weg?
In dem Tagesworkshop bereiten wir uns auf das kommende Jahr vor, durch Einstimmen in die astrologische Zeitqualität, mit Meditationen und Gesprächen, inneren Reisen und Energie tanken.

Neben einer Meditation, die jedem die Möglichkeit gibt, die Räume des Neuen Jahres zu gestalten, erarbeiten wir noch Techniken, wie man sich jederzeit in kleinere oder größere Zyklen einstimmen und durch Meditation orientieren kann.

Wann: 14. Januar 2017 von 12.00 – 19:00 Uhr
Wo: Bruchköbel bei Hanau
Seminargebühr: 30 €

The birth of the political entity Donald Trump

27. September 2016
And yesterday was the first presidential debate in America. During the debate, in the middle of the night, a marshmellow like entity formed on the astral of the mass collective, and I watched how this marshmellow mass had already the attributes of Donald Trump, so it was visible, that this mass related to him.
When the debate was over, a John Wayne like figure stood in its place. Donald Trump had given birth to his political presence. In my understanding, this may mean, that he may relate to former GOP Republican politicians like Arnold Schwarzenegger and of course Ronald Reagan, that first had a movie presence in the mass collective. But I did not see the show business Donald Trump before on this Level. So here something different happened.
The debate took place on the honorable Hofstra University. It is my understanding, that the debate itself done in this ceremonial order and in a very reliable way is a gate to the political arena. It may be seen as a baptism of seriousness. In whatever way one may see it, to me it seems, that Donald Trump, that was loud on the political stage, now has an access to the real political arena, a layer only opening at a certain power level through a kind “passing a test”.
At 6 am European Summer time, the TV showed a multihead panel debating at CNN, who won. Yet to me this does not matter, as the real news to me is the birth of the entity that now can act on the political stage.
With the forming of this astral influential political presence, Donald Trump now has impact on layers that had been closed to him before. He is born as politician, no matter the outcome of the election.

Initiations are never easy.

The Gathering of Nations – UN General Assembly

each voice may sound.. from each nation.

as usual, each autumn equinox, the General Assembly of the United Nations meets. (
And even though most of the people will sit there on the first day to hear America speak (i guess they do, am not sure as the schedule is not out) – it is a place where EACH nation has a voice. where one nation yells at the other, telling what hurts them, what bothers them, and what and how they adress the community of the world.

The GA debate starts tomorrow, aprox. 9 – 10 am New York time – which means, around 15 / 16:00 European time.

May each nation have a voice, may their voice and concerns be heard and understood, may the meeting contribute to an understanding amongst people and nations

and as it is –

I call in White Buffallo Calf Woman and i call in St.Germain – i also call in all higher Selves and Group souls of the nations, all guardian and guiding spirits each nation or tribe is having, and all landscape angels of the continents, to gather and help humanity in understanding each other, to gather and help humanity solving the Problems.


Lunar eclipse – 16th September 2016

lunar_eclipse_2016just a few short remarks on yesterdays eclipse

one can see that the Moon is in Konjunction with Chiron during the eclipse. This lunar eclipse challenges the view on medical issues, and on the image of the „invincible“ or the „immortal“ – so the superbeings – or the in mass media pretended giants view of immortality and invinciblity.
Chiron was immortal, so he could not die. One day he went on a hunt, and was hit by a poisoned arrow. As he was immortal, he could not die – but he was not invincible, so he had pain. To cure his pain, to find relief, he (known as healer) applied all his medicine – but could not help himself.
This themeis triggered in the collective, and it is at the southern node (lunar eclipse), so issues from the past – karmic issues – isssues that overshadow the people and the astral – come to the surface. The collective, the people, have to deal with it.
As the sun is also connected with it, on the northern node, the future, it is about the shinign ruler of a country ( in terms of America) – or – the question, whether an inner sun can shine if someone is ill or wounded (chiron) and therefore needs medicine against the struggle on the inner in the immortality / invincible theme.

If you take Hillary Clinton’s birthchart, you see, that her Chiron is right now also activated through Lilith. Chiron is the wounded healer – so an aspect of an inner wound in the own way of invincibility and immortality.. Weiterlesen

September 05 – Kin 260 – Preview to the next 260 days

A bit of a short preview of what may come – today is a portal day, so political issues have also an impact in space and time…
North Korea fired missiles towards China, while they do the G20 meeting… while at the G20, which is an economy meeting of world leaders, a lot of other background issues are given space and may be or may be not discussed. China is in its subtle way demanding an expansion of their own mindset and energy… and here my view and this short article sets in

Due to the solar eclipse, a solar ring of time from the African continent containig access to the wisdom libraries was released. This will lead to an increase of wisdom people on earth hardly had access to and this will continue for decades and centuries to come.
As today the world leaders are in China, and tomorrow the ASEAN meetings will start, two focus points of cosmic portals (kin 260 and Kin1) are taken with these economic Asian events.
As the Dreamspell also contains I-Ching-hexagrams (see the Star Traveller almanac by Stephanie South/José Argüelles), all that are interested in energetic flow and harmonizing may deepen their understanding of – – and — , of existence and non existence, of light and dark, of 0 and 1 … the flower of life in circle turning to the chinese luck knot that is square in nature and therefore the cube of Metatron harmonizes also with the chinese Tao. The i-Ching and the 5 Element harmony as a wisdom will be one of the issues of the coming 260 days.
Due to the meeting of the ASEAN countries i would also suggest, that the vison of the ASEAN countries will spread more. The ASEAN countries formed in emphasis for the European thought. With that respect, i again call St. Germain in, ruler of the 7th ray of the new time to come, the Aquarian age. He was one of the founder of the economic wealth of Europe, and as the ASEAN countries have Europe as a vision, he may support this.
the 7th ray politically seen may be attributed with communism and socialism, as These experiments took place under the guidance of the 7th ray, but both of these political ideas and theories are just a rough first sketch and were in that matter of sense not able to expand into the world realm. Yet with St. Germain as the one that contributed to the economy building of Europe, we see that the 7th ray can also have more liberal and idealistic expressions also. So under this guidance, we may find broader visions of ways to live together, like Europe is trying to built its vision according to it, more Liberalism wise than socialism/communism wise, yet with a strong tendency to brotherhood and equality – while the African countries, the African Union, will rise to a worldwide equality too, maybe in the same time frame than China and the ASEAN countries will do.

So may St. Germain also contribute to the ASEAN awakening and therefore to harmonize the western – European – Idea with the Asian countries. May the chinese wisdom of Tao, i-Ching and Yin-Yang be understood deeper and may this build a bridge where the cultures can meet in a better way and a better understanding of interconnectedness of the world as a whole, and humanity as caretaker of Earth.


Sonnenfinsternis 01.09.2016 – Teil 1

The Quality of Time – Die Qualität der ZEIT
Sonnenfinsternis 01.09.2016 , 09:08 h Greenwhich Mean ime / Universal time (GMT/UT)
01.09.2016 – 11:08 h MESZ Mitteleuropäischer Sommerzeit.

Dies ist der erste Teil eines zweiteiligen Artikels, der sich mit der heutigen Sonnenfinsternis vom 01.09.2016 beschäftigt. In der Einleitung (im ersten Teil) möchte ich einen kurzen Einblick darin geben, was auf einer übergeordneten Ebene eine Sonnenfinsternis ist, wie man sie astrologisch einordnen kann, was die speziellen Bereiche sind, die sie kulturell oder psychologisch berühren kann, und einen kurzen Energieausblick auf die kosmischen Dimensionen der Finsternis legen, bevor ich im zweiten Teil des Artikels genauer auf die Horoskope der Finsternis und dem Beginn des Saroszyklus, dem sie angehört, eingehen werde.
Finsternisse sind Verdunkelungen des Lichtes des Mondes oder der Sonne dort, wo man sie beobachten kann. Die Erde ist ein zuverlässiger Ort mit Rhythmen und Zyklen, Zu Zeiten, in denen die Sonne kulturell-mystisch mit dem König und Herrscher eines Landes verbunden war, repräsentierte eine Finsternis Tod oder Beeinträchtigungen des Lichtes des Herrschers, also Rückschläge in/durch Kriege, Missernten oder Krankheiten. Dies gilt in heutiger Zeit in diesem Sinne nicht mehr, doch kann man auch beobachten, dass in Traditionshäusern wie Erbmonarchien oft Kinder, die später wichtige Rollen im Land spielen (den Thron erben), in Zusammenhang mit Finsternissen geboren werden. Eine weitere „Schwächung“ der Sonne, die oft im Zusammenhang mit Herrscherhäusern auftritt, ist die Sonne im 12. Haus. So paradox es scheinen mag, die eigene Sonne der Person ist eher gedimmt, damit die Sonne des Herrschers im Dienst am Volke scheinen kann. Ähnliches gilt daher für Finsternissonnen in Geburtshoroskopen von Herrscherhäusern oder später politisch orientierten Menschen.
Wirkungsbereich einer Sonnenfinsternis:
Einer Sonnenfinsternis im persönlichen Horoskop als Transit sagt man nach, dass sie plutonische transformatorische Eigenschaften zeigt. Ihr Wirkungskreis / Wirkungsdauer kann in verschiedenen Phasen gemessen werden.
1. Sie hat Gültigkeit bis zum nächsten Neumond (bei Sonnenfinsternis) und Vollmond (bei Mondfinsternis). Das Licht hat sich erneuert, die hohe Transformatorische Arbeit einer Finsternis endet.
2. Sie hat Gültigkeit bis zur nächsten Finsternis gleicher Art (also Sonnenfinsternis oder Mondfinsternis). Dies kann zwischen 5 und 6 Monate andauern.
3. Sie hat Gültigkeit bis zur nächsten Finsternis am Süd- oder Nordl. Mondknoten – dies kann zwischen 11 und 12 Monate dauern
4. Sie hat Gültigkeit bis zur nächsten Finsternis im Saroszyklus, und wird dann von der nächsten Sonnenfinsternis in der Energetik abgelöst. Diese Zeitspanne beträgt 18 Jahre

Finsternisbereich – und Bedeutung:

Die heutige Sonnenfinsternis hat einen breiten Finsternisbereich über Afrika hinweg (siehe Links am Ende des Artikels).
Auf einer übergeordneten Ebene der kosmischen Einflüsse bedeutet dies, dass die Finsternis das Kollektiv darauf vorbereitet, dass der Kontinent von Afrika sich vollends energetisch an die telepathischen Templates anschließen wird. Telepathische Templates ist ein Name, den José Argüelles den Bereichen gegeben hat, die das Wissen / die kosmischen Bibliotheken und die Kommunikation des Lebens untereinander und miteinander bezeichnen. In den telepathischen Templates sind die Ideen der Formen gespeichert, um es mit Plato zu sagen. Der Evolutionsplan, den Gaia gerne entfalten würde ist dort ebenso enthalten wie die Verbindung aller Lebensformen zur kosmischen Heimat. Es bezeichnet also einen Raum, den Schamanen schon immer kannten und in ihrem Training zu betreten lernten – wie man mit den Tieren und der Natur so in Einklang steht, dass eine Kommunikation, tiefes Wissen und Verstehen, möglich ist. Ein Bereich, der nur mit Weisheit, Feingefühl und offenem Herzen betreten werden kann. Ein Bereich, von dem aus Heilung möglich ist. In diesem Bereich ist alles Wissen aufgezeichnet, in einem Sinne von: Bibliothek – in einem anderen sinne von: Frequenzbereich.
Die Öffnung bzw. der Anschluss des afrikanischen Templates bedeutet, dass die Erde selbst das gespeicherte Wissen in alle Bereiche der Erde einfließen läßt. In der Erde, dem Grund und Boden, sind alle Informationen aller Lebewesen und aller gefühlten Emotionen und gedachten Gedanken enthalten. Alles was im Guten wie im Schlechten je erlebt wurden. Wie die Erde behandelt wurde, wie die Menschen sich selbst untereinander behandelt haben, wie das Leben behandelt wurde.

Dies bedeutet, dass auf einer unbewussten psychologischen Ebene ein großer Anteil an der kulturellen Selbstverständlichkeit, z.B. wie Mann und Frau zueinander gestellt sind, in die gesamte kollektive Unbewusstheit und das Astrale einfließt, und von dort aus von Wissenden oder Geschulten verstanden und übersetzt werden kann. Es bedeutet, dass Wesen unbekannter Art auf der Astralebene zu sehen sein können.
Es bedeutet auch in einem geistigen Sinne auch, dass sich Bibliotheken und kosmische Verbindungen öffnen, die mit der Herrschaft der weißen Wesen vor allem im Kali Yuga vergessen wurden. Es bedeutet auch, dass die Art, wie der Kontinent von Afrika von den Weißen behandelt wurde, sich in das astrale ergießt – die westliche Zivilisation bekommt den Einfluss von Haß und Unterdrückung, den sie in diese Welten hineinbrachte, den sie in die Erde stampfte, und den Gaia nun in unseren Bewusstseinsbereich zurückbringt, als Rückfluss zu spüren.
Es ist also eine Form der Aufarbeitung historischer Ereignisse und immense Heilung die möglich wird, wenn genug Wesen sich dessen bewusst sind.
Dieses innere Freisetzen alleine, (ohne die emotionale und mentale Reaktion der Menschen auf diesen Clash der Kulturen anzusprechen) bedeutet einen weiteren Clash in dem, was die Hathoren als chaotische Knoten bezeichnen. Ich möchte daher hier noch einmal erklären, was ein chaotischer Knoten ist:

Chaotische Knoten:
Alles ist Schwingung. Emotionen sind Schwingung, Gedanken sind Schwingung, Einflüsse fliessen ineinander und erzeugen Bewegungen und, je nach Elementezusammensetzung, Reaktionen.
Alles ist Schwingung. Man stelle sich daher einfach einen Wassertopf oder ein Wasserglas vor. Jedes Wort hinterlässt eine Schwingung in diesem Wasser. Dann kann es natürlich Bewegung geben, oder jemand – kosmische Entwicklung genannt – stellt den Topf auf den Herd. Das Wasser beginnt zu kochen, die aufsteigenden Blasen sind zuerst leicht, doch je näher an der Oberfläche, desto mehr schlagen die Wellen ineinander. Die aufsteigenden Blasen sind in diesem Falle z.B. die kosmischen Einflüsse und Impulse. Sie kommen von ganz tief unten. Die Blasen an der Oberfläche sind die chaotischen Knoten, dort, wo das Wasser aufgewühlt ist und die Wellenberge ineinanderbrechen Mit Knoten sind also in dem Falle Schwingungsknoten gemeint. Das englische Wort, das sie verwenden, Nodes, wird verwendet für Schwingungsamplituden zu messen, doch auch im astrologischen Sinne, um errechnete Maßeinheiten zu bezeichnen, z.B. Finsternisse, also Begegnungen, Zusammenkünfte, die dann Ereignisse oder Effekte erzeugen. Bei einer Finsternis geschieht im astronomischen Sinne nichts. Außer dass sich Bahnen verschiedener Planeten in bestimmte Winkelbeziehungen begeben. Das Auge des Betrachters, der Menschen und Tiere auf diesem Planeten jedoch, sieht ein sich verdunkelndes Licht, da gerade diese besondere Winkelbeziehung bei uns bedeutet, dass Schatten oder die Form eines Planeten genau die Größe haben, um ein anderes Wesen vor unseren Augen zu verbergen. Durch die Winkelbeziehung, die einfach so durch die natürliche Eigenbewegung der kosmischen Objekte entsteht, entsteht durch Beobachtung ein visueller Effekt, der anzeigt, dass sich in der Energieeinstrahlung etwas geändert hat, da sich zwei Objekte so begegnet sind. Dies betrifft den Betrachter. Daher empfahl man in früheren Zeiten, einer Sonnenfinsternis auszuweichen, denn wenn man sie nicht beobachtete, dann war man ja nicht von ihr betroffen. Dies hat sich nun so geändert, dass man zu Sonnenfinsternisereignissen reist, und sich bewusst in die Beobachtung und die eigene Wahrnehmungsreaktion begibt, was eine erfreuliche Ausdehnung des Bewusstseins zur Folge hatte. Wer jemals bei einer Sonnenfinsternis zugegen war, der kann im Zeitraffer erfahren, dass sich am helllichten Tage die Blüten zu schließen beginnen, die Natur sich beginnt, wie nachts zu verhalten, z.B. Vögel verstummen. Der Blütenreflex alleine bezeugt, dass das Leben auf der Erde darauf reagiert, und damit auch, dass es zelluläre und tief in der Biologie verwurzelte Reaktionen auf Lichtveränderungen und Lichteinstrahlung ergibt, der Mensch als biologisches Wesen gehört mit dazu.
Alles ist Schwingung. Emotionen sind Schwingung, Gedanken sind Schwingung, Einflüsse fliessen ineinander und erzeugen Reaktion. In diesem chaotischen Bereich ist das möglich, was als Novelty, Neuheit, bezeichnet werden kann, da ein ungeheures kreatives Potenzial entsteht, da die Einflüsse sich miteinander Mischen.
Für mich ist es wichtig, diesen Bereich auch des kulturellen anzusprechen, da die Finsternis, die heute zu sehen sein wird, einer interessanten Saros Serie angehört, die eine Entfaltung des Weiblichen im Zusammenhang mit alten mystischen Kräften als Hauptthema hat – und im zweiten Teil dieses Artikels möchte ich die historische und astrologische Besonderheit dieser Finsternis, die ein Brückenschlag zwischen Männlich-Weiblich und Friedlich-Kriegerisch sein kann, beleuchten.
Da der heutige Tag im Dreamspell in der Sternenwelle ein Tag des Kriegers ist, yellow solar warrior – gelber solarer Krieger – und dies eine Sonnenfinsternis darstellt, in der Mars mit Saturn einen prägnanten Platz einnimmt, wird ein Teil meiner Beobachtung sich auch diesen Themen im besonderen Widmen.

Links mit Informationen über die Sonnenfinsternis 01.09.2016 – 11:08 h Mitteleuropäischer Sommerzeit.
Astronomische Daten über den Saroscycle 135 von NASA :
Informationen über die Sonnenfinsternis (dt)
Und natürlich Wikipedia, einer globalen Wissensdatenbank/Bibliothek auf Kristalltechnologiebasis:

Zweiter Teil folgt.
Autorin: Octavia Gentemann-Schmidt

Ein Strom aus den Höheren Welten

Head of a Hathor / Sistrum / Museum Seattle

Head of a Hathor / Sistrum /
Museum Seattle

Eine planetarische Botschaft der Hathoren durch Tom Kenyon

In unserer letzten planetarischen Botschaft namens Aetherium genannt, teilten wir mit Euch eine Klangmeditation, um Euch zu helfen, sich durch intensivierende Ebenen des Weltchaos zu bewegen, in dem man Stress abbaut und in Körper und Denken Kohärenz aufbaut.

In dieser Botschaft geben wir Euch eine weitere Klangmeditation, “ A Stream from the Higher Worlds / Ein Strom aus den höheren Welten” genannt. Das Ziel dieses Klangverbündeten ist es, Euch zu helfen, sowohl tief sitzende psychospirituelle wie auch emotionale Negativität und Toxizität zu klären.

Während Eure Welt in einen ständig größer werdenden chaotischen Knoten eintritt, gibt es einen Zusammenhang im Anstieg von Gewalttätigkeit und Antagonismus. Diese emotionale Toxizität ist so allgegenwärtig und so alles durchdringend, dass sie sogar die spirituell am meisten Fortgeschrittenen unter Euch beeinflussen kann.
Bevor wir nun zu den Instruktionen kommen, wie diese Meditation genutzt werden kann, möchten wir ein sehr wichtiges aber komplexes Konzept ansprechen. Um die Kürze zu wahren, möchten wir dies mit so wenig Raum wie möglich tun.

Dimensionale Tendenzen

Wann immer Ihr in eine starke emotionale Antwort und die damit korrespondierenden Gedankenformen kommt, habt ihr eine spezielle Dimension des Bewusstseins betreten. Dies ist ein Vibrationsfeld von Energie, das unabhängig von euch existiert und von allen fühlenden Wesen miterschaffen wird, die die gleiche Emotion und Gedankenform erfahren, Euch einbegriffen. Weiterlesen

Mary Magdalene and the Christ energy – the veil of the piscean age


Rose garden at the Church of the Immaculate Heart of Mary, Ireland Copyright Octavia Gentemann-Schmidt

A short while ago, the catholic church surprised people with the news, that there will be a feast day for Mary Magdalene, ranking her now equal to the apostles. Pondering on this, some remarks from Alice Bailey came to me, that I would like to express as an energy image of the current energies.* (see footnotes)

We are at the cusp of the so called Aquarian Age. The consciousness of this age is now fully accessible since at least 2012, when the old age ended and we entered the new dimensions in which the emergence into the new consciousness succeeded. Yet the manifestation, to live according to it for earth as a whole, still might take some centuries. The energies of the Piscean Age have finished to enter as an inflow, yet remain active while leaving at least also a few centuries, astronomically at least until the spring equinox point moves to Aquarius ( so the time when earth day and night has the same length (21st March), and this energy point is entering the Aquarius constellation in the sky, which will be around 2700.)
The so called age of Aquarius is in various ways very different from now. On one hand people / humanity might get more androgynous, forming a closer male / female relation in itself. From the Mayan point of view and Patriarchy / matriarchy wise, we reached the age of union. So after we had two rounds of Matriarchy and Patriarchy switch, with changing the forcefield between the sexes. For Millennia, both sexes had been used to be the leading force and then fall into the forgetting and surpression, yet for the first time since millennia there will be no flip in the energy, but a union of both. Both sexes rule, in a new form of cooperation, both sides are not used to.


A look on „hot“ and „Cold War“s

During his time in Munich, Russian PM Medvedev stressed the fact that a new cold war might dawn. He delivered a show as 2007 Putin did on Nato and Ukraine, so as Russia then set in place „facts“ 2014 in Ukraine, it might be good to look what “cold war” might mean if it takes again 5 – 7 years in preparation to come.

(Note: I would like to refer you to the article of Bernd Greiner: Kalter Krieg und “Cold War Studies”, in which he refers to historic, economic, political and military definitions of that term.
Online link: (Bernd Greiner, Kalter Krieg und “Cold War Studies”, Version 1.0, in: Docupedia-Zeitgeschichtem 11.02.2010, URL: abgerufen am 15.02.2016.)

So let’s first adress the usual images of „Cold War“ with a closer loot to the real issues.
Usually one refers to “Cold War” as the “long peace” between the nuclear states USSR and USA. It took part in the Northern Hemisphere from 1947 – 1991. It was ended around the time, the Berlin wall came down. Cold War took place in the northern Hemisphere, atomic bomb threats were made, it was a time, where the nuclear war was prevented, a time of hard kept peace between…
.. well.. not quite…

 Long kept peace:
In fact 1947 to 1991 was the time, where more than 150 heavily armed conflicts took place, proxy wars of the big powers, fought in other countries (that had no atomic bomb). And this also was fought in the southern hemisphere, in African and South American countries. Of course there was no nuclear war between the two nuclear blocks, no one wanted to erase themselves in attacking the other directly, but lots of heavily conflicts in other states on behalf of that.
It was also the time for despots and tyrants to declare their alignment with power state x or power state y, and so with their claim to help against the big enemy, they got military Equipment by their „friend“ and could claim power over their citizens in their own countries.

Capitalism and Trade:
Cold War was the time, where the countries on earth were divided according to the countries they referred to economically. So whether they traded with USA or with USSR and China.
It was a time of “vital” partners, vital cooperation, vital alliances. It was a time, where seemingly “remote controlled governments” of smaller countries were just as possible as governments waiting, which of the big hegemony partners would be the right one, so a time, where smaller countries could wait and see, who would be the referred choice that would then help them grow. An interesting field of power for small states with large ambitions.

Place of Cold War / Battlefields:
The cold war took place between USA and USSR – right?
They were in threat of getting bombed, right?
Not quite:
Especially in Europe, Cold War is remembered as a time and place, where the war could happen in any moment on the own soil. Due to the split of Germany, one of the scenarios was Berlin as a place of invasion.
This changed. Tremendously.
Russia invading Ukraine showed, that it does not have the potential for a starting point of a new cold or hot war. Yet what is visible: Medvedev’s point of being at the verge of a Cold war might mean, they want the former states back. It could be seen as the warning of a Russia, ready to occupy the former USSR States that joined Europe in the east enlargement (with support of Russia.

Current Threat:

Geostrategic and geopolitical might be the terms to use in the next months to follow.
The questions one can ponder on, according to the short remarks above:

  • Who is my (economic) ally? (which ressources do I have / can I get?)
  • Where do I deliver my military equipment to?
  • Which countries might be good for proxy wars?

These three questions will be the main focus of any Cold War discussion. So let’s start with it
Only if Question 3: Proxy wars, can no longer be answered, the issue of a Third world war might arise. yet: who really wants the atomic bomb set fire in the own country.. ?

Irak was a geostrategic war. Yet the Obama administration lacked any geostrategic movement. In fact the letting go of Irak showed a USA ready for an autonomous region and government there. This might change in the years to come, with an other president. Yet right now it is as it is.
Syria destabilized. Despite his red line warnings, America did not act geostrategic yet waited for an UN-mandate – that was blocked by Russia.
Yet, Russia was active, claiming Ukraine back. Ignoring UN mandates and resolutions for this.

Hm. Stage set, Russia already Shows clear signs of ignoring any international community or international law.

So which other international actors act geostrategic?

Europe, e.g. in my understanding, even with the east enlargement, is not a geostrategic player, if so, Turkey would be part of Europe since it asked for it (as providing access to the black sea). Yet the fact that Turkey, and with it its access to the black sea , is denied due to humanitarian reasons, one can really consider Europe as an idealistic or liberal Federation with no real geostrategic interest.
China might be a geostrategic player, with expanding interests all over the globe, claiming also access to the Arctic. They set up an island in the sea, devastating ecological treasures, ignoring international upheaval and UN resolutions, also they keep the occupation of Tibet. So China is the a geostrategic player next to Russia with the same mind set than Russia.
The question hidden here is, would China be a singular economic and political player, or shoulder to shoulder with Russia. So therefore, Russia claiming being the owner of the Arctic, would they consider China as a partner in the Arctic? Or would China even cockfight with Russia on this?
So, by nature, America under the Obama administration shows a lack of geostrategy in military terms, Europe does not show geostrategic interests, China and Russia yet are forces and international player on the state since decades, ignore boundaries and frontiers, acting against humanitarian law in occupying countries, ignoring international or law and resolutions in their geostrategic interests. North Korea in the past weeks showed an interest in stepping onto this stage of actions.

So let’s take a look closer at the economic issues.
China, Russia, Brasil, India, South-Africa crated the Brics states. A new trade and money organization. Goldman-Sachs coined the word “Brics”, blessing the cooperation with a name.
TPP, TTIP are names of contracts on the other side of cooler/hotter side of this new emerging “cold control”, economically speaking.

What about the crude stuff – called oil?
Russia came out of a phase where sanctions are against it, but especially where the breakdown of the oil price heavily impacted its economy.
This did not start with the Iran-Deal, in fact the time, when the change on the Throne in Saudi-Arabia occurred, the oil prices broke off even with the usual fix. Some of the breaking might have occurred due to the inflow of ISIL-Daesh related Oil to the market – so one issue of the cold war might be – who was the one floating the international markets with the Terror-Crude?
Russia is rich in gaz. Yet turkey declined cooperation with Russia on a pipeline.
The Arctic is rich on oil and gaz – yet maybe too dangerous to drill there.
Nevertheless, for a country claiming geostrategy, claiming military occupation of the Arctic, something different then Syria and Ukraine may be behind the words of Munich.
The former Cold War “red” related Asian countries now show interest in the economy of the West. With the trade agreements waiting in line, but a Cold War threat issued, it might be just a matter of time until the Asian countries turn into the economic proxy wars of the coming time.
So economically, the Near, Middle and Far east are the places of the proxy wars of the next Cold War era.

Asymmetric warfare.
Asymmetric Warfare is called any means that is used to veil / cover,  that a war takes place in a certain area, while another area is used as a scenery.
In Munich the real arguments against Russia were: Destabilizing Europe in enhancing the refugee flow towards Europe.
Since the Russians started to bomb in Syria, the refugee flow from that area increased. Starvings re most likely.
The bombings do not target Terror groups or areas where fighting needs to stop,
Russia bombs in Syria, no Assad at a negotiation table. The Refugees stream into Europe increased counts of hundred thousands … one really might consider a destabilization, if there was a Europe interested in being a global player.
Yet Humanitarian reasons win .. and .. just as I spoke about this earlier, there are no geostrategic interests of the federation of Europe.

So – the area of the new proxy wars is declared also in military style.
It is the Near and Middle East. With asymmetric warfare against Europe.


Fazit: If the term „cold war“ is coined, the set is staged for proxy wars.
the area most likely are:: Near and Middle East & Arctic as Military battleground,
Near, Middle and Far East as economic Proxy war area.

It took Putin 7 years from his outcry to his invasion to Ukraine.
With TPP, TTIP and BRICS, economical war may be quite clearly to be seen soon.
And the Proxy wars might also slowly but clearly put in place.

Let’s see who’s next to join the stage as actor