Eagle Wavespell / the energies from 30. Sep – 11.Oct 2018.

Today, 30. September 2018, we start the Eagle Wavespell in Dreamspell. It is only
25 days to go to the end of the current 260 day spin, which can be seen on the small miniature Tzolkin.

It is a blue wavespell that starts, and in 13 days, the yellow star wave will lead to the end of the current spin. In the wording of Valum Votan / José Argüelles, we will climb the stairs to the emerald tower during the star wave.
Yet back to the here and now: what is the Eagle wavespell about? I describe special points in the wave, in order to give an impression of the hidden, background energetic.   In the first 7 days of the wave, we start with thoughts and actions to build a momentum. On the 7th– the resonant day, the energy reaches the middle of the wave, starts to be in resonance with the greater whole. In the 8th tone it communicates with the galactic center, in the 9th with the solar energy, and then manifests on Earth. So I describe  special points in the wave, for they are usually quite clearly to see and provide an understanding of the own energy in the whole.
Yet each day is special, of course… 😉

So the focus points of my articles is :

  1. the starting impulse – this is the eagle
  2. the manifesting energy in the 10th seal, what is the manifestation about? What outcome shall be reached?
  3. the spectral day, which spectrum does the energy usually reach, what range does it have, to which rays or levels it filteres down, building various timelines or energy lines of resonance
  4. the 12th tone: what is the cooperation about? who is cooperating or what for do we cooperate?
  5. the 13th tone – to what cosmic energy doorway leads this wavespell. What or who is the cosmic energy in this wave, to which layers and dimensions can one climb through that wave.
  6. The Portal days in a wavespell

The starting impulse of the wave is the eagle energy. The eagle is about the vision. Remember, we came out of the breath wavespell that aligns us with the breath of god, that can be the words we speak, or the air we breathe here on earth. So after realizing this breath of god, the divine movement of intention and life sustaining, we reach the vision of god. in breathing in and out, we get aligned with the “all that is” will to live and what line of development it may follow, what intention it has. On the personal level this may show in dreams or clear knowing and insight about the own flow of attention in life, the own focus, of inner longings, projects, what may lay ahead. One may gain the overall view on the own circumstances, sudden views of interconnectedness like e.g. small streams tand creeks mount into other flows, and form a larger iver.

The Eagle as animal totem is the overall view, the panoramic awareness one can gain in the flight, soaring high. the eagle is able fall down  from this height with absolute focus in order to get its prey, and then climb up into the air again with its food. It nests are usually high in rocks or trees, it is a being of the height, only climbing down touching earth if it needs food.

In the wavespell of the earth it may therefore be a focus on panoramic awareness , one can gain if detached from the ground, detached from the daily human issues.

In a wavespell, the manifesting energy is the tenth tone. In this wave, it shows what the ability of the eagle is focused upon. Maybe even what prey it may get. The planetary tone of manifestation, the prey, the eagle looks for to feed itself, is the „Seed“ energy.  What seeds did we plant in soil, what seeds we are about to plant, if we get the overall picture? Do we change our life and our life strategy, the direction life takes, if we get the overall picture? De-tached at least a bit from the daily sorrows and worries, if we soar at least a bit into the air and sky, do we then change our seeds, our deeds, our thoughts, our intention to something bigger, that suits the panoramic awareness?

The cooperation in this energy is the white worldbridger, Keme, which is one synonym for death. not all seeds we plant in this life, not all plants we harvest in this one. sometimes we have to die to be reborn, sometimes the ego has to die. or the problems have to die. the cooperation Is the letting go energy. Once we may get the overall picture, we realize, that some stuff isn’t worth it, so we let go of it. ‚Or we may see, other things are more important, so we re-organize our lives.


the 13th tone, the cosmic window, that gets available, is the „Hand.“
The actions we do, the actions we are capable of, get cosmic in energy. we are no longer earth bound in the actions we take, but the energy an action carries influences and we get cosmic energy adding to our actions, so they have more impact. Yet the hand stands also for something else. if you combine the thumb and the index finger, as seen in the symbol of the hand, you get the size of your own pranic tube. So the hand is also about the energy you put into it, and the pranic energy you build up.  The prana that each being is carrying needs to be taken care of, by wise action, and then it shows through wise action. If the pranic energy, the energy that is building the light body and the energy field / aura around us, is well, the mind is clear and sharp. if the pranic energy gets out of focus, one can get dizzy or unclear. If you have the chance and luck to read the book on the Hathors by Tom Kenyon, you see, that a lot of their excercíses focus on building up  and maintaining the pranic energy in a being, in order to stay clear, focused, and bright and aware to the cosmic information pouring in.

So in the Eagle wavespell it is about this energy field, that enables then the view of the eagle, and the view of the eagle enables a being to build up its energies, and use them wisely according to the seeds that are planted, that need to be planted, in the energies here up to the very ancient roots this planets is having.

The portal days:

In this wavespell there are two portal days. the Storm, kin 239, the overtone storm, is a portal day. The overtones of a sound, the energies that are also there, next to our intention and purpose, make a portal and create a storm that can help transform thoughts and actions on all levels and timelines.

The spectral tone, the spectrum of the energy, is the other portal day in this wave.  Kin 241, the red spectral dragon. Earth herself has various dragon lines, and somehow this energy describes a very ancient motherly energy on Earth herself that connects to the cosmos. So the range of the panoramic awareness, the spectrum to which it breaks itself down in the spectral tone, is the ancient energy of earth as a whole, to the portals of the dragon energies she carries.



The (personal) vision
usually in Dreamspell I get a vison at the end and / or at the beginning of a wave. This night – again – I had dreams of harder times to come, regarding electricity. I had various dream scenes of huge thunderstorms with electric lightnings that are far beyond in energy as we had so far in the past centuries. Huge amounts of rain flodded earth in large thunderstorms. the lightnings put out electricity and mobile communication, therefore disrupting our outer telecommunication system. Also the energy fields of people were charged with energies that was hard to deal with.

yet the visions had also a softer scenery, people that sat on the bank of a river that was flowing like a vast stream, enjoying the flow of energy.

and so I see this as the twofold possibilities – if aligned with the cosmic energy, the energy may be like a huge river flowing where one can sit at the shores and banks to enjoy the day and to plan what to do,
or it may be like a vast discharge, if the energy system is not ready for it, or if ruptures in the energy on inner and outer occur.  in that it is wise to take shelter and to wait until the storm had passed, and my advice is to shut down technical devices, so to shut down PC and Mobile technology wherever possible, but especially when on the outer or in a storm.

So may you soar high, and stay focused in the cosmic energies

Octavia / Daughter of the Sun
blue planetary night



999 portal / the energy of the new moon 9th september 2018 (9-9-18)

999 (9.9.18) – new moon energy

New Moon 18:15 Greenwich Mean Time / Universal Time

New Moon at Fiji Islands, International Date Line

The new moon occurs on 17.00.16 degrees of Virgo, such a tight exactness, that I rather give out two Sabian symbols.
Usually, a Sabian symbol of the  degree that is following is given out. As we do not have a symbol for 0 degree of a sign, and as the planet, when it enters a sign, is in that energy, we always refer to the energy of the degree where the symbol is full.
So with a new moon of 17.00.16 it is the symbol of 18 degrees virgo, but due to the current energy situation, I give out both of the symbols, as the following month may show, what emerges in the collective or the mass or individual conscious

KEYNOTE: The explosive energy of long-repressed contents of the subconscious.
We are dealing here with the dramatic release of energies which have been kept in check by the outer shell of the ego controlled consciousness. It may be a spectacular catharsis, but it often takes paths of destruction. Yet unless some form of purification by fire is experienced, the inner pressure of the karmic past or of more recent frustrations would shake up perhaps even more destructively the very foundations of the personality.
At this second stage, the objective confrontation with an image of the karmic past is replaced by a subjective irruption of repressed memories and primitive cravings. Everything must be released from the psyche seeking to attain the transfigured state. The soul must become empty, the mind translucent. The Keyword is EXPLOSION.


KEYNOTE: The ability to contact deeper recesses of the unconscious psyche and sensitiveness to psychic intimations and omens.
The ouija board is to be considered here a modern device similar to many ancient instruments used for divination and prophecy. Certain states of threshold consciousness are stimulated by such a use, and what the experience produces may vary greatly in quality and in origin. The release of unconscious material has lost the explosive force pictorialized in the preceding symbol, yet at this stage there is still no conscious and willful control over what reaches the ego-consciousness.
This is the third stage of the thirty-fourth sequence of symbolic phases in the life process. It is at best a stage of transition which stresses a passive openness to the unknown. The glamour of it may subtly pervert the mind of the aspirant; but in some cases, this can be the first manifestation of INNER GUIDANCE. The difficulty is to correctly evaluate what or who does the guiding.

Both symbols speak of the emergence of something subconscious. In one symbol it is a setting free of suppressed things in an explosive-like eruption, so just the outburst of something,
in the other symbol, inner guidance emerges. The quality of that guidance is up to the person, circumstances, and the clarity of awareness. The inner guidance may emerge through using tools or devices, and one needs discrimination to be aware of quality of message and messenger, yet, it is a slower emerging. in the first symbol, something just breaks loose, in the second (the one we would actually take) something emerges by effort and slowly, as we ask for it to happen, seeking for it.
in one stage therefore the possibility of outbreaks and outbursts of (unwanted) energy, on the other hand the awakening of something, that was trained and asked for.
In the first symbol it represents the setting free of old energy that was blocked, suppressed, not worked with (in a training or forwarding intention) – the other – actual- symbols shows the turning towards the future, the seeking into something.
And, as it was my first thought while reading it, I would like to remind all readers that the “Seth” books by Jane Roberts started through her using a Ouija board. She explored this method as she liked to write a book on psychic abilities, and doing self studies on it. Seth broke through after a few remarks by someone / something else. One can read this story in the (around 2000) published books of the “deleted” materials, and also on her book about ESP power (https://sethcenter.com/products/fells-official-know-it-all-guide-to-esp-power-seth-book-jane-roberts)

New Moon 18.01 Greenwich Mean Time / Universal Time, London

Due to this I show two horoscopes, both calculated on manmade places. the first one shows the energy on the International-Date-Line, the other one for the 0 Longitude of Greenwich, where all time is calculated (Universal time UT as well as GMT start at Greenwich astronomy observatory near London).

New Moon for Fiji Islands, International Day Line

Due to the fact that in the past weeks at Fiji extremely large and extremely big earthquakes happened (both time over 8 magnitude and over 600 km deep) – I chose the Fiji islands for the International Day line horoscope.
As you can see, the International Day Line has the New Moon on the ascendant, while the GMT based Horoscope shows the New Moon shortly before sunset. so what for humanity starts as an “I” theme, the theme of defining oneself, for the western world and its clock system it shows as a “you” problem or issue – as the “I” spot of Ascendant turns to the meeting and mating of the Decendent point in the Horoscope. A mirror theme – mirrored deending on  cultures-  can be seen in it.

Yet adding to this, just as it is with big energies, this horoscope on the 999 energy contains 2 major energy fronts. All planets are either around the midst of a zodiac zign (around 17 degrees – so around the new moon degree) , or at the end/ beginning of a sign, within a range of max 5 degree from each other. So we have two large areas where a “transmission of light” occurs. Therefore I also add the two geometry forms, these aspects are shaping, in two separate horoscopes:
The new moon is directly in aspect with:
Jupiter, Neptun, Pluto,
While the other planets form aspects with the nodes: Mars, Mercury, Venus, Chiron, Uranus, and the void of Lilith.

So within the Energy of this new moon, there are only two sides of the story. Each planet is in either this side or the other part of it involved. there are no other energies or issues at work, but two main stories.
One is a supporting energy of new moon – Neptun, Jupiter with Pluto. A boost in spiritual energy and intension / purpose throught Jupiter and Neptun, but also the danger of too much energy in illusion (Jupiter to boost, Neptun illusion). Pluto in sextile to Jupiter may be seen therefore as a refinement where the longing and the spiritual drive may boost too much into one direction, so he may be a corrector of energies that blow themselves up too much or have expanded too much in the past months.
the other massive energy web is created by mars Lilith at the souther node, Uranus, Chiron, Venus Saturn and Mercury
Mars Lilith shows an extreme meeting between the male energy and the first, archetypical woman, first wife of adam. An intensity of sexual drive in passionate complex relations with carmic ties unfold a deep attraction, almost hypnosis, pouring the carmic pattern into relation or separation.
With Chiron linked to it this may touch the original wound, Uranus may show the real outburst of it, and venus shows in the square aspect that harmony may be lost. Words said may break the karmic relation.
So there is a deep struggle to be seen on issues regarding male (mars) and female (Lilith/Venus) expression, no matter whether the female is the archetypical fierceful goddess in all her allmightyness or whether it is the harmonious esthetic one.
With Uranus also in square, the tensions may show unexpected outburst of vast intensity and electricity.

The other planets, Saturn, Chiron, Mercury, are soothing or adding to this. Saturn in Trine with Uranus shows a sudden impuls for the right structure or the right issue, the right ethic, the right wisdom in action, while Chiron in Square with Saturn may show the pain of such a structure, as the wound would rather be healed with the relation, not the structure.
Mercury is in a trine aspect with Uranus, Uranus as the higher octave of mercury, yet mercury has left the trine and is leaving the close aspect. Messenger, as he is, is already on his way to deliver it, ad it is also the message of a healing structure and mental plan, as he is in a great trine.
So Mercury Uranus and Saturn form a helping earth-related trine to manifest and focus words, actions, energies and inspiration with structure.
While at the same time these inspirations may be roughly disruptive to all sorts of relations between the sexes.

on the more global level we may see a stress on financial issues (venus), wargames(Mars) and sudden outbreaks of financial threats or wars. as Lilith belong to the land of “Ur”, there may be a focus on Iran/Irak/Syria /Turkey area, the former paradise region around Euphrat, Tigris and Babylon.
Neptun in opposition with the new moon shows the likelihodd of issues regarding floods, oceans, landslides or crude oil. Yet due to the fact, that a new moon is a sign of new beginnings, this may also mean the new beginning of all issues relating to floods, to the waters of the worlds, and to crude oil.
may the stars shine your path, and may the star you are guide your way.

sabian symbols: Dane Rudhyar archive at mindfire.ca

time shift past future present

Today in Dreamspell is kin 195 – the Cosmic Eagle, the end of the wavespell of the blue night.  In a special way, the night is about the dreams we weave for Earth and our existence as multidimensional beings.
We travel in our other bodies along the dreamtime lines and the timelines that are and that are yet to be. Rock solid reality in 3 D meets probable realities and most likely realities, and parallel timelines and worlds, and in the Cosmic Eagle energy we may get aware of exactly all of this – we may get aware, that time is fluid, as is manifestation and reality.
So we may travel to other people but also to our other selves and to our other realities, to the dreams we weave, or to the parallel worlds that exist. In this understanding and travel, we can shift reality and manifestation easily, switching current timelines with parallel worlds or other probable realities.


Red Cosmic Moon year in Dreamspell / Lunar Eclipse 27th July 2018

The year of the Red Cosmic Moon has begun, and in sync with the beginning of the year a lunar eclipse occurs that turns the moon red – the year of the Red Cosmic Moon is thus accompanied by a „blood moon“ that is also the longest lunar eclipse of this century. Cosmic clocks are definitely attuned to the earthly clock, however ready humanity may be, the earth says in its cycle in the solar system that it is  „in tune“

Similar to former articles, I write about the larger context, the identification of larger cycles and requirements, which sooner or later your own, individual topics are either part of or forced into,  depending on contribution or awareness.

In this article, I therefore explain the energy of the two cycles (13-tone Red Moon and Saros Lunar 129) and the meaning of this cosmic constellation. Weiterlesen

Neujahr in Dreamspell ab 26.07. / Mondfinsternis 27.07.2018

Das Jahr des Roten Kosmischen Mondes hat begonnen, und synchron mit dem Anfang des Jahres findet eine Mondfinsternis statt, die den Mond rot färbt – Das Jahr des Roten Kosmischen Mondes wird also begleitet von einem „Blutmond“ der zudem die längste Mondfinsternis dieses Jahrhunderts ist. Kosmischer Uhren sind definitv auf die irdische Uhr eingestimmt, wie auch immer bereit die Menschheit sein mag, die Erde sagt in ihrem Zyklus im Sonnensystem, dass sie „in tune“ ist.
Wie so oft in den vergangenen Artikeln geht es hier um die größeren Zusammenhänge, das Aufzeigen von größeren Zyklen und Anforderungen, denen über kurz oder lang die eigenen, individuellen Themen sich unter- oder einordnen, je nach Kooperation oder Bewusstsein.

In diesem Artikel erläutere ich daher die Energie der beiden Zyklen (13-Ton Roter Mond und Saros Lunar 129) und die Bedeutung des Zusammentreffens.

Der Dreamspelljahr „roter kosmischer Mond“ bedeutet, Mond auf dem 13. Ton, d.h. ein ganzes Jahr lang geht es um den Abschluß eines 13 jährigen Zyklus. Der 13 Ton ist immer der Abschluß einer Welle, einer Energiebewegung mit bestimmter Intention und Ausrichtung, und es ist daher der Schlußton eines Prozesses. Es ist der Ton des kosmischen Verstehens, des Schrittes über die eigenen  Sphären hinaus. Es geht also z.B. um das Loslassen von 13 Jahren Chaos, von Prozessen, die schmerzhaft waren, oder nicht gelangen, oder das Anerkennen einer neuen Basis, 13 Jahre einer Transformation, bei der die Puzzleteile an die richtigen Stellen fallen. !3 Jahre, 13 Tage, 13 Monate, es geht immer darum, endlich auf einer anderen Seinsebene im Verstehen, handeln, erkennen zu kommen. In früheren Inkarnationszyklen, in denen die Menschen nicht so alt waren, und die Bewusstseinssprünge anders ausfielen, waren diese Übergänge in andere Bewusstseinsbereiche entweder mit schamanischen Einweihungen oder mit dem Tod verbunden, bei dem die Seinsebenen gewechselt, Wissen integriert und dann erneut in die Inkarnation gebracht wurde. Doch in der jetzigen Zeit, mit der Beschleunigung der ZEIT und der Intensität des möglichen Bewusstseins, der Informationen und des Zuganges zu Informationen, sind Bewusstseinssprünge in kurzer Zeit  möglich, daher ist der Abschluß von 13 Jahren so intensiv wie in anderen Jahrhunderten das Integrieren von ein oder zwei Leben /Generationen. Weiterlesen