Mentalkörper / Mentalbodies

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Ich dachte mir, ich teile etwas von der Art, wie ich manche Dinge sehe…
anbei eine Zeichnung  von Mentalkörpern. die erste neutrale Figur zeigt einen Menschen, in dessen Kopf eine sehr dunkle scharfkantige sich ständig bewegende Wolke steckt. Diese Wolke ist direkt mit dem Körper verbunden durch sehr kantige fast metallene solide Strukturen, die fest im Körper stecken, zum Teil in Organen, meistens mindestens eine in der Herzgegend. Die sich bewegende Wolke schießt Energie durch diese Kanäle in den Körper. ich dachte mir, als ich das sah, dass die Organe auf Dauer keine Chance haben, und krank werden können.als  krank zu werden.

Die zweite Figur zeigt einen sehr harmonischen Mentalkörper. Er ist nicht im Kopf als Weiterlesen

999 portal / the energy of the new moon 9th september 2018 (9-9-18)

999 (9.9.18) – new moon energy

New Moon 18:15 Greenwich Mean Time / Universal Time

New Moon at Fiji Islands, International Date Line

The new moon occurs on 17.00.16 degrees of Virgo, such a tight exactness, that I rather give out two Sabian symbols.
Usually, a Sabian symbol of the  degree that is following is given out. As we do not have a symbol for 0 degree of a sign, and as the planet, when it enters a sign, is in that energy, we always refer to the energy of the degree where the symbol is full.
So with a new moon of 17.00.16 it is the symbol of 18 degrees virgo, but due to the current energy situation, I give out both of the symbols, as the following month may show, what emerges in the collective or the mass or individual conscious

KEYNOTE: The explosive energy of long-repressed contents of the subconscious.
We are dealing here with the dramatic release of energies which have been kept in check by the outer shell of the ego controlled consciousness. It may be a spectacular catharsis, but it often takes paths of destruction. Yet unless some form of purification by fire is experienced, the inner pressure of the karmic past or of more recent frustrations would shake up perhaps even more destructively the very foundations of the personality.
At this second stage, the objective confrontation with an image of the karmic past is replaced by a subjective irruption of repressed memories and primitive cravings. Everything must be released from the psyche seeking to attain the transfigured state. The soul must become empty, the mind translucent. The Keyword is EXPLOSION.


KEYNOTE: The ability to contact deeper recesses of the unconscious psyche and sensitiveness to psychic intimations and omens.
The ouija board is to be considered here a modern device similar to many ancient instruments used for divination and prophecy. Certain states of threshold consciousness are stimulated by such a use, and what the experience produces may vary greatly in quality and in origin. The release of unconscious material has lost the explosive force pictorialized in the preceding symbol, yet at this stage there is still no conscious and willful control over what reaches the ego-consciousness.
This is the third stage of the thirty-fourth sequence of symbolic phases in the life process. It is at best a stage of transition which stresses a passive openness to the unknown. The glamour of it may subtly pervert the mind of the aspirant; but in some cases, this can be the first manifestation of INNER GUIDANCE. The difficulty is to correctly evaluate what or who does the guiding.

Both symbols speak of the emergence of something subconscious. In one symbol it is a setting free of suppressed things in an explosive-like eruption, so just the outburst of something,
in the other symbol, inner guidance emerges. The quality of that guidance is up to the person, circumstances, and the clarity of awareness. The inner guidance may emerge through using tools or devices, and one needs discrimination to be aware of quality of message and messenger, yet, it is a slower emerging. in the first symbol, something just breaks loose, in the second (the one we would actually take) something emerges by effort and slowly, as we ask for it to happen, seeking for it.
in one stage therefore the possibility of outbreaks and outbursts of (unwanted) energy, on the other hand the awakening of something, that was trained and asked for.
In the first symbol it represents the setting free of old energy that was blocked, suppressed, not worked with (in a training or forwarding intention) – the other – actual- symbols shows the turning towards the future, the seeking into something.
And, as it was my first thought while reading it, I would like to remind all readers that the “Seth” books by Jane Roberts started through her using a Ouija board. She explored this method as she liked to write a book on psychic abilities, and doing self studies on it. Seth broke through after a few remarks by someone / something else. One can read this story in the (around 2000) published books of the “deleted” materials, and also on her book about ESP power (

New Moon 18.01 Greenwich Mean Time / Universal Time, London

Due to this I show two horoscopes, both calculated on manmade places. the first one shows the energy on the International-Date-Line, the other one for the 0 Longitude of Greenwich, where all time is calculated (Universal time UT as well as GMT start at Greenwich astronomy observatory near London).

New Moon for Fiji Islands, International Day Line

Due to the fact that in the past weeks at Fiji extremely large and extremely big earthquakes happened (both time over 8 magnitude and over 600 km deep) – I chose the Fiji islands for the International Day line horoscope.
As you can see, the International Day Line has the New Moon on the ascendant, while the GMT based Horoscope shows the New Moon shortly before sunset. so what for humanity starts as an “I” theme, the theme of defining oneself, for the western world and its clock system it shows as a “you” problem or issue – as the “I” spot of Ascendant turns to the meeting and mating of the Decendent point in the Horoscope. A mirror theme – mirrored deending on  cultures-  can be seen in it.

Yet adding to this, just as it is with big energies, this horoscope on the 999 energy contains 2 major energy fronts. All planets are either around the midst of a zodiac zign (around 17 degrees – so around the new moon degree) , or at the end/ beginning of a sign, within a range of max 5 degree from each other. So we have two large areas where a “transmission of light” occurs. Therefore I also add the two geometry forms, these aspects are shaping, in two separate horoscopes:
The new moon is directly in aspect with:
Jupiter, Neptun, Pluto,
While the other planets form aspects with the nodes: Mars, Mercury, Venus, Chiron, Uranus, and the void of Lilith.

So within the Energy of this new moon, there are only two sides of the story. Each planet is in either this side or the other part of it involved. there are no other energies or issues at work, but two main stories.
One is a supporting energy of new moon – Neptun, Jupiter with Pluto. A boost in spiritual energy and intension / purpose throught Jupiter and Neptun, but also the danger of too much energy in illusion (Jupiter to boost, Neptun illusion). Pluto in sextile to Jupiter may be seen therefore as a refinement where the longing and the spiritual drive may boost too much into one direction, so he may be a corrector of energies that blow themselves up too much or have expanded too much in the past months.
the other massive energy web is created by mars Lilith at the souther node, Uranus, Chiron, Venus Saturn and Mercury
Mars Lilith shows an extreme meeting between the male energy and the first, archetypical woman, first wife of adam. An intensity of sexual drive in passionate complex relations with carmic ties unfold a deep attraction, almost hypnosis, pouring the carmic pattern into relation or separation.
With Chiron linked to it this may touch the original wound, Uranus may show the real outburst of it, and venus shows in the square aspect that harmony may be lost. Words said may break the karmic relation.
So there is a deep struggle to be seen on issues regarding male (mars) and female (Lilith/Venus) expression, no matter whether the female is the archetypical fierceful goddess in all her allmightyness or whether it is the harmonious esthetic one.
With Uranus also in square, the tensions may show unexpected outburst of vast intensity and electricity.

The other planets, Saturn, Chiron, Mercury, are soothing or adding to this. Saturn in Trine with Uranus shows a sudden impuls for the right structure or the right issue, the right ethic, the right wisdom in action, while Chiron in Square with Saturn may show the pain of such a structure, as the wound would rather be healed with the relation, not the structure.
Mercury is in a trine aspect with Uranus, Uranus as the higher octave of mercury, yet mercury has left the trine and is leaving the close aspect. Messenger, as he is, is already on his way to deliver it, ad it is also the message of a healing structure and mental plan, as he is in a great trine.
So Mercury Uranus and Saturn form a helping earth-related trine to manifest and focus words, actions, energies and inspiration with structure.
While at the same time these inspirations may be roughly disruptive to all sorts of relations between the sexes.

on the more global level we may see a stress on financial issues (venus), wargames(Mars) and sudden outbreaks of financial threats or wars. as Lilith belong to the land of “Ur”, there may be a focus on Iran/Irak/Syria /Turkey area, the former paradise region around Euphrat, Tigris and Babylon.
Neptun in opposition with the new moon shows the likelihodd of issues regarding floods, oceans, landslides or crude oil. Yet due to the fact, that a new moon is a sign of new beginnings, this may also mean the new beginning of all issues relating to floods, to the waters of the worlds, and to crude oil.
may the stars shine your path, and may the star you are guide your way.

sabian symbols: Dane Rudhyar archive at

Politix for Esoterix – Webinar (in English) October 6th & 7th 2018

As above, so below – right?

When starting to explore the spiritual realm, one quite often thinks Politics may not be spiritual. Sometimes, people even start to walk the spiritual path or look behind the veils as they are disillusioned by the every day life. Fake news, Fact checks, conspiracies and mob mentality and raids may rise in the upcoming election time in America, therefore flood the social media realm.
But what is politics. What is the root, the foundation of it?
During my study in political science I got aware how often what had inspired me on the spiritual realm was rooting in the ancient philosophies, thinkers that have expanded consciousness on earth throughout the ages. I found esoteric ideas and the pondering on what the soul means in their readings – and – interesting enough – they also wrote on politics.

The root of the word Politic is Polis – which meant the town or community one lives in. The people one lives together with.

In the spiritual world, people seek their soul family or soul tribe, a place where to live amongst others that feel the same, have the same view. In some traditions this is called an Ashram, other call it Sangha.

In “politics”, in the polis, in their town or community, the philosophers pondered on how to live together when there is a different view on life – or how to found a perfect community of people to live with. Weiterlesen

Politix für Esoterixs – Webinar

Wie oben so unten, oder?

Wenn man sich mit den spirituellen Welten beschäftigt,  hat man oft den Eindruck, Politik sei „unspirituell“.  Viele wurden sogar auf den spirituellen Weg getrieben durch die Sinnlosigkeit, die sich im Alltag aufzutun scheint.

Aber was ist Politik, was ist die Wurzel dessen, worum es geht?

Während meines Studiums in Politikwissenschaft wurde mir klar, wie oft ich in den Theorien und Philosophien Gedanken und Ideen begegnete, die ich aus  spirituellem Kontext  kenne. Die antiken Philosophen, die das Bewusstsein auf der Erde verankern und auszudehnen halfen, reflektierten über das Ewige, das Sein, die Seele, das Leben, die Essenz.  Doch sie dachten und diskutierten auch über: Politik.

Die Herkunft des Wortes Politik ist „Polis“  die Stadt bzw. Gemeinschaft, in der man lebte und sich aktiv betätigte.

In der Esoterik geht es oft darum, die Seelengemeinschaft zu finden, die Seelenfamilie, mit der man in Einklang ist. Einen Platz, eine neue Gemeinschaft zu errichten. In einigen Traditionen  nennt man das Ashram, in anderen eine „Sangha“.

In der Gesellschaft,  in der Antike, nannte man es Polis.  Und es ging darum: Wie lebt man zusammen als Gemeinschaft – wenn man unterschiedlicher Auffassung ist?
oder:  Weiterlesen

time shift past future present

Today in Dreamspell is kin 195 – the Cosmic Eagle, the end of the wavespell of the blue night.  In a special way, the night is about the dreams we weave for Earth and our existence as multidimensional beings.
We travel in our other bodies along the dreamtime lines and the timelines that are and that are yet to be. Rock solid reality in 3 D meets probable realities and most likely realities, and parallel timelines and worlds, and in the Cosmic Eagle energy we may get aware of exactly all of this – we may get aware, that time is fluid, as is manifestation and reality.
So we may travel to other people but also to our other selves and to our other realities, to the dreams we weave, or to the parallel worlds that exist. In this understanding and travel, we can shift reality and manifestation easily, switching current timelines with parallel worlds or other probable realities.


8.8.2018 / Energien – Energies

Setzte mich grade an den Computer, um meinen Artikel zur Sonnenfinsternis am 11. August zu verfassen, als die Software mir die Grafik der aktuellen Energie gab….
Sehr anspannend, gerade jetzt und heute. Mond läuft gerade in eine exakte Opposition zu Saturn, Chiron ist in Opposition zu Venus, das alles in kardinalen Zeichen. Die kardinalen Zeichen sind die (kosmischen) Wachstumsimpulse, doch sie treffen hier auf den verwundeten Heiler (Chiron) der trotz oder gerade wegen seiner Urwunde die Ästhetik der Balance ausdrücken möchte (Venus in Waage / Venus als Abendstern in der Nähe ihres sonnenfernsten Punktes)
Auch treffen die Gefühle individuell, und des kollektiven Bewusstseins, die sich neues wünschen, auf die Kraft der Struktur von Saturn, Saturn in Steinbock ist einerseits die Kristallisation der Form in ihrer stärksten Ausprägung, festere Materie gibt es nicht. Der Mond in Krebs hat die Sehnsucht nach Gefühlsausdruck und neuen Impulsen auch in Richtung Familie und fühlen, und trifft auf die Kristallinste Form.
Doch Saturn in Steinbock ist auch seelenzentriert Herrscher von Steinbock, dort hilft er, neue (Denk/- Mental-)strukturen aufzubauen. Wir haben also Mond im eigenen Zeichen, Venus im eigenen Zeichen, Saturn im eigenen Zeichen – auch als seelenzentrierter Herrscher – das alles im Quadrat zueinander…
Die Form bekommt neue Impulse. aus dem ozeanischen Meer der Gefühle…. und unter Bezugnahme der Urwunde des verwundeten Heilers, jenes unsterblichen Wesens, dass durch die Verletzung, die es erlitt, zum Heiler wurde, um sich in der Unsterblichkeit Linderung zu schaffen.
Schöner Moment! Carpe Diem. Möge die göttliche Unzufriedenheit oder das, was schon immer schmerzte, sich in kreative Impulse zu einer neuen Schöpfung formen!

************************English Translation *************************
Just sat down at the computer to write my article on the solar eclipse of August 11, when my computer showed me the horoscope of the current energy ….
it is quite intensive, right now and today, you can see in the red lines forming a complete cross, in cardinal signs.
Moon is currently in exact opposition to Saturn, Chiron is in opposition to Venus, all in cardinal signs. The cardinal signs are the (cosmic) growth impulses, but here they meet the wounded healer (Chiron) who wants to express the aesthetics of balance despite or even because of his deepest wound. Venus in Libra / Venus as evening star near her most farthest point from the sun is giving these balancing esthetic impulses of expression.
Also, on personal as well as collective level, the feeling side of the collective consciousness also wants to feel or express new things, meeting the power of the structure of Saturn in opposition.
Saturn in Capricorn on one hand is matter at its densed form, the crystallization of the form in structure and matter. The Moon in Cancer has the longing for emotional expression and new impulses also towards family and feelings, and meets the most crystalline form.
But Saturn in Capricorn is also soul-centered ruler of Capricorn, where he helps to build new (mind / – mental) structures. So we have moon in its own sign, Venus in its own sign, Saturn in it own sign – even as a soul-centered ruler – all in square to each other …
Form and life gets new impulses from the Oceanic Sea of Feelings …. and with reference to the womb of the wounded healer, that immortal being who became a healer through the wound that can not heal but doesn’t bring death, seeking relief in its immortality, but not invincibility.
A nice moment! Carpe Diem.
May the divine dissatisfaction or your deepest wound be transformed into creative impulses for a new creation!
and may the wounds of the oceanic sea of life (as currently in Florida) be healed by the healer knowing the pain of it.

Red Cosmic Moon year in Dreamspell / Lunar Eclipse 27th July 2018

The year of the Red Cosmic Moon has begun, and in sync with the beginning of the year a lunar eclipse occurs that turns the moon red – the year of the Red Cosmic Moon is thus accompanied by a „blood moon“ that is also the longest lunar eclipse of this century. Cosmic clocks are definitely attuned to the earthly clock, however ready humanity may be, the earth says in its cycle in the solar system that it is  „in tune“

Similar to former articles, I write about the larger context, the identification of larger cycles and requirements, which sooner or later your own, individual topics are either part of or forced into,  depending on contribution or awareness.

In this article, I therefore explain the energy of the two cycles (13-tone Red Moon and Saros Lunar 129) and the meaning of this cosmic constellation. Weiterlesen

Neujahr in Dreamspell ab 26.07. / Mondfinsternis 27.07.2018

Das Jahr des Roten Kosmischen Mondes hat begonnen, und synchron mit dem Anfang des Jahres findet eine Mondfinsternis statt, die den Mond rot färbt – Das Jahr des Roten Kosmischen Mondes wird also begleitet von einem „Blutmond“ der zudem die längste Mondfinsternis dieses Jahrhunderts ist. Kosmischer Uhren sind definitv auf die irdische Uhr eingestimmt, wie auch immer bereit die Menschheit sein mag, die Erde sagt in ihrem Zyklus im Sonnensystem, dass sie „in tune“ ist.
Wie so oft in den vergangenen Artikeln geht es hier um die größeren Zusammenhänge, das Aufzeigen von größeren Zyklen und Anforderungen, denen über kurz oder lang die eigenen, individuellen Themen sich unter- oder einordnen, je nach Kooperation oder Bewusstsein.

In diesem Artikel erläutere ich daher die Energie der beiden Zyklen (13-Ton Roter Mond und Saros Lunar 129) und die Bedeutung des Zusammentreffens.

Der Dreamspelljahr „roter kosmischer Mond“ bedeutet, Mond auf dem 13. Ton, d.h. ein ganzes Jahr lang geht es um den Abschluß eines 13 jährigen Zyklus. Der 13 Ton ist immer der Abschluß einer Welle, einer Energiebewegung mit bestimmter Intention und Ausrichtung, und es ist daher der Schlußton eines Prozesses. Es ist der Ton des kosmischen Verstehens, des Schrittes über die eigenen  Sphären hinaus. Es geht also z.B. um das Loslassen von 13 Jahren Chaos, von Prozessen, die schmerzhaft waren, oder nicht gelangen, oder das Anerkennen einer neuen Basis, 13 Jahre einer Transformation, bei der die Puzzleteile an die richtigen Stellen fallen. !3 Jahre, 13 Tage, 13 Monate, es geht immer darum, endlich auf einer anderen Seinsebene im Verstehen, handeln, erkennen zu kommen. In früheren Inkarnationszyklen, in denen die Menschen nicht so alt waren, und die Bewusstseinssprünge anders ausfielen, waren diese Übergänge in andere Bewusstseinsbereiche entweder mit schamanischen Einweihungen oder mit dem Tod verbunden, bei dem die Seinsebenen gewechselt, Wissen integriert und dann erneut in die Inkarnation gebracht wurde. Doch in der jetzigen Zeit, mit der Beschleunigung der ZEIT und der Intensität des möglichen Bewusstseins, der Informationen und des Zuganges zu Informationen, sind Bewusstseinssprünge in kurzer Zeit  möglich, daher ist der Abschluß von 13 Jahren so intensiv wie in anderen Jahrhunderten das Integrieren von ein oder zwei Leben /Generationen. Weiterlesen

Day out of time – Celebrating the day of forgiveness

Welcome to the day out of time, the day of planetary forgiveness and peace,  today, in the energy of the  star, the cooperation in harmony and beauty and the energy of Sirius and Venus.

All over the world, festivities take place, the rainbow bridge meditation is shared, and it is also a good time to remember the man, that reminded us on timelessness: José Argüelles / Valum Votan.

Prayer to the 7 galactic directions:


Glauberg, Sonnenaufgang 25.07.2018 / crystal star day out of time.

From the East, House of Light,
May wisdom dawn in us
So we may see all things in clarity.


From the North, House of Night,
May wisdom ripen in us
So we may know all from within.


From the West, House of Transformation,
May wisdom be transformed into right action
So we may do what must be done.


From the South, House of the Eternal Sun,
May right action reap the harvest
So we may enjoy the fruits of planetary being.


From Above, House of Heaven,
Where Star People and ancestors gather,
May their blessings come to us now.


From Below, House of Earth,
May the heartbeat of her crystal core
Bless us with harmonies to end all war.


From the Center, Galactic Source,
Which is everywhere at once,
May everything be known
As the light of mutual love.


Ah Yum Hunab K’u Evam Maya E Ma Ho!
Ah Yum Hunab K’u Evam Maya E Ma Ho!
Ah Yum Hunab K’u! Evam Maya E Ma Ho!

Blessings from the Karmic Angels, and from me, Daughter of the Sun.



Krank durch Glyphosat – Link zu Sendung auf Deutschlandfunk

Krank durch #Glyphosat.
Sehr hörenswerte Sendung , ausgestrahlt am 21. Juli 2018 mittags durch den Radiosender:

In Argentinien führte eine allgemeine Studie zur Gesundheit in ländlichen Gebieten zu einem überraschenden Ergebnis: Die Landbevölkerung war häufig krank, und statistisch signifikant häufig an eigentlich extrem seltenen Krankheiten. Allen gemeinsam war die Nähe zu genverändertem Mais- oder Sojaanbau bei ausgedehnter Nutzung von Glyphosat.
Krank durch Glyphosat ?

stream on demand bei Deutschlandfunk:
allgemeine Seite bei Deutschlandfunk mit Suchfunktion  für den 21.07.2018:
oder Direktlink:


Solar Eclipse / New Moon energy 12/13th July 2018

On 12/13 July (depending on the time zone), a partial solar eclipse occurs (Saros cycle solar 117). As in previous articles, I tke a look at this eclipse in the overall context of the Saros cycle, and its underlying meaning and energy to adapt to.

But first the high-energy moments that accompany this new moon / solar eclipse:
July 12 in the Dreamspell is the crystal eagle, the cooperation (12th crystal tone) in the vision, the expanding perception like an eagle in flight. It is the last of the 10 consecutive portaldays of the second half of the Tzolkin, therefore it is also about the vision of what tasks and energies humanity and the Earth have requested for their unfolding, consciousness or unconsciousness, the clear perception of what is ahead of us while the personal themes of one’s own nest are losing importance in the great overall view. But the eagle is in flight so high to feed itself, so to a future in the context of the present – what nourishes the present, the current state, to prepare for is coming.
So it’s already a very energetic day due to the placement in Dreamspell.
Now there is also a solar eclipse on the same day, visible in Australia as a partial solar eclipse, meaning that this Saros cycle, which started in 792, is soon about to come to an end. There will be only 2 more eclipses of this cycle, all of them visible near the South Pole (in 2036 + 2054).

Astrologically, the already existing transformation energy that underlies every eclipse is increased as the new moon / solar eclipse will be in exact opposition to Pluto in Capricorn.
Mercury is at its furthest point from the sun, which means already a slowing down in motion, stationary position, and turning retrograde from our perspective in the next few days.
Mars is still retrograde, indicating that energy which is normally taken outward into action is now shifted inwards, showing implosions of actions or projects, outbursts of anger, frustrations or depressions on the emotional  (click to continue read)

Neumond Sonnenfinsternis 12./13. Juli 2018


Quelle: Wikipedia (NASA)

Am 12/13 Juli (je nach Zeitzone) ereignet sich eine partielle Sonnenfinsternis (Saroszyklus 117). Wie bereits in vorhergehenden Artikeln möchte ich diese Eklipse im Gesamtzusammenhang des Saroszyklus, und was dieser spezielle Zyklus als Grundthema hat, ansehen.

Doch zuerst die hochenergetischen Momente, die diesen Neumond /  Sonnenfinsternis begleiten:

12 Juli ist im Dreamspell der kristallene Adler, die Kooperation (12. kristallene Ton) in der Vison, die Ausdehnung der Wahrnehmung, wie sie ein Adler im Fluge hat. Es ist der letzte der 10 aufeinanderfolgenden Portaltage der zweiten Hälfte des Tzolkin, und es geht daher auch mit um die Vision, welche Aufgaben und Energien die Menschheit und die Erde aufgrund ihrer Entfaltung, Bewusstsein oder Unbewusstheit angefordert haben, die klare Wahrnehmung, was vor uns liegt, während die persönlichen Themen des eigenen Nestes in der Großen Übersicht an Bedeutung verlieren. Doch der Adler ist auch auf dieser Höhe im Flug, um sich Futter zu verschaffen, daher geht es auch hier um einen Blick in die Zukunft in Zusammenhang mit der Gegenwart – was nährt das jetzige, den jetzigen Zustand, im Hinblick auf das, was kommt. Weiterlesen

Kin 144 – the seeds we planted / the seeds we are

July 1st 2018, is kin 144 magnetic seed, the start of the seed wavespell.
As you may remember, this year we are in a Seed Year, kin 64 – crystal seed, the cooperation energy in the seeds that are planted or that we plant (together). sometimes it is also the cooperation of the seeds we water or nourish in thoughts, prayers or emotions. Yet in Aura-Soma, B64 is a bottle named Djwal Khul, the Tibeter, that through telepathy, inspired Alice Baily on her books, written therefore in mental/telepathic cooperation with him. I therefore from that perspective also like to see this year as the cooperation in the esoteric wisdom, the esoteric teaching, and on the roads and paths our lives take in spiritual unfoldment.
Looking therefore from that perspective, each “seed” day reflects a part of the story of the whole year, and a story of its own, just as each human, as a seed, is an entity or a plant of its own, but then also part of a species, of a surrounding, of life itself, depending on how far able one is to see the interconnectedness of life.
144 now turns out to be “THE” magic number in esoteric or occult teachings, partly referring to it in a end-time mood as in the revelation of John this number is referred to, just as in other occult teachings as well. ( to read more-click) Weiterlesen

Full Moon stellium with Jupiter / Saturn / Mars brightest stars in the sky

Tonight 28th June at 4h52 Universal Time (6h52 European summer time) is a very special full moon – and I don’t refer to the name strawberry but to the celestial events accompanying it.
Moon aligns with Saturn in Capricorn, so in Saturns sign of rulership. Saturn happens to be at its brightest phase, which makes the stellium there a rather eyecatching.
Yet Mars, just having turned retrograde, is in the brightest phase since years also, as he is closer to Earth than in the past years, therefore shining brighter in the sky. As Jupiter is also visible, it will be a nice triangular view in the sky of three of the brightest shining planets of our solar system accompanied by the moon. Space weather refers to this night as one of the best to watch Saturns rings – so whoever has a telescope, it may be a very good night to get out with it and watch the sky. I include the star map, speace weather provided for this event. Weiterlesen

27th June 2018 starts 13th month / turtle moon of Dreamspell year

today, 27th of June, is the start of the 13th moon in the haab, the yearly round in Dreamspell.
the Dreamspell as Argüelles adapted it, has 13 months called moons, each 28 days length, and then the day out of time. Each moon starts at the same date (Gregorian time) so – each year on 27th june the last month of the year in Dreamspell starts, ending with the day out of time, then the new start on July 26thth.
Today is kin 140. Planetary sun. The manifestation of the Sun on Earth.
If you look to the glyph of the Tzolkin, where the dot of the current day is seen, you can see that it refers to the lower point of the middle column, which may refer to the base of the spine (if seen from Earth).
Each Sun day is a special day, as we realign our energies with the source of light in our solar system, a second ray love/wisdom energy in this solar system, so the sun on energy level pours love and consciousness to us. the sun may also refer to other suns, other stars in the sky, referring to a sky map creating a celestial being, yet for the human consciousness, the sun is the trafo station for this solar system. Each communication runs along or through the sun, each energy is vibrating through the sun, so whatever energetically happens, the sun is the “google translator” for this energy.
the planetary tone means, we reached a point of manifestation. This is the manifesting energy of the sun on earth. a clear energy channel (as seen in the image as clear channel with no portal days) – so an open energy tube where the energy can easily run from cosmos to earth, from earth to cosmos, via the sun.
the 13th moon is called “cosmic” – as we enter, through the cooperation of the 12th tone, a phase where we can step beyond the currend physicality also energetically into a new realm. In the cosmic energy of the 13th tone it is about to be aware of the celestial

As we reached the base of the spine, so to speak, from tomorrow on we approach the next 10 portal days in a row, On june 30, we reach the cosmic night, the ability to dream cosmic dreams and to weave the dreamtime in the cosmic vision of earth (remember, in love and wisdom throught the sun, not in the energy the cosmic energies may like it, but in the way this solar system is vibrating).
from3rd of July we enter the 10th portal days, ending at july 12th, and from then on the new year is already approaching.
May love, wisdom, consciousness be the vibratory floor of understanding.

strongly suggested read – political

One of the most important – if not the most important – book on the Obama era was written and released by Ben Rhodes: The world as it is.
if you want to know, what was it about, why came it into being, what for did they act like this… what is it, to work in the White House – here you find it, honest, deep, with wit and deep insight.
Strongly recommended

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Quality of time – high energetic – May-June-July 2018

image: own creation, the Dreamspell seals were provided through the purchase of the CD Rom edition of

let’s get started for a round of portal days, so one of the high energetic times of the year.

May 23rd a new wavespell starts with the red serpent, Kin 105, transferring the energy of Maldek to the sun. So the serpent power, the Kundalini, may be one of the opening doors to the cosmic awareness,

This wavespell brings the 10 opening portals, that lead to the middle column, the secret channel to cosmic alignment within the 260 day period. Weiterlesen

Earthquakes / African magnetic anomaly / magnetic pole flip

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In und um Afrika entdeckten Wissenschaftler starke Abweichungen im Magnetfeld (siehe link Daily Mail Artikel).
Sie schlußfolgern, dass diese oder ähnliche Abweichungen in Zusammenhang mit einer möglichen Polumkehr der Erde zu tun haben könnten. Die Erde verändert ihre magnetische Ausrichtung in Zyklen, der letzte Polsprung liegt schon länger als erwartet und berechnet zurück.
Nun traten in den letzten Tagen Erdbeben an der Afrikanischen Küste auf. Wie man aus den EMSC Seiten ersehen kann, wenn man auf die Liste an Erdbeben auf Einzelbebenlinks klickt, finden die meisten Erdbeben an den farblich gekennzeichneten Erdplattenlinien oder Verwerfungen auf. jedoch nicht die Beben der letzten Tage nahe Afrika.
Ich frage mich also: Wenn man die beiden Informationen in Betracht zieht, könnte das unter anderem bedeuten, dass der Polsrpung schon begonnen hat – und dass auch Regionen, die bisher Erdbebenfrei waren, nun von Erdbeben betroffen sein könnten, je nach Schwäche oder Stärke des augenblicklichen Magnetfeldes der Erde.
– Erdbebengrafik: Screenshot von EMSC website und deren Statistikfunktion, Statistikzeitraum, der von mir gewählt wurde, war vom 1.1.2018 – 15.06.2018
– Artikel über magnetische Anomalie: neben wissenschaftlichen Artikeln war eine der Veröffentlichungen in:     abgerufen 15.05.2018


In Africa scientists found strong magnetic anomalies, which they refer to possible indication for a pole flip of earth,

With that in mind, I got aware of certain earthquakes that started in Africa a few days ago. I checked the statistics of emsc for 2018, and found, that really these quakes were only in the past weeks.
If you look at individual earthquakes by clicking on one of the listings of recent earthquakes ( – ) you can see, that most of the earthquakes happen on the fault lines, that are seen in any of the maps.
Yet not the African ones.
They appear outside faultline markers.
Just something I noticed, and I wonder whether these are earthquakes happen due to the magnetic anomaly.
If this may be one or the main causes, then the flipping of the poles could mean a tremendous increase on earthquakes in regions that didn’t have problems like this before…
with a process of the flip probably already started.

Image: Screenshot of emsc web page and their statistic search site
Link to an article on the african magnetic anomaly:


Neumond / New Moon 15.05.2018

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Gestern war Neumond auf 24,36 Stier ( = 25 Grad Stier als Sabisches Symbol)
Ich spazierte nach meiner Univorlesung in Politikwissenschaft durch den Herrngarten in Darmstadt, einen öffentlichen Park, den das Herrschaftshaus Hessen-Darmstadt in den 1500’er errichtet und der Öffentlichkeit zugänglich machte. Wie so oft, wenn ich in diesem Park bin, zeige ich den Wesen dort meine Dankbarkeit, ich genieße bewusst die Weite des Parks, den Rasen, den Teich, wenn mir Müll auffällt, bringe ich ihn zum Papierkorb, doch ich danke auch im inneren bewusst denjenigen, die ihn errichteten und öffentlich zugänglich machten. Ich tat dies gestern wie so oft, ohne zu wissen, dass „öffentliche Parks und Gärten“ das Symbol für den Neumond war, denn ich begann erst abends mich den astrologischen Ebenen zu widmen.

Die Energie des Neumondes, Sabisches Symbol nach Interpretation von Dane Rudhyar:

Phase 55 (25° Stier): Ein riesiger öffentlicher Park.

Schlüssel: Die Kultivierung natürlicher Energien zu Nutzen und Belebung der Gemeinschaft.

In diesem Schlußstadium der Symbolfolge, die sich mit emotional-kulturgebundenen Wertmaßstäben beschäftigt, werden wir Zeuge der positiven und eindrucksvollen Resultate der gemeinschaftlichen Bemühung der Menschen, in Frieden zu leben und Augenblicke der Entspannung zu genießen. Der öffentliche Park ist bestimmt und wird erhalten zur Freude aller Menschen in der Stadt.

Dies ist ein Symbol für GEMEINSCHAFTLICHES VERGNÜGEN UND FREUDE. Das Individuum findet sich durch die Produkte seiner Zivilisation emotional erhoben, aus dem Empfinden heraus, zu einem großen, organisierten, friedlichen Ganzen zu »gehören«.