Lunar eclipse 31.January 2018 / historical, social, economic view on the eclipse Series

Visibility of the lunar eclipse 31st January 2018 photo credit: creative common licence:

In this article, I refer to the Lunar Eclipse of 31st January, – and in broader – to all eclipses during this year 2018 yet with less emphasis to the actual horoscope but to historically interpreting the events in a time line of consciousness and interaction in connection to the Sabian Symbols.
The first section is an introduction into the Saros Series of the eclipse from 31st January, followed by a list of historical events in these years.
Applying the Sabian Symbols for the first event – and then for the current event 31st January, leads then to conclusions in the last section. Sources of the research are also included at the end of the article. Weiterlesen

List of Historic events of Saros Cycles active in 2018

In this article I list the historic events 1891 – 2000 of the Saros Cycles from 2018. the interpretation of these events in relation relate to the current events is in the other article (see listed above). It is my intention, to look at them as a kind of cyclic unfolding line of events and consciousness, therefore i suggest you also read this listed events.

A Saros serie is a connection of eclipses, that occur each 18 years 11 days. They have different starting points in time, yet in each year 2 different lunar cycles and 2 different solar cycles meet, giving way and energy to 4 eclipses each year.
All Series of eclipses of the year 2018, namely: Lunar 124, lunar 129, Solar150 and Solar 155 will therefore show the same years historically to be related with (in this 18 year cycle), yet as each one of them started in a different year, and of course have different horoscopes when they occur, they have each a focus, and therefore interpretation , of their own.

I will refer to this list in later articles, linking to it. Weiterlesen

Astrological Glimpse 26th Jan – 15 Feb / English Version

 Today, 26th January 2018 in dreamspell is the beginning of the Star Wavespell, which is the last wavespell of each round of the Tzolkin. This means, we have 13 days to complete the current spin of the 260-day cycle of becoming the next better version of the best version one can be. The current spin ends on 7th February, beginning a new one on February 8th

The star is the energy, that communicates between Venus and the Sun. Star is the first kin on the first tone, Sun the last kin on the 13th tone of this wavespell.  It is aligned with the energy of (the struggle for) beauty and harmony. Venus as a star and as a little sister of Sirius was so important that in past times it was placed on the tarot cards, that were meant to pass on knowledge and wisdom of the male initiatory path even during the times of persecution.

Energetically for Earth the coming 13 days may mean something different than in the years before.


Kurzausblick 26.01. – 15.02.2018

 Heute, 26 Januar, ist der Beginn der Sternenwelle im Dreamspell, und damit beginnt der Abschnitt der letzten 13 Tage im gegenwärtigen Spin. Dies bedeutet, dass wir eine weiteren Zyklus von 260 Tagen abschließen, in dem wir zur nächst besseren Version der besten Version von uns werden, wie Neale Donald Walsh unsere Entfaltung einmal ausdrückte. Der gegenwärtige Umlauf des Tzolkin endet am 7. Februar und ein neuer beginnt am 8.
Der Stern ist das Zeichen, das für die Kommunikation zwischen Venus und der Sonne zuständig ist, was man unter anderem daran sehen kann, dass der Stern in der Welle der erste Ton ist, die Welle endet mit der kosmischen Sonne, der Sonne auf dem 13. Ton.

Raum Kenntnis – eine Botschaft der Hathoren

Kopf eines Hathors auf Sistrum
Museum Seattle

Raum-Kenntnis / Raum-Gewahrsein
Eine Botschaft der Hathoren durch Tom Kenyon

(Übersetzt von Octavia Gentemann-Schmidt – Originaltext siehe

Eure Welt ist inmitten einer immensen Metamorphose.
Es ist so als ob sich eine gigantische Schlange aus ihrer alten Haut häutet. Neue Realitäten treten hervor während alte Realitäten abgestreift werden. Als verkörpertes Wesen in der Mitte dieser radikalen Transformation scheinen die Herausforderungen, denen ihr entgegenseht, manchmal überwältigend.
Wir haben uns auf diesen Prozess schon in vorhergehenden Kommunikationen bezogen, und um einen größeren Kontext zu dieser Botschaft herzustellen verweisen wir Euch auf die früheren Botschaften, die wir euch gegeben haben. (Anmerkung: siehe beigefügte Links oder geht zum “Hathor“ Bereich der Webseite von:

  •  Eskalation chaotischer Knoten
  • Die fünfte Perspektive:
  • Übergangsstadien:
  • Erneuerung:

Aus unserer Sicht entfaltet sich das 6. Massensterben, Weiterlesen

6th December 2017 / Kin 197 Portal day Lunar Earth / Jerusalem recognition

December 6th, St. Claus day, and in Dreamspell Kin 197, lunar earth, a portal day. Lunar means a polarisation towards life, from magnetic to lunar to electric are the first three tones. So life starts in dreamspell with the magnetic energy, a lunar reflection adds to it, and then a kind of electricity is charged, things start to get an own dynamic.
In the western culture it is St. Claus day. Santa is coming to town to bring gifts and blessings to those in need.
in later times the punishment of the „naughty“ was then added – leading also to a kind of build up polarisation.
On this cultural loaded day, Donald Trump is about to announce Jerusalem as Capital of israel, and the American embassy moving to Jerusalem.
on a radio interview here in Germany with a hebrew political science expert, besides him warning that this may have a kind of bullying impact to the palestine and may be seen as an insult there was also mentioned that since the annexation of Jerusalem each 6 months an American President had to sign an order, that the embassy should not move to Jerusalem.
This may be due to the „Jerusalem Embassy Act“ (see footnote), that congress passed on 23rd october 1995 (a magnetic night day, Kin 183) in order to move the Embassy to Jerusalem.
The Act should be implemented and the embassy moved to jerusalem by 31st may 1999. (Kin 198, electric Mirror):
As you may see we came out of the night wavespell and started yesterday the warrior wavespell.
The action of Donald Trump today, no matter what will be, are therefore in the same energetic frame of reference, even though a few years are in between.

So tomorrow, after the announcement, the same energy window than given in the act but that seemed to pass in 1999 is opening tomorrow.
It is a very close and tight energetic day reference that is going on here in a gap of time and fractal time / portal days.

Besides the 3 wrathful days that Palestines already announced, this action on this day will have a great impact just due to the energetic nature of the day and the time frames and time windows in between.

with some of the references mentioned, probable impulses set in time and space, it may be a good day to energetically observe effect, cause, and interweavings in time and space.

there are energetic consequences –
sometimes they do not come in sequence,
sometimes they jump through time and space,
sometimes they are triggered occasionaly accidentially
or on purpose.

so let’s see.

footnote: ref Jerusalem Embassy Act
1) wikipedia link: retrieved 06th december 2017.
2) Congress link: retrieved 06th deember 2017.

Kin 196 – December 5th 2017

Today in Dreamspell is Kin 196 – the start of the warrior wavespell.One of the mysteries of the Dreamspell / Tzolkin are the wavespell of 13 days, as they show certain energetic connections.
For whatever reason …. the warrior leads to the Star kin, the cosmic star is the end of the wavespell of the warrior.
this may give a certain hint on what the warriordom is about on earth when aligned with cosmci energy … our goal is the stars… and the braveness and courage of a warrior may be aligned to harmony in creation.
This interconnection may show that to live in accordance with harmonic patterns may not be an easy task at this point in time – taking courage. And that it may not be a war that the warrior seeks, but the development of strenght and fearlessness in awareness of the cosmic energies.
time is art…

the only freedom I ever had

— The founder of Aura-Soma, Vicky Wall, was quoted quite often with a remark, yet i know 2 seemingly same quotes

a) the only freedom i ever had was not saying no

b) the only freedom i ever had was not being negative

The first remark I heard in an Aura-Soma Seminar when i started my training. I struggled with this remark a lot. Why had she no choice but to say yes? why could she not say no? what an impact on her life, what a struggle. Especially women in my understanding had a right in certain situation to say no.

then a few years later, i met someone that told me, her words had been: the only choice i  ever had was not being negative.

if you ever consider to enter a training in Aura-Soma, ponder on this,

a window towards next year

Kin 168 + 169 Images of the Kins: CD Rom Edition – Text to it: Octavia Gentemann-Schmidt

Today on November 7th 2017 is Kin168 – the Crystal Star, also a portal day.
A day for cooperation in the energy of harmony and beauty.
The seal of the star can be seen as symbol for Venus or Sirius – so a star symbolizing an ascension path for Earth, as in the ancient wisdom teachings Earth is to be said an other form of Venus.
The twelth tone and the yellow seal corresponds with this year Crystal seed, so the emphasis on this year in each wavespell is – where is the cooperation of us taking place, in which way, which form. Today, the question is asked – how and where do we cooperate with the intention of harmony and beauty. Weiterlesen

stressful energies emerging from Earth’s magnetic field / south pole

Dear all,
my energy and words may not come as easy as a channeling to the „dearest lightworkers“…
i would rather like to point out some of the challenges that may arise in the coming weeks in order to show some bumpy moments on the roads ahead.

In my inner vision, there is something going on with the magnetic field of Earth, especially the polar region of Antarctica. In my (symbolic) view, more and more slicing energies emerge from the south pole and Antarctic region,spreading then over the world and hurt energy fields. Weiterlesen

Verschenken Sie doch eine Jahresvorschau 2018

Die Dominosteine und Schokoweihnachtsmänner sind schon in den Supermärkten – Weihnachten rückt näher in der westlichen Welt / Kultur.
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Ihre Geburtsengel und die Engelzeiten in 2018
die individuell speziellen energetische Zeiten für das ganze Jahr
Einklang mit Kosmos und Erde – die besonderen Zeiten nach dem Mayakalender
spezielle Themen der inneren Seelenuhr – hat die Seele 2018 besondere Themen
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How about „2018 Year Ahead“ as special Christmas present for your loved ones

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Dreamspell – turn of spin – 33rd Harmonic

Today in Dreamspell is Kin 131, magnetic monkey wavespell.
in Dreamspell we are in the 33rd Harmonic, the place, where the energy turns around, mirroring itself. The 33rd harmonic is the one mirroring itself, while all the other ones have an other harmonic as balance. If you look at the Dreamspell, you see, that we are in the middle of the middle row, the point where we meet the cosmos and the energy flips and turns around – from inhale – stillness – to exhale. So the 4 days of the 33rd harmonic are this stillness, where the outbreath starts. a cosmic outpour of our creativity and communication with life. We are communicating with the cosmos, each person individually, yet earth as a whole also. Weiterlesen

Crystal Moon / Kristallener Mond 29.09.2017

By Guido Reni – The Yorck Project: 10.000 Meisterwerke der Malerei. DVD-ROM, 2002. ISBN 3936122202. Distributed by DIRECTMEDIA Publishing GmbH., Public Domain,

for the english Version, please scroll down

Heute ist Michaeli, der 29. September 2017. Michaeli ist der Gedenktag für Erzengel Michael. Darüber hinaus ist in Dreamspell, der Adaption des Mayakalenders von José Argüelles, ist heute kristallener Mond, eines der mittleren Kin in der Mitte des Tzolin. Der Kristallene Ton der 12 steht für die Zuammenarbeit, der Mond steht für die kosmischen Wasser, die Shakti, und für das Blut im irdischen System.

Kin 129

Doch der Tzolkin ist nur bedingt eine Refrerenz zum Körper, Weiterlesen

Part 1: 1639: Solar Saros Cycle 145 of the Total Solar Eclipse 2017 & 1999

Solar Eclipse August 1999

The total solar eclipse of 2017 / 21. August 2017, visible in North America, is connected to the total solar eclipse of 1999, visible in Central Europe. Both are embedded in a larger cycle, called the Saros Cycle, to be precise, Solar Saros 145, as in it are all solar eclipses that occur rhythmically in a certain period of time, belonging together.

When finding out, I got curious, starting to reflect on the past events of this series, and some astonishing connections were visible, which I would like to share in this article. So this article refers to the history and the underlying energy of this series. Weiterlesen

Quality of time New Moon 23rd July 2017

The new moon occurs right before celebrating the day out of time / entering the Lions gate / the new Haab in Dreamspell

On July 23rd at 11:45 European Summer Time the full moon is at Leo 0,44 in conjunction to Mars on 1,36 Leo.
The Sun and Mars will move then with almost same speed to the full moon of 07th August 2017, so they share their walk together in conjunction through a closer or wider relation.
The conjunction between Moon, Sun and Mars therefore is the energizing aspect of this new moon and will last at least until the full moon 07th August 2017, changing then the expression towards the solar eclipse happening in August. Mars gives a fiercely quality of fight into the Leo energy, so on political turns quarrels may turn to more Louis XIV expressions of royalty and fight, therefore starting quarrels or fights or combats may be due to self expression or the feeling of diminished self esteem, the sun wants to shine and it takes the energy of Mars, the sword of Mars, to ensure this. Weiterlesen