Quality of time – high energetic – May-June-July 2018

image: own creation, the Dreamspell seals were provided through the purchase of the CD Rom edition of www.Maya.at

let’s get started for a round of portal days, so one of the high energetic times of the year.

May 23rd a new wavespell starts with the red serpent, Kin 105, transferring the energy of Maldek to the sun. So the serpent power, the Kundalini, may be one of the opening doors to the cosmic awareness,

This wavespell brings the 10 opening portals, that lead to the middle column, the secret channel to cosmic alignment within the 260 day period.

In the Dreamspell, the seal itself is the Gateway in which to reach the portal days, where the 10 emissaries help to deal with the energies, transmitting the information through the various planets and portals therefore aiding the communication between galactic center and us.
As you can see in the image, the portal days start on May 24th with the white worldbridger, bridging the worlds, and lead to the eagle, the vision of the spirit. The world bridger, keme, is referred to as death, and one step into broader awareness usually happens through letting go, either attachments, perceptions, points of views, habits, including the physical death of oneself or others. Therefore, in all ancient wisdom teachings including the shamanic traditions, death is one of the main initiation practices.
Also one of the first perceptions ready to gain when consciousness broadens is the remembering of former incarnations. When the wisdom of more than one life is applied to the own realm, one may get a bit of broader view, maybe even an eagle perspective, on the connectedness of life itself and patterns and reoccurring aims of the own existence.
So the coming days may be very energetic ones, with a window wide open that adds to the collective energy already.
this high energy window has various peaks.
1. the ten opening gates May 24th – June 2nd): 10 portal days open the communication and the pathways to the inner column – the energies since kin 1 of individual and of the collective are transmitted to the heart of the heart in cosmos through our being
2. the middle column – with no portal days at all – as they are the direct alignment of Earth with the cosmos, the direct line of flow and communication of the whole planet to the unseen – corresponding to the secret channel in our physical spine, the rod and staff that may comfort. This time window lasts from 08th – 27th of June
3. the ten “closing’” gates, the 10 portal days through which the cosmos starts to answer Earth to the current energies send out, so a time of re-aligning, adjusting, of collective changes, the manifestation of support through forming cooperations in the spirit of the aims of the past 130 days and the times before, so in the spirit of new projects, individually and collectively. The 10 closing days are as energetic as the opening ones, as the collective input is stronger to be felt, a sense of what Earth as a community may have selected will be felt quite intensed, so this time marks sometimes readjustments, a bit of a bumpy road, if the collective on Earth as a whole may have chosen a different path than the more sensitive have chosen. Then they feel the inflow of necessary adjustments e.g. for the wellbeing of earth, more directly. This time window occurs from 3-12.th July.

I would therefore suggest, as you may belong to the more sensitive ones (otherwise you wouldn’t read this) – to be more aware of your own wishes and projects and decisions so far during the 10 opening portal days, but especially on probable struggles when the 10 “closing” days for this round happen. Earth is in a pretty good shape energetically for herself, but the human consciousness is still not ready. We are heading due to astronomical cycles to a situation similar to 1999, as the 19 year metonic cycle gives us the same eclipses than 1999.
so this years round may also mark the re-adressing question from Cosmos to humanity, whether it is ready to fulfill the stewardship on earth, and to cooperate as a family together for the wellbeing.
if the collective is still rather unconscious, the struggle may be visible and felt through the 10 closing days already, which would indicate that no matter how much the more awakened like to have a bit of a nicer ride, more work may be in front of us.
So, don’t take personal, what isn’t.
or to say it more clearly, if times may get rougher, it is not personal karma or bad stuff in former lives, but the consciousness of the masses may add more responsibility to the ones already aware and awakened, with again the urge to help the masses awaken.

With this in mind, we then may face the alignment with Sirius at the end of July, which then marks the new year in Dreamspell / Haab.
As usual, the day out of time and then 26th July with the new beginning of the year in Dreamspell marks the instream of energies from Sirius into the southpole region / energetic axis of earth, forming the pathway of energies for the year to come.
So, let’s get started

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