She became the Force – Carrie Fisher

I have to admit, I did not know Carrie Fisher from Star Wars.
I love her role in “When Harry met Sally”, so I have an emotional bond to her work as actress. Yet I did not see Star Wars until recently where I lend a DVD in order to only switch to the scenes where Yoda is, to find out, what he described as “the Force”.
I am a Star Trek fan, to be precise, a “Star Trek – the Next Generation” Fan. My female  image was not formed by a Princess Leia, but  by the collective expression of Deanna Troi, surprised, that there was a beautiful woman in her abilities, wise, empath, and she was not haunted, laughed at or talked about. She was even the counselor of someone so wise and reasonable as Captain Picard already was. The first woman with a relation on board the Enterprise (with Number One). But most important: being able to communicate telepathically (to her mother, with her beloved, and with some species able to do that). Empathic in a high sense, which showed in feeling, sensing, sometimes overwhelmed by whatever information she got so she got numb on her senses.
She was not a witch, but a respected counselor and healer. To me as woman this was a breakthrough, Deanna Troi became a midwife of my intuitive being that was able to unfold and express more and more even in today’s society, in a reasonable surrounding, even in a technical one. No superstition, but an extraordinary talent. Respected even in enabling her to a special career. .

I am partly clairvoyant, empath, partly telepath, but not on purpose and not all the time.
Some of these talents developed soon after my father died but was not able to change the stages into an other realm of existence. He was trapped in the house we lived in. I found myself able to perceive him, to hear him, to be able to talk to him, but not to help him. I started to learn with and through him where he was, how he felt. Later, the books of Rhea Powers helped me. And with these books I also started my geomantic work that mostly is a work of releasing caught and trapped energies into the realms of light and peace.
Later, the “Tibetean book of the dead” helped me with that, years after that, a real help and guide came through the books by Robert Monroe and his CD’s from Gateway Experience, where one can train the ability to move in these realms, which they called reaching a certain focus of awareness. So I learned to communicate with these energies. In the past years I was also grateful to see some souls passing smoothly, being carried or lead by a light into other realms.
Each person is different; each soul I got aware of changing the levels of existence had an other way to do it, yet there were a lot of similarities also. Quite often people were not aware of their death, when they died e.g. in a coma or in narcosis or under drugs. In these cases it was usually enough telling them, they were dead, usually they want to know then how they died, which, through experience, made me aware that I really communicated with them. Yet, what they all had in common: when they made the transition then, a light point or a pillar of light started to appear.

When the news broke, that she had a cardiac arrest, I was aware of the strangeness, that she had a cardiac arrest on a flight from London to New York, a 10-year old child died of cardiac arrest on a flight from Canada to London and George Michael passed away near London due to a cardiac arrest/heart failure. So seeing the strangeness of various incidents in a very short time, I was first glad she had survived, then nevertheless overwhelmed by emotion when she then died.
A few hours later, maybe 12 hours or so, I got aware of her presence in the other realm. I asked her whether it is her, and whether she knew where she was. As to make things a bit clearer, I display the dialogue.
“Is this you, Carrie Fisher? And if yes, are you aware where you are?
“No, Where am I?”
“Well, you are dead.”
„Oh really? What happened?“
„Well, news tell, that you died, as you had a heart attack on a flight from London to New York. Can you see a light near you, where you could enter?“
„No, where is the light?“
„I can not tell you, as I do not see it near you.“

„How do I find it?“

„I do not know. if you believe in angels and pray, then call an angel to you helping you to find it.  I do not remember my own death, only how I incarnated. But I know that usually a light is there to be seen or felt.“

It was silent.

Then I saw and felt her presence becoming a wave, her face faded and became like a face mirrored in a floating river, and then she was gone.

I was totally and utterly surprised. What had happened?

It was different than all I knew and had seen before. There was no light, yet an unfolding peace showed me she passed. But I had no idea what was going on. This was totally different from what I had experienced many many times.
A few hours later a friend referred to her as “the Force is with her – and all of a sudden I understood.
She became the Force.

She called the Force in, to help her.

Whatever concept people have, when the light appears, it was not for her.
Yet she knew the force. To her it was not a movie. To her it was the reference.
And whatever was her, floated into it and drifted off.
It was not Princess Leia in the realm of the collective movie archetypes, humanity created on the focus points, becoming a wave of energy there…
It was her, Carrie Fisher. And it was the Force.
To me it seemed, her whole being understood, what the Force is.
And whatever that is, she became it.

Beyond a duality of light and dark, there is a force, where we can become one with.

So her death shifted 22 years of my experience in communicating with the dead, dying or caught and trapped energies.. in one moment.
Even when dying, even when passing levels of existing, she had a way of her own.
And in that, she taught me, that „the Force“ exists.

Beyond duality

beyond light

there is a force.

And she is with it.

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